(Minghui.org) With the fast progress of the Fa-rectification, I have been longing for the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I liked to search for various prophecies that predicted the demise of the CCP, and I was very attached to reading them regardless of who was talking about them. The more I read them, the more addicted I became, and the more I believed them.

Master has said long ago,

“If you go to a fortune teller, you will believe him. Why else would you do it? What he can tell are some superficial things about your past. Yet their substance has already changed. Then think about it, everyone: If you go to a fortune teller, aren’t you listening to and believing him? Then, doesn’t it create a psychological burden for you? Isn’t it an attachment if you burden yourself with it and keep thinking about it? So how can this attachment be removed? Haven’t you imposed an additional tribulation on yourself? Won’t you have to suffer more to give up this attachment? Every test or every tribulation is related to the matter of either progression or regression in cultivation. It is already difficult, yet still you add this self-imposed tribulation. How can you overcome it? You might come across hardships or troubles as a result of it.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

One day while I was browsing these prophecies, I came across some content that slandered Dafa. As I was too attached to these messy messages and believed them, I was affected by it and even developed a thought questioning Dafa when I suddenly saw the smearing content. Although it was not serious, it was still very scary. I immediately realized that this was caused by my attachments to these prophecies. I gradually let go of the attachment to reading these prophecies and am no longer attached to them.

I was also very attached to dreams in the past. If I had some mystical dreams, I would even search online to interpret what my dreams meant. As Dafa practitioners, everything is decided by Master. Some dreams could be hints from Master but some may be illusions or tests for us. Hence, I tried to reject my obsession with my dreams and not let myself be swayed by them.

I noticed that some practitioners are also attached to low level messages such as fortune telling, palmistry, or birth date horoscope. From the perspective of no second cultivation way, these things will interfere with our cultivation. Why do we keep encountering tribulations? It may be due to these trivial problems that we have neglected for a long time.

Fellow practitioners who struggle with similar attachments: Let’s promptly remove these unrighteous thoughts, cultivate with a clean mind, and walk our cultivation path well.