(Minghui.org) Ling (Alias), a Falun Dafa practitioner, was arrested in a neighboring county and illegally detained in the county’s detention center. But through our unfailing coordination efforts and righteous thoughts, as well Master’s merciful protection, Ling returned home safely.

As soon as we heard Ling had been arrested, we went to the police station several times to talk to the authorities, but they refused to talk to us, let alone hear us clarify the truth to them.

One practitioner suggested that we hire a lawyer. In the past, we didn’t hire a lawyer until the arrested practitioner’s case was forwarded to the Director of the police department or the Prosecutor’s office. And in some instances, we waited until the case was about to be tried in court, which put us in an awkward situation.

Given that Ling could not afford a lawyer, one practitioner said, “Don’t worry about money. Hiring a lawyer counters the persecution and is a righteous thing to do. The lawyer is also a sentient being waiting to be saved. Moreover, the lawyer can meet with Ling, which would help boost her righteous thoughts. At the very least, the detention center dares not increase its persecution once they know she has a lawyer.”

We decided to hire a lawyer who said he would arrive on October 10. The coordinator from another area then helped us set up a rescue team. He told us that a civil rights lawyer was working on another practitioner’s case and awaiting trial on November 5 in our area. The coordinator suggested that we also hire that civil rights lawyer, because he could guide us through the legal process to help move our case forward.

During this time, our fellow practitioners contributed money and effort to the cause. Some paid for the hotel room, some looked for helping hands, and some began writing articles to Minghui.org to expose the persecution. It was just as Master Li said:

“You are one body, just like Master’s gong. Of course you and gong aren’t the same thing, I’m just giving an example. It’s just like my gong, which does different things at the same time.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

We met with the civil rights lawyer and presented our case. He reviewed the case that night. The next morning, we picked up the lawyer and signed the contract.

I asked the lawyer where we should go next. He said, “The concerned party is the police station, so we should go their first. We will hand them three documents to forward to the Director of the police department. Then we will go to the post office and mail two documents to the Director - we would not be able to meet with him even if we went directly to the police station.”

We wrote a letter to the Director and one to the detention center authorities where Ling was held. We sent them by express mail.

The lawyer told us to wait three days, and if there was no response, mail two more letters to the Director. Then, if we still didn't hear anything back, file a complaint against the Director for inaction.

As we waited the three days, the case lawyer we hired earlier arrived, which was icing on the cake. The next day, the lawyer took a COVID-19 test. And the following day, we went with the case lawyer and Ling’s daughter to the county detention center. When we arrived, many practitioners who lived in that area were there sending righteous thoughts.

The case lawyer handed in paperwork and entered the detention center. He met with Ling through video. Ling told him she was carried out of her room on someone’s back, put in a wheelchair, and wheeled to a meeting room. Her legs and feet hurt so much that she couldn’t lie down or sit for long; the pain kept her up all night.

Ling’s right leg had been amputated from the knee down (after a toxic injection she received during a previous detention). Her left leg had also suffered damage and was sensitive to cold. As soon as she was taken to the detention center this time, the guards undid the zipper on her pants and the buttons on her clothes. The bed was also cold with only a light blanket over the mattress.

Ling also felt physical discomfort in the area of her heart and complained to the guards several times. However, the prison doctor said she was high maintenance and said abusive things to her.

The personnel in the detention center were surprised and changed their attitude about Ling after they learned that other practitioners paid for lawyers to represent her.

The lawyer told Ling about our rescue effort and read our letter to her. He told us on our way back, “This client is the strongest person and most steadfast believer I have ever met. She does not talk much, but she is very firm.”

We waited for a few days and heard nothing back. Ling’s daughter sent two more letters to the Director by express mail. We then waited a few more days and still got no response. We were becoming anxious and looked inside for anything we did not do right. We then sent two more letters by express mail.

Just as we were losing hope, Ling’s daughter received a phone call from the police station, “Does your mother have a medical record?” Ling’s daughter said yes. However, the record was confiscated when the police ransacked their home. The officer on the phone said, “If you don’t have it, forget it; if you have it, bring it to me.”

I thought to myself, “It seems they’re working on it too. Let them have the chance to work on it. We should calm down and study the Fa well.” At this point, the civil rights lawyer sent over two letters of complaint against the Director of the police department for inaction. I described the situation to him and proposed that we wait a few more days, and he agreed.

During the interim, fellow practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts to have Ling released unconditionally.

On the evening of October 19, the detention center called Ling’s daughter and said, “Your mother will go home tomorrow. She will no longer be under our jurisdiction as of October 21.” Ling’s daughter asked, “Where is my mother now?” The person said, “I can’t tell you. I shouldn’t have told you anything” and hung up.

We intensified our righteous thoughts and expected the authorities to bring Ling home. But nothing happened the next day. Ling’s daughter called the county detention center again and was told, “The city detention center took over the case as of October 20.”

We felt as if Ling had just left the dragon’s den and entered the tiger’s den. We looked inward to see if we developed zealotry or if we were too attached to results. We reminded one another, “Let's let go of our attachments. Master is in charge and has the say on everything. Nothing bad will happen. Do what we are supposed to do. The road to success is strewn with setbacks. Let’s study the Fa.”

On an impulse, we thought about demanding Ling’s release from the police station, but Ling’s daughter cautioned, “They said they are working on it. If we rush there, they would be offended. Let’s wait for another day.”

At 4:00 p.m. on October 21, someone called Ling’s daughter to pick her up. She and I went to the police station and saw Ling sitting in a chair. She was emaciated! Her daughter ran over to Ling, hugged her, and cried.

A young officer held a document in his hand and asked Ling’s daughter to sign it. He said Ling was being unconditionally released.

I called a taxi to the entrance and said to Ling, “I’ll carry you to the car.” The young man stressed again this was a “release.” I said, “Thank you.” He then offered to carry Ling to the car.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, Dafa! Thank you, fellow practitioners for your cooperation, righteous thoughts, and unfailing support! One thought from fellow practitioners is so important. Our righteous thoughts have always been for Ling's unconditional release. Master saw that we met the requirements and gave us the result.