(Minghui.org) More than 20 provinces in China have experienced rain and snow, with heavy snowstorms hitting some areas since January 25, 2022. This round of rain and snow will continue until the Chinese New Year in early February.

The China Weather Network reported on January 24 that from January 25 to 29, a new round of large-scale rain and snow would develop in central and eastern China. Heavy snowfalls is predicted in parts of eight provinces, including eastern Gansu Province, southern Shaanxi Province, western and southern Henan Province, Hubei Province, Anhui Province, western Jiangsu Province, northern Hunan Province, and northern Guizhou Province.

The snowfall on January 25 lasted for a long time, with a large amount of precipitation. The rain and snow covered more than 20 provinces. The accumulated precipitation in some areas of Hubei Province and Anhui Province may have exceeded the historical records.

Among the events were heavy or extra heavy snowstorms in parts of Hubei Province, northwestern Hunan Province, central Anhui Province, and southeastern Henan Province. There will also be freezing rain in parts of southwestern Hubei Province, Guizhou Province, central and western Hunan Province, and northwestern Jiangxi Province.

The accumulated snowfall in most of the above-mentioned areas has reached 8-20 mm, and some areas in central and western Hubei Province, southeastern Henan Province, and central Anhui Province may reach 30-55 mm.

There was hazy weather in some areas such as Beijing, Tianjin, along the mountains in central and southern Hebei Province, northern and southern Henan Province, central and southern Shanxi Province, and central and southern Shaanxi Province, with visibility less than 200 meters in some areas from the night of January 24 to the morning of January 25. Temperatures will also drop again as snow falls.