(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in July 1996, and I’m now in my 50s. 
The “CCP Virus” (coronavirus) originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Because I live in Hubei Province, I have first-hand experience of the panic and suffering it brought to people in my hometown. I followed Master Li Hongzhi's teachings (Dafa's founder) to do the three things well while facing numerous obstacles. I would like to share my experiences since the pandemic began. 

Telling People the Truth about the “CCP Virus”

Wuhan City was locked down on January 23, 2020, due to the breakout of the “CCP Virus,” and the restrictions gradually extended to nearby areas with major roads being closed. The city where I live is 200 km away from Wuhan and was in semi lockdown for two weeks. 

I knew the pandemic was arranged by the divine to weed out those with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so we must hurry and help save more people. When I looked on the Minghui website, I was excited to see that Dafa practitioners had already prepared relevant truth-clarification materials, such as the sticker “Ways to Avoid the Pandemic.”

Another practitioner and I prepared various types of truth-clarifying materials, flyers, booklets, stickers, and small cards. We went to different places in town and nearby villages to distribute them. Sometimes, we directly handed the cards to pedestrians we met, although there were not many people walking around in the cold weather. 

Two weeks later, the pandemic intensified, and our town was also fully locked down. Our residential community has five entrances and three of them were blocked by steel plates. The other two entrances were guarded 24 hours a day and only those who had passes were allowed to go in and out. I realized there were more than 100 families in my community, and I intended to continue to reach out to them. 

People stayed inside their homes during the day but many went out at night to take walks. I put on a warm jacket and filled the pockets with truth-clarifying materials. As I walked around, I placed the flyers on people’s doors or windows. I also pasted stickers on walls. 

A few days later, a van with a loudspeaker circled the community, telling people to stay inside their homes and not go out. So I decided to get up early before sunrise when people were still asleep and continued distributing materials. At the community gates, the lights were lit all night, and there was a desk right outside the gate. I packed various materials into an over-sized envelope and threw it onto the desk. The community staff members would see it as soon as they came to work. 

For more than 10 days, I distributed materials everywhere in the community. My neighbors were filled with fear and anxiety, and I wanted to help them learn the root cause of the pandemic and the best way to avoid it. 

I used to stamp the words: “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good” on paper currency. After the pandemic broke out, I used the updated phrases from the Minghui website, such as “The CCP brought the virus,” “Sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good’” and “Quit the CCP to save your life.” I printed these messages onto several thousand yuan every week for other practitioners and myself to use when we made purchases.

After the lockdown was lifted, I knew that I should prepare more materials. The room I worked in was on the top floor and not insulated. It was sweltering in the summer, as well as freezing in winter.

A census was being conducted in the winter of 2020, and people often came to knock on the door and posted notices. When I was there preparing truth-clarifying materials and heard them knocking, I immediately sent righteous thoughts and asked Master Li to help eliminate the interference. When they left, I calmly resumed preparing brochures.

Mailing Letters to Perpetrators 

In the second half of 2020, the CCP intensified its “Zero-out Campaign” to force all practitioners on a government “blacklist” to renounce their belief. Many officials from different government branches were involved in this process and became perpetrators. I decided to send them letters in order to clarify the truth to them. I read the news about China on Minghui.org every day and copied the list of people in government positions in the areas where the persecution was severe. I also verified their addresses. 

The contents of the letters came from the Minghui website. I chose different contents for different people, and I kept updating the information. I classified the following groups of people, such as personnel from the Political and Legal Affairs Committees, officers and staff who worked in police stations or police departments, the Procuratorate, the education systems, the health systems, village leaders, etc. 

After choosing the contents, I edited them and printed them out. Other practitioners and I drove our motorcycles to different towns or townships and mailed the letters. We only dropped one or two letters in each mailbox. 

Distributing Materials in the Countryside

Besides preparing and mailing the truth-clarifying letters, we also went to the countryside every week to distribute materials, talk to people and advise them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

We prepared different types of materials and put them into plastic bags. They might contain short stories about how people were saved after saying “Falun Dafa is good!” When the lockdown was lifted in March 2020, we prepared the special issue, “Eye of the Plague.” We went by motorcycle to many places in the countryside and gave brochures to everyone we met and advised them to withdraw from the CCP and to remember “Falun Dafa is good!”

Most people were angry with the CCP due to the way it handled the pandemic, and they were willing to accept the truth-clarifying materials and withdraw from the Party. 

A lot of farmers had gone out of town for work. When they returned, they often built new homes. When we noticed that people were building a house, we would call them to take a break and chat with us. Some asked questions, which we answered; some agreed to withdraw from the CCP; some accepted our brochures; some accepted the amulet which contained the words “Falun Dafa is good,” and some accepted the booklet The Ultimate Goal of Communism. Each time, up to a dozen people learned the truth and withdrew from the CCP. 

We distributed calendars at the end of the year around the countryside and advised people to read the stories in the calendar. When we saw younger people, we stopped and asked whether they had a smartphone. If so, we would give them a card with information to bypass the CCP’s Internet firewall. We also gave them USB drives with truth-clarifying information. Most of them expressed their gratitude. When we met some older people who still had video players, we gave them CDs or DVDs with information about Falun Dafa and asked them to share them with others. When we drove along major roads, we also posted stickers on electric or concrete poles. 

We persisted in going to the countryside to distribute materials and talk to people in all kinds of weather. Seeing many people learn the truth and withdraw from the CCP, we felt gratified despite our pain and exhaustion. We always thanked Master for his compassionate salvation and protection. 

Following the Path Arranged by Master

The old forces have never stopped interfering with practitioners and pressuring us to follow the path they’ve arranged. That’s why we’ve encountered all kinds of tests such as the “Zero-out Campaign.” How we handle these difficulties reflects our cultivation state.

I encountered a small test during the “Zero-out Campaign.” A deputy director from my former workplace led three people to my mother’s home and asked for my phone number or my husband’s phone number. They lied and claimed they were my old classmates. My mother is in her 80s and she’s endured a lot because of the persecution, so she was very cautious and refused to provide any information. 

Eventually, the deputy director managed to get my husband’s phone number from one of our friends. He called my husband twice. I called him back with my husband’s phone and asked why he wanted to talk. He said that he wanted to meet with me and have a talk.

After I urged him to speak directly, he said that he wanted to know where I lived. I said to him, “The Chinese constitution says that everyone has freedom of belief. It’s not against the law to practice Falun Dafa. Why are you helping the CCP to collect a practitioner’s information? Are you participating in the persecution?” 

I told him how I had been persecuted to the point of destitution by the county’s 610 Office. I said I hoped that he would not cooperate with the Political and Legal Affairs Committee to persecute practitioners. He said that he really didn’t want to do this. When I told him that I could meet him if he didn’t do anything harmful, he said that he didn’t have time. 

As Dafa practitioners, we have made it through the most difficult period. In these last critical moments, we must study the Fa well, follow the path Master arranged for us, and fulfill our prehistoric vows to return to our original homes.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!