(Minghui.org) I am a Beijing native who currently lives in Hebei Province to avoid being persecuted for my faith in Falun Dafa. 

In July 2021, I was studying Dafa in my rental home, when someone knocked loudly on my door. I went out and asked who was there. They responded that they were police coming to check whether there was contraband in the house. 

I knew that this was the usual tactic used by the police to search Dafa practitioners’ homes over the years. There was no way that I would allow them to commit crimes against Dafa.

I said to them, “Go away. I will not let you inside. What you are doing is illegal. You are knowingly breaking the law.”

After the police left, I also left the rental place and went into hiding. 

Ten days later, I returned to my rental place. There was a lock on the door. I removed the lock and took my Dafa books, electric bicycle, and some belongings. I then moved to a new place I’d just found.

Before this incident, I had been working at a local barbecue restaurant, cooking side dishes and washing dishes. The owner of the restaurant was a police officer in the area. The restaurant was managed by his wife. The owner's two sisters work in the Public Security Bureau, and their husbands are also public security officers.

I was arrested many times because of my belief and I was held in the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp. Even though I clarified the facts to the owner's wife and some employees, I had not discussed Falun Dafa with the owner himself and his sisters yet. After the incident, I was concerned about safety and I did not return to work. 

In order to make a living, I began working at another restaurant. One night after 9 p.m., I was ready to leave after finishing my work when I suddenly heard someone calling me, “Auntie! Auntie!” It was my previous boss!

“Auntie, what happened? Why are you here? We have been looking for you for a month!”

We talked for about 40 minutes outside of the restaurant, I told him about the incident. I said that I was sorry that I did not talk to him about my belief earlier. Then I told him about the basic facts of Falun Dafa, how Dafa has spread all over the world, but is only persecuted in China. 

“Thank you so much for telling me all of this. Do you know why I looked all over for you? You are a hardworking, trustworthy and kind person. We all know that. We trust you so much. When we are on vacation, you are the only one left to watch our restaurant. I know you have been distributing materials about Falun Dafa. I have been looking out for your safety all the time. My place is the safest for you. I will double your salary if you return.”

He saw that I was hesitant and continued to say, “Do not worry. I happened to pass here and saw your electric bicycle. I need you for my restaurant. You are the best.” His sincere words touched me. 

I was planning to give the new restaurant some time to find my replacement, but I was let go the next day due to some changes in their rules. The previous restaurant welcomed me back, delighted.