(Minghui.org) The sudden death of my father due to a car accident affected me very deeply. I became immersed in sadness, and couldn’t snap out of it. I began to ponder: Where do people go after death? Do we really have souls? In fact, I have always wanted to know the answers to these questions. 

At that time, my mother had been practicing Falun Dafa for many years. She asked me to seriously read Zhuan Falun. She said it would answer all my questions. I had read a little of Zhuan Falun when I was in junior high school. This time I not only read every sentence of it attentively, I also thought about the meaning of what I was reading. Although I couldn’t thoroughly understand everything presented in the book, I did learn the meaning of one’s life, which is to return to one’s original and true self. Since then, I understand that I came to this world to connect with Dafa. 

The Final Exam Score Was Given By Master Li

Because I couldn’t completely stop thinking about my father’s death, I didn’t study enough and wasn’t prepared for the final exam. In particular, I was very worried about the ancient Chinese section on the exam. This section was the most difficult and the easiest to fail. When I shared my concerns with my mother, she suggested that I ask for Master Li Hongzhi’s (Dafa’s founder) help. I took her advice. 

On the morning of the exam day, I did Heshi (palms together in front of the chest to show respect) and said quietly to Master deep down, “Master, please help me pass the exam.” After the exam, I counted the number of points I got right and the number of points I could have scored, which didn’t add up to 60 points for a passing grade. However, when the results were posted, my score was 10 points higher than the passing mark. I could hardly believe what I saw. 

I knew it was Master helping me, seeing that I was at a low point in life, and not wanting to let me sink down again, but rather giving me some hope so that I could pull myself together. I felt so grateful for Master’s painstaking arrangement that I was in tears. Thank you Master for your saving grace!

Going Through Positive Transformations 

When I was a child, I had a fever that caused myocardial ischemia. As a result, I could be short of breath after physical exertion and would have to go to the hospital to take oxygen. My motion sickness was also very serious. I tried to take public transportation in the city as little as possible, choosing to walk instead. If I had a long distance to go and took a bus, I always had to bring a few plastic bags to deal with vomiting. 

After I was on the bus for half an hour, I always began to vomit and did so until I got off the bus. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, and my face became sallow. It usually took me a few days to recover. 

After I began to cultivate, all of these problems went away without my noticing. Previously, when I traveled by air, my heart started pounding extremely fast as soon as the flight took off. The mental pressure was tremendous, and it was difficult for me to breathe. Now I can often take long flights of more than 10 hours. Not only did the motion sickness symptoms disappear, I also fall asleep before the plane takes off. 

My classmate from junior high school was on a business trip and came to my city. When he saw me, he said my appearance had changed dramatically. He said I used to have a yellowish complexion and purple lips; now my complexion was rosy, and I looked very healthy. I told him it was because I practice Falun Dafa. I also clarified the facts to him. In the end, he agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Youth League and Young Pioneers without hesitation. 

Being Steadfast to Dafa Amid Tribulations

In 2016, I took some time off work and stayed in my hometown. One day I went to the supermarket to buy eggs. Before I left, my mother asked me to come back before 6 p.m. to send forth righteous thoughts. After I got the eggs and walked out of the supermarket, I saw the bus coming and quickly ran to it. Unfortunately, due to the uneven road surface, I tripped over a raised brick and slammed onto the ground, losing consciousness. 

After I regained consciousness, I got up and saw that my jaw was bleeding. My knees and arms were bleeding as well. My first thought was that I will be fine because I have Master. Then I took a cab home. After I got home, I sent forth righteous thoughts while sitting in the full lotus position. 

The next day, my right knee wouldn’t bend, so I couldn’t walk. I could only drag my right leg when moving forward. My mother told me that it’s important for me to do the sitting meditation. So I kept doing that every day while enduring the pain. When I had to sit in the lotus position, it was so painful that I cried my way through the sitting meditation. 

After a week, it hadn’t gotten any better. I began to worry whether I would get better at all, and wondered if a bone was broken. When my mother heard my concerns, she encouraged me to believe in Master. I also looked inward. I asked myself why I endured the pain to do the sitting meditation. Was it going to get better, as opposed to thinking that I should do the exercises as a practitioner. Then I realized I had the attachment of pursuit. Master said: 

“...and the other is that they won’t get higher energy if they don’t work on themselves or strive to perfect their character.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun

After a week, I still limped when walking. But I let go of this attachment. I felt secure and believed that my leg would be fine. 

I went back to the city where my company was located. When my manager came to receive me at the airport, he saw my leg and said, “It’ll probably take a couple of years for you to fully recover.” I didn’t take it to heart. I thought, “Only what my Master says counts.” After another week, I could bend my right leg. Shortly after that, I could walk properly. I knew Master helped me remove a large chunk of karma. I truly appreciated Master’s saving grace. 

Saving Sentient Beings Through Making Truth-Clarification Calls 

During my time off in my hometown, I began to use one to two cell phones to make recorded truth-clarification calls. After every call, I’d write down the phone numbers of those who listened to the recording for more than 30 seconds. Then I called them directly to help them quit the CCP. Since they listened for a little while, they’d have some understanding of quitting the CCP. So when I called them, it was easier for them to quit. 

When I used only one cell phone to play the recordings, I put in an earbud to listen to the person I called. This exposed my attachments. When I heard people cursing very hard, I got very upset. I felt I was trying to save them, so why did they have such a bad attitude? After I returned home, I’d complain about them to my mother. She said these people were the most pitiful ones, as they were brainwashed by the CCP and may have missed their opportunity to learn the truth. She also told me not to be upset with them, but to have compassion and sympathy for them. Gradually, I became more composed. 

When people renounced their memberships in the CCP after learning the truth, I felt delighted for them. For those who hadn’t quit the CCP, I hoped they could still have a chance to learn the truth and make the right decision. Now I can help three to four people quit the CCP every day. Sometimes there were three people listening to one recording, and I could help them all quit the CCP. 

For security reasons, I always walk outside while making the calls. Even during strong winter wind or the downfall of snow, I continued to go out to save people. The quicker I walked, the lighter my body was, and I felt full of strength. I knew benevolent Master was encouraging me. 

I have practiced Dafa for 12 years. Coming this far, I have experienced a lot. My pessimism, which formed over time, has been dissolved by Dafa. I also learned to look inward in everything I do, as opposed to searching outward. There have been many shortcomings in my cultivation according to Master’s requirements. But I’ll catch up with the Fa-rectification process and live up to the sacred mission of being a practitioner. 

Due to my limited understanding, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.