(Minghui.org) In order to achieve the goal to force all local Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their faith in the “Zero-out” campaign, police in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province arrested a woman in her 80s and used her photos of being tied up to threaten others.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999.

The police broke into Ms. Yang Huijun’s home on August 20, 2021 and arrested her. As she refused to sign the statement to renounce Falun Gong, the police tied her up and took photos of her. Her family, who was deceived by the communist regime’s slanderous propaganda against Falun Gong, worked with the police in arresting her. Her Falun Gong books and other materials were confiscated.

The police also found Ms. Su Jianhua’s daughter to look for her. Ms. Su’s son-in-law, who also has a hostile attitude towards Falun Gong due to the persecution, often beats and verbally abuses his mother-in-law. The police initially attempted to pressure Ms. Su, in her 70s, to sign the renouncing statement, with Ms. Yang’s photos of being tied up. When Ms. Su refused to comply, the police asked her to sign three pieces of blank paper, promising that they wouldn’t use her signatures against her. Ms. Su signed on the blank paper after being pressured by the police and her family. She later realized the police could use her signatures to slander Falun Gong, so she submitted a statement to Minghui.org to nullify her signatures.

Even those who had given up practicing Falun Gong weren’t spared in the “Zero-out” operation. A dozen officers broke into Ms. Xue Xiuying’s home. Even though she had given up Falun Gong many years ago and has developed dementia due to a brain disease, the police still ordered her to sign the renouncing statement. Ms. Xue’s family was terrified and condemned the police for persecuting sick people. The police took out Ms. Yang’s photos and threatened them, “Don’t think you can avoid signing the statement by pretending to be ill. This is what will happen if you don’t sign it!”

The police also threatened Ms. Xue’s family that their children or grandchildren’s work and education would be affected if they couldn’t get her signature, especially her two grandsons who were attending prestigious colleges, the Tsinghua University University and University of Science and Technology of China. Worried about their sons’ education, Ms. Xue’s children signed the statement for her.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Chen Wen (陈文), secretary of Dujiangyan City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13980568722
Wu Xianjiang (吴贤江), director of Dujiangyan City 610 Office: +86-13880208006Da Jun (达军), director of Dujiangyan City Police Department: +86-13908042524, +86-28-89718666

(More perpetrators’ contact information is available in the original Chinese article.)