(Minghui.org) The 2021 U.K. Falun Dafa experience-sharing conference took place in London on August 29. The trip to London and attending the conference helped expose some of my attachments.

Planning the Trip

I talked to another practitioner about my plans to attend the conference. I said the trip would be troublesome as I had to wear a face covering, get tested for Covid-19 several times, and be quarantined at home when I returned.

The next moment I thought, “Why did I say this? I’m making this trip very difficult and troublesome in my mind. Didn’t I ask for trouble by saying this?”

Master said,

“As a practitioner, if you always think that it is an illness, you are actually asking for it. If you ask for an illness, it will come inside your body.” (Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun)

I also realized I had a hidden attachment. I had a mindset of saying that what I planned do was not easy. I subconsciously wanted to exaggerate the difficulty I encountered. I wanted to tell others that by breaking through the “obstacles,” I was great. I wanted to validate myself and show off. I realized this came from the attachment to self.

Our human attachments are removed layer by layer, so these attachments always seemed to be there. I decided to keep getting rid of them until they were completely eliminated.

Moreover, I described such a sacred opportunity of attending the conference as a “difficulty” that I had to go through. This was very disrespectful and not the right mindset for a practitioner.

At the Conference

When I listened to the speeches during the conference, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh, he has this attachment, and she has that attachment.” Suddenly I thought to myself, “Am I using my own standards and my own understandings to judge other practitioners?”

I realized that the attachment of jealousy was behind my judging other practitioners. The root of “looking down upon others” was jealousy. We cannot cultivate immense tolerance if we do not eliminate these attachments.

In fact, each and every practitioner is remarkable and great. They are going against the tide in this chaotic world and making progress in cultivation. It was a great privilege and a precious opportunity to listen to their cultivation journeys.

After I realized this, I was genuinely happy for the progress that every practitioner made, rather than judging them with my own standards.

I could see Master’s photo from my seat. I looked at Master and thought, “I want to get rid of these dirty and impure notions. I will eliminate the attachment to self.”

After the Conference

My son also attended the conference. He listened to the speeches very attentively and applauded enthusiastically. On our way home, he clarified the truth about Dafa to other passengers.

I was a little surprised because he did it on his own initiative. In the past, we had to push him to study the Fa and participate in activities. But this time, he was doing it on his own, from his heart. This had never happened before.

The day after we got home, he wrote in his diary, “I had a further understanding of the Fa principles and realized the glory of being a Dafa disciple.” This was something that he did not understand even when I repeated it many times to him. As Master said,

“Compare with one another in study, in cultivation,” (“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin)

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