(Minghui.org) My husband cut the sweetest part of the watermelon and put it into his mouth. I didn't say anything, but thought he was selfish.

Later, I felt there was a reason that he did this. Didn’t Master arrange it for my cultivation? It is for me to eliminate my attachments of resentment, affection, and selfishness, as well as my looking at others when there is a problem and judging others using my standards. Every time I see him do this, it is an opportunity for me to cultivate myself.

A few days later, I was reading the Fa on the kitchen balcony, and my husband came out to chat with me. While he was talking, he cut the best part of melon again, and then left the table. A thought instantly came to me, “Don’t be selfish. It is good if he eats the best part.” My body shook, and my heart became calm. A stream of heat rushed up from the bottom of my heart, and tears welled up in my eyes. I knew it was compassion, which surpassed all my previous reactions. It went beyond affection, selfishness, and the judgment of others.

I recalled how I used to feel good when I saved the best part of the watermelon for him. However, that wasn’t compassion, and it wasn’t quite right because I did it to seek approval for being unselfish and affectionate. I did it according to human standards.

I also understood that a selfish life in another dimension was testing me through the actions of my husband. If I used human notions with a selfish mind, that selfish life from the other dimension would interfere with me. In contrast, if I looked inward and eliminated my human notions, it would not move me at all.

One day, I was sending righteous thoughts at 8:00 a.m. because I was planning to go out at 8:30 a.m. to clarify the truth with a fellow practitioner. My husband showed up and asked me to clean the windows before the contractor arrived to winterize them. I was reluctant. Although my husband asked me to stay, I only wiped a portion of the windows and left without saying a word.

After I left, I was a little angry with him. I didn’t think it was necessary for me to stay home. Thinking more about it, I asked myself how I could balance doing home chores with Dafa projects? How can I remain calm in these situations without getting angry? I should have calmly told him what I had in mind and asked for his support. He is a reasonable person in general and might be able to understand. However, I did not do any of those things. Instead, I left home without saying anything, which might make him depressed, even though he might not say anything. He knew I would go out no matter what, and that he couldn’t stop me. He might end up drinking too much because of my selfishness. I have done such things in the past, but this time I understood it wasn’t right and that I may have hurt his feelings.

After sharing this with the other practitioner, we decided to go out in the afternoon instead of the morning. I rushed back home and worked with the contractor on the windows. I clarified the truth to him, and he accepted it and quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I also cooked lunch, which made my husband very happy. In the afternoon, I went out with the other practitioner to clarify the truth, and the effect was quite good.

Dafa harmonizes everything. As long as we can look inward, consider others, and let go of ourselves, more sentient beings will be saved.

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