(Minghui.org) I began to cultivate in 1998, and am now 74 years old. During the past more than 20 years of Fa-rectification cultivation, the old forces have arranged all kinds of tribulations and persecuted me. Besides, they had me arrested and detained. I suffered serious illness karma tribulations. However, with Master’s enlightenment and help, I made it through in an upright manner. 

Negating the Persecution by Having Faith in Master and Dafa

My husband, an ordinary person, asked me to take him to the hospital in 2006. On our way, I suddenly felt dizzy and lacked strength. I couldn’t hold my bicycle properly, and it leaned towards one side. So, I had to get off and push it. Thus, it took much effort to get to the hospital. My sister-in-law also came. When she and my husband came into the hospital, I felt very sick and vomited. 

The more I vomited, the worse I felt. I felt my stomach turning upside down, was dizzy, and my body was shaking. I was in extreme pain. I knew that it was the old forces who attacked me. If I were to go into the hospital, both my husband and sister-in-law would make me see the doctor. I’d be under their control, so that I’d fall into the trap set by the old forces without realizing it. That wouldn’t do! I must go home right away, I couldn’t fall for it! This was no way an illness, but clearly a case of persecution! 

I took a cab to go home. After arriving at home I vomited again. My mouth was full of bitterness, the taste was particularly unpleasant. With constant vomiting, I didn’t dare to leave the washroom. I began to ask myself: Who made you vomit? Who made you get stuck in the washroom? It was the old forces. Would you follow their arrangements? Right. I shouldn’t be subjected to what they had in store for me. I sent forth righteous thoughts to stop the persecution. Although there could be loopholes in my cultivation, I have Master and Dafa. The old forces were not allowed to intervene, and I didn’t belong to them! With that, my righteous thoughts became strong. I had only one firm thought in mind: I only belonged to Master, I’d only listen to Master!

Thus, I sat on my bed, and began to send forth righteous thoughts, “I’m Master Li Hongzhi’s true disciple. I only belong to Master. I will not accept or acknowledge any other arrangements. Eliminate all the persecution and arrangements from the old forces.” 

After that, my constant vomiting almost stopped, I then began to do the sitting meditation. An hour later, not only did everything go back to normal, but also my body felt very light and comfortable, with many bad substances having been eliminated. 

Then, I looked within: I was bothered by a family matter, my xinxing was not on par with the Fa, so that I was taken advantage of by the old forces. Meanwhile, I also discovered several attachments. I eliminated them, and was able to rectify myself right away, and improve on the Fa. 

I appreciated Master for making use of this tribulation to help me elevate one more level. 

Breakthrough with Righteous Thoughts and Belief in Master and Dafa 

Since the old forces’ trick didn’t work last time, this time, it used a new and an even more vicious way to persecute me. 

A “toxic sore” appeared on the outer side of my left thigh in early spring of 2007. This was recognized in the medical community worldwide as the most vicious, life-threatening and toxic thing, in short, a last stage tumor. It seemed that the old forces looked for revenge. They not only made me suffer from the tragic pain of the process of poisonous sores, but also tried to take my life – it is known that this kind of pain leads to the end of life. 

In the beginning, it was unnoticeable, and looked like small blisters. However, it had a very hard root and made me feel very itchy. My left thigh was also swollen. Since it was particularly itchy and made me agitated, I began to scratch it through my pants, and rubbed very hard. As a result, these blisters were broken, followed by flowing pus and water. But I didn’t feel any pain. I knew it was benevolent Master enduring a tremendous amount of pain for me. Though I still felt a bit off, I did my day-to-day activities, i.e. grocery shopping, cooking, doing and the exercises. 

One day, my human side gained the upper hand, so I went to share my situation with my husband. As I felt I shouldn’t hide from him, I had him take a look. Then, trouble followed. He called our children, who both of them came over in a hurry. My son asked his sister to come inside my room to check my leg. My daughter said, “How can you act as if nothing happened to you? You have to let me see your leg today.” 

Right then, I realized why they suddenly came. I said, “I don’t feel hurt at all. You don’t have to see it. I will recover in a few days.” But, she insisted. Since I couldn’t convince her, I had to show it to her. She saw the upper part of my left leg swollen, and the skin felt very hard. Then, my daughter called her brother to come. Seeing this situation, none of them believed I could survive. After they talked to each other, they left. The next day, early in the morning, my daughter came back. She treated me as a patient and took over all household chores. Meanwhile, she tried to talk me into going to the hospital for treatment. 

My son thought that I my avoiding the hospital was based on my fear. He thought I used my will power to conquer the“illness”, as he didn’t believe in the power of Dafa – I had practiced Falun Dafa for more than 10 years by then. It came down to the fact that he understood issues with the indoctrinated “atheism, evolution,” empirical science and other Party ideologies.

He also knew that I didn’t believe in the effects of a hospital. Out of his kind nature, he didn’t want to do things against my will, so he went to get an old classmate who was also a doctor. I made up my mind: “I’m a Dafa practitioner, I have Master to take care of me. No matter how advanced an ordinary person’s treatment could be, he couldn’t treat me. If I didn’t practice, I’d have suffered terribly from the pain of rotten flesh, but Master endured that for me.” 

There was pus and water constantly flowing out, and the area had expanded. However, I didn’t feel any pain, what thistold me was that Master was watching over me: First, it was to see my enlightenment quality, secondly, He used this opportunity to eliminate my karma. Meanwhile, I could understand my children’s filial piety. I appreciated, praised, and affirmed it. However, I would never do things that were against my understanding of the Fa.

My son went to look for a famous doctor who came to visit me. After we greeted each other, he was upfront with me and told me he came to check on my “illness”, and kept asking me to have a look at it. I didn’t feel I could refuse, so I let him take a look. He was shocked. The thick padded cloth, which was all bloody, was removed to reveal the exit of the poisonous sore (carbuncle), which was nearly palm-sized, with rotten flesh mixed with pus and blood continuously flowing outward. The subcutaneous muscles around the sore still festered and emitted a pungent, fishy odor. 

The doctor was unusually serious and solemn. He told me what the name of this disease was, how severe it was, the chances of curing a person suffering from this disease were very slim, and the serious consequences of the disease, with some examples. In the end, he asked me, “Aunty, how old are you?” I said, “I’m 60 years old.” 

He said, “Given your situation, I have to arrange a surgery for you immediately. After that, if you can get out of bed in two months, that’d be pretty good. Because of your age, since you have such kind of illness, it’s so serious and late for treatment. We also don’t know if the surgery will be successful. Because of the septicemia, I don’t know whether other indicators are normal, such as blood lipids, blood sugar, and blood pressure, or if an infection, or tetanus, or leukemia, or septicemia, etc would be triggered. It’s really hard to say. But all in all, it’s very dangerous. Can rotten flesh and suppuration not affect the blood? You must go to the hospital right away, and I’ll arrange for a surgery immediately, We can’t delay any more.” 

I said to him, “Let me thank you first, for you concern and for coming to see me despite your busy schedule. What you said makes sense, but since I’m a practitioner, things work differently for me. Let me think it over.” Before he headed out, he left with me some medical supplies, but I didn’t touch any of them. 

My son went to find his uncle and aunties to come to my home to try to talk me into going to the hospital for treatment. When seeing my situation deteriorating, and hearing what his classmate doctor said, and that I still refused to go to the hospital, he was very worried and afraid that I might get tetanus, leukemia, septicemia or something like that, like his classmate mentioned. As the septic flesh was so rotten, could it not be infected? Thus, he called five of my relatives to ask them to put pressure on me. All of them lived out of town, and they agreed to come to my home. 

My sister checked my leg, she saw the sores had expanded to the size of the palm. That miserable look made her frown and grimace, the fishy smell of rotten flesh and pus and blood made her hold her breath and vomit. My brothers and sisters took turns in trying to talk to me into going to the hospital for treatment. 

I said, “I practice Falun Dafa. For me to have such kind of state appear is absolutely no way an illness but rather karma elimination, which is different than something an ordinary person experiences. For an ordinary person to have this illness, they could have died of pain. Wouldn’t they feel pain to have rotten flesh, pus, and bleeding? Can they not get infected? Although my condition is so serious, I don’t feel any pain, nor am I infected. As I’m a practitioner, the “supernatural power” Master gave me can kill the poisonous bacteria that tried to harm me, not to mention there is Master watching over me! It’s Master who has suffered a tremendous amount of pain for me, who used this opportunity to have me improve my enlightenment quality, pass this test, and eliminate my karma accumulated lifetime after lifetime. 

In terms of cultivation, we have to cultivate among hardship and tribulations. We have to keep improving our xinxing and eliminate karma, so that we can continuously improve ourselves. I have my reason for not going to the hospital, for I’m not an ordinary person, whereas a hospital only takes care of ordinary people’s illnesses. If you don’t believe me, stay here for a few more days to see my progress. It’s not easy for you to get together anyway.”

After I made some simple arrangements for them, they settled in at my house. The next few days, they watched me while playing mahjong. I didn’t get distracted by them, nor interfered by any external factors, but only focused on Fa-study, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. I didn’t appear to have any pain. My daughter took care of grocery shopping and cooking. When they saw me eating, sleeping and doing the exercises as normal, far from someone who was ill and in pain, they left for home after a few days.

When my children saw that they couldn’t convince me either, they also backed down. I thought to myself: “I have maintained my xinxing in this trial. I was able to enlighten and improve on the Fa, so that Master eliminated those evil beings persecuting me, as well as the great tribulation and an arrangement set up by the old forces.” 

In this dimension, when the sore on my leg was in the size of a palm, there was no flesh under the skin in that area. The skin clung to the bone in the shape of a large pit, the flesh under the skin around it was no longer rotten, and the sore gradually closed. Later, there was no rotten flesh. After that, the area without flesh under the skin rapidly grew new flesh. 

Two months later, the sore shrank to a tiny, coin-sized scar, and new muscle tissue grew under the skin to flatten the “pit”. I had recovered. This was truly a miracle brought about by my faith in Master and Dafa. My family were all convinced and believed that “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” and became supportive of my cultivation. 

I came to enlighten that in our cultivation, there are for sure trials and tribulations. As long as one is on the Fa and has faith in Master and Dafa, one can completely negate and eliminate every arrangement made by the old forces, so that one can make breakthroughs in every trial and tribulation, continuously elevating oneself in one’s cultivation, and walking towards consummation. 

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