(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Having gone through more than 20 years of tempering, I would like to share my cultivation experiences while making informational materials to tell people about Dafa and its persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Setting Up a Family-Based Material Production Site

Although I began practicing early, it took me a long time to understand that I should be cultivating myself. When I first got a copy of Zhuan Falun, I read it once but I seldom read it after that. I was very busy at work—I did not even have Saturdays or Sundays off (I did not realize that this was a form of interference).

However, some of the Fa was imprinted in my mind, and I knew it was a very good book. I thought that I would practice after I retired, so I seldom interacted with practitioners and none of them knew me.

Things went on this way until 2004, when I began feeling burned out by challenges at work. I felt exhausted. In the end, I gave up my leadership post and voluntarily became an individual contributor. This gave me immediate relief, and I had large amounts of time to study the Fa.

Master saw that I did not give up cultivating and arranged for me to find a copy of Minghui Weekly, which had the website address for Minghui.org. As my family had a computer (at that time, not many households did), I typed in the address. As soon as I opened the website, I was immediately attracted by fellow practitioners’ cultivation articles.

As I eagerly read through them, I was filled with righteous thoughts. I felt I was a particle of the Fa so I should study the teachings, practice the exercises and quickly catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification.

In this way, I resumed practicing Dafa. Master arranged practitioners to interact with me, and I told them that I could help them download materials. However, these practitioners had concern as I was a new practitioner. They only allowed me to interact with everyone after observing me for some time. I was young and familiar with computers, but my family environment was not yet favorable.

The local practitioners originally had to travel long distances to get printed Dafa materials, which was very inconvenient. So I helped them to download the articles and another practitioner printed them. Master saw that I had this wish, so he arranged a displaced practitioner to come to our district, and then both of us coordinated to make the materials.

We persisted in this way for two years. Later, I thought that I should install a small printer. If I had a printer, not only would it resolve the problem of not having materials, but I also wouldn’t need to trouble other practitioners. But how should I tell my husband? He did not object to my cultivation, but would he accept my printing Dafa information at home? I tried communicating with him indirectly, saying that there was a printer and I asked if I could bring it home to use. My husband did not say anything.

After buying the new printer, I placed it in a small storage compartment instead of bringing it into our home office. While I was still pondering how to explain it to him, my husband came into the room and noticed the printer. Not only did he not scold me, but he asked why I didn’t bring it to the office. I was so excited! I realized Master saw that I had the heart to produce truth-clarifying materials, so he helped me. In this way, I finally started my household material production point.

Taking Up the Responsibility of Producing Materials

In 2009, a large Dafa material production site in our district was ransacked by police. I was disturbed (it was actually a test). My attachment to doing things surfaced, and I realized I had overlooked my own cultivation. When the police illegally ransacked my house, I begged for Master’s strengthening and that the printer be protected. However, I could no longer produce materials at home.

I was in agony because practitioners could not read the Weekly for six months. I strengthened my Fa study and made a wish to give practitioners the chance to read the publication. Not long after that, an elderly practitioner took up the task to make materials.

We needed large amounts of materials, and Minghui.org published articles about it being safer to have small material production sites set up in many places instead of concentrating in one place. I started to encourage those practitioners who had the conditions to set up material production sites. They were generally elderly practitioners, so they needed to overcome some technical obstacles.

In the end, one practitioner took the first step. Later, another practitioner who did not know how to read also started a material production site. It was really hard to teach them, as most were illiterate and had to memorize everything.

However, the practitioners overcame all those difficulties and finally mastered the steps. Their taking up of this task helped to bring truth-clarifying materials to people in the district and set up a good foundation for saving them.

In 2017, when I felt the pressure had lessened as practitioners basically could all operate independently, I put my efforts into maintaining the equipment. Just then, an elderly practitioner who produced the materials passed away. In 2019, another elderly practitioner who made materials also passed away. Through their passing, I really felt the solemnness of cultivation and straightened out my thoughts based on the Fa.

One elderly practitioner felt stressed by the responsibility of making materials. As she did not understand the ‘responsibility’ that she had to ‘take up,’ her printer often had problems. In the end, I did not force her to make materials as she did not understand that point. I felt forcing her would only bring unnecessary trouble. All practitioners have their strengths, so doing other things to save sentient beings is also good. In order to be responsible to other practitioners, I took up the task, and in this way I settled the material production issue.

I believe that as long as I put my heart into it, fellow practitioners will distribute the materials with a serious attitude and people will read the materials with a serious attitude. After understanding the truth, they will be saved.

Through these experiences, I understood a principle: when we have an equipment malfunction, we should not hurry to repair it. We must first look within and cultivate our xinxing before we repair the equipment. Sometimes, when I found the problems in myself, the equipment went back to normal on its own. I’ve had this experience many times. Here, I kowtow to thank Master for his benevolence!

I am still very far from Master’s requirements. I felt that I’ve only become more mature in the aspect of making materials, so I wrote out this little bit of understanding of mine. If there is any room for improvement, kindly point it out to me.

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