(Minghui.org) Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has issued a series of policies to suppress private education service providers, and to assert greater control over the economy and capital. Under the slogan of achieving “common prosperity,” these policies essentially are a new wave of campaign aimed at redistributing wealth.

This new campaign got many people worried: How can we protect ourselves in such a troubled time? As described in the testimonies below, many Chinese citizens have seen through the CCP's vicious nature through such campaigns and chosen to separate themselves from the regime.

In fact, since the Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on The Communist Party in 2004, more than 383 million people have declared on the Epoch Times website to quit the CCP and its two junior organizations (Youth League and the Young Pioneers), a movement also known as the “three withdrawals.”

A Private School Investor

Hu Chunsen from Hong’an County, Hubei Province, said that he had been an educator for decades but that he had never been as disgusted with the CCP's behavior as he was now. Here what he had to say:

“Back then, with a passion for education, I invested in a private school to ease the difficulties that the left-behind children (children whose parents are away to earn money for the family) were facing in Hong’an. It was pretty hard going in the early days when we tried to set up the school. My project partners and I were often harassed by local corrupt officials. We had to invite them for meals and give them gifts in order to build connections with them [it’s almost impossible to achieve anything without connections in today’s China]. Otherwise, they would hinder the school construction. Anyone who invests in projects in China would understand such unspoken rules. To put it bluntly, you have to collude with the corrupt CCP officials; otherwise you would not be able to proceed with your project at all.

“The school was running quite well in the beginning. Not long after that, however, officials from the local education bureau, the construction department, and various other departments came to ‘visit’ us frequently, expecting us to take them out for meals and shower them with gifts. They also started to extort money from us under all sorts of excuses.

“Although my private school was not established for profit, still we need to make ends meet. However, due to constant harassment and extortion by the CCP officials, we could hardly make any money from our investment. Later, my school had to set up a CCP party branch, a Communist Youth League committee, as well as an activity center for the CCP members. In the past two years, the school was also obliged to engage in the Party building work, and we had to put up brainwashing slogans everywhere on the campus to praise the CCP and its agenda. Officials from higher-level departments often came for ‘inspection.’ All these have incurred extra financial burden on the school, but we have to accommodate these in order to keep the school running.

“Recently, the CCP has suddenly launched a frenzied crackdown on private education providers, which also badly impacted our school. Many teachers in our school have suffered harassment, and they did not dare to offer any after-school tutoring throughout this summer.

“It’s always been part of our traditional Chinese culture to teach and educate the young. But in today’s China, under the destructive rule of the CCP, education services providers have been labeled as ‘dark evil forces,’ almost the same as ‘pornography, gambling, and drug abuse.’ This is nothing short of a human tragedy!

“The concept of ‘Common Prosperity’ being advocated lately reminds people of the ‘Land Reform’ campaign in the 1950s. Landless peasants were encouraged to 'struggle' with the landowners and carve up their land. Millions of rural inhabitants across China were labeled ‘landlords, rich peasants, reactionaries or bad elements’, who were killed or suffered extreme humiliation and loss of all their civil rights. It seems that the CCP has started another round of robbery so that the high-level CCP interest groups could once again share the extorted wealth!

“The CCP is the biggest cancer of mankind at the moment. If it is allowed to continue to grow, it would cause huge catastrophes to mankind. A large number of people in China have been brainwashed by the CCP for a long time, and they believe that everything they have was bestowed by the CCP. In fact, they have earned their living through hard work in a relatively relaxed market economy and free trade in the last few decades. Their life would be much better without the exploitation by the CCP.

“I was tricked into joining the CCP when I was young and ignorant. Now I feel very regretful over what I did. I have now decided to withdraw from the evil CCP and I hope this largest evil cult organization in history will soon be destroyed!”

An Auxiliary Police Officer

Here is what an auxiliary police officer had to say:

“I am from Shandong Province and I am an auxiliary police officer. I already quit the CCP in 2018. Here I would like to say something to my colleagues who work in the political and judiciary system.

“According to the information released by the Ministry of Public Security, hundreds of people in the public security system lost their lives every year. Most of them died due to health problems, and many others lost their lives as a result of unexpected misfortunes. They were from various police sectors, such as drug abuse control, criminal investigation, traffic management, local police stations, and so on. Some deaths resulted from the dangerous nature of their work or intense workload, but there have also been quite a number of cases in which officers from Domestic Security Division or Cyber Security Division died at a relatively young age. It is a bit hard to comprehend on the surface level as their work did not involve direct confrontation with vicious criminals. However, most of them engaged in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

“The public security sector insists on following the CCP, and their persecution is not limited to Falun Gong. Among local departments, the public security is the most powerful because it has guns. If we regard the political and judiciary system as a knife, the public security is the point or the edge of the knife.

“The work intensity of the police is generally high. To be honest, we have not only been doing what we should do, but also things we should not do......

“Nowadays, many police officers mingle among both circles as gangs and the police. And very few are willing to work for the people. As a result, the police have a very bad reputation in society. It is difficult to solve the problem in a short time, and it will not help by changing the minister or the general secretary. Many police officers know how to get around a firewall and they know the uncensored information. Still they chose to work for the evil CCP. In recent years, the salary for the public security sector has doubled that of other government agencies, making people risk their health and life to work in this sector.

“What I am trying to say to them is, when you blindly follow the CCP in charging forward, will you lose your personal safety by angering the public? When you blindly charge forward like this, will you be taken as a scapegoat and brought to justice afterwards? I hope all my colleagues can choose a right path in life.”

Apology from a Librarian

Rong Li, who works in a library in Yantai City, Shandong Province, expressed her heartfelt feelings on the Epoch Times website on August 13, 2021. She said that because her family members had been persecuted by the wicked CCP in the past, after she learned about the “three withdrawals” movement and read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, she decided to quit the CCP organizations and vowed to draw a clear line between her and the Party. That is, she would never have anything to do with it.

“However, at work, when people came to borrow brainwashing books such as Little Radish Head, Red Star Over China, and How The Steel Was Tempered, I had to help them get them even though I knew they were for brainwashing. I tried to avoid lending out such books, but I did not know how to discourage the borrowers, as I have a very soft and indecisive temperament. So I lent out those books against my conscience. I felt really bad afterwards. Under the evil CCP regime, the deceptive party culture and its control is everywhere in society. Even though I have seen through the wicked nature of the CCP, it is very difficult for an individual to be completely free from the grip of the evil party. Their tight control has made me see even more clearly the demonic nature of the CCP and strengthened my determination to completely break with it.

“I would like to express my sincere apologies to those to whom I lent those poisonous red books because I was not brave enough to do otherwise. I also sincerely hope that you will be able to read the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party as soon as possible, learn the facts, and see through the evil nature of the CCP. I hope you will also quit the CCP organizations soon, and together we can embrace a bright future without the Communist Party!”

Voice of a Country Girl Working in Dongguan City

Wan Ziyi, a young country girl working in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, made a declaration on the Epoch Times website on August 16 to quit the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers. The following is what she said in her declaration statement.

“I am a country girl born in a rural area of Henan Province. My family was very poor when I was a child, but I enjoyed studying all the same. When in elementary school, we were encouraged to join the Young Pioneers and were told that only those with good grades were eligible to join. I worked hard to join the Young Pioneers, and became a member later. When I was in middle school, the school management used the same tactics, tricking us into joining the Communist Youth League. At that time, we all thought that it was an honor to join these organizations, and my parents also felt content after I joined them because they took this as a sign that I was a good student.

“My family is very poor, and my parents work out of town year-round. Like other left-behind children, I managed to complete elementary and middle school education. Then I felt that I did not want to study anymore, thinking: Being a poor student, there is no future for me just by studying. When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, I was still a middle school student, and had to study online at home. But I could no longer focus on my studies and planned to go out to work after I finished middle school education.

“I graduated from middle school last year and did not continue with my studies. While I was staying home and had more spare time, I felt as if I understood a lot of things and that much of what we learned at school were CCP’s lies. My parents are very diligent people and work much harder than many others, but our family has always been very poor. Is it true that we poor people are destined to be forever poor in this society?

“During my middle school years, we had slogans everywhere in our school to advocate ‘core socialist values.’ Once, my classroom teacher asked us to recite the slogans. I really couldn’t understand why the superficial slogans were posted everywhere in my hometown, thinking: What’s the point of posting these things?

“In our history class, the teacher talked about how strong and powerful the CCP was during the Anti-Japanese War. He also said that the Kuomintang was very bad. But from the documentary movies I watched later on about the war against Japanese invasion, I could hardly see any Communist Party’s forces fighting the Japanese army, and it was Kuomintang that fought the Japanese army all the way through. So what the CCP claimed are lies.

“When I came to work in Dongguan, I found that what people around me talked about were quite different from what I learned at school. They often say that the government is not doing anything and that there are too many corrupt officials. They also say that the anti-corruption efforts of the central government in recent years are all fake, and they are no more than an internal power struggle!

“Suddenly I realized that I had been deeply brainwashed in school in the past. I was deceived by the Communist Party for so many years since childhood. Here I make up my mind to withdraw from the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League today, and to break with the Communist Party from now on. I no longer have any ties with any CCP organizations!”

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