(Minghui.org) Electronic products are becoming increasingly popular. There are all kinds of them. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. Even a three-year-old can use one. Be it for work, study, communication, entertainment, clothes, food, lodging, and so on, so many different things can be taken care of with the mobile phone. Whatever people do, they cannot live without their mobile phones. Aren’t they being controlled by their mobile phones? This is a very disconcerting situation.

Before I became a Falun Dafa cultivator, when I was still at school, I went to internet cafes and used computers. I still remember when computers first appeared and someone opened an internet cafe. We were excited and curious, so we went and saw that everyone was playing games. Almost all the boys liked to play computer games. They started when they were young and continued to play as they grew up.

When I was small, my parents gave me toys to play with. In physical education class at school, we played the hawks catch the chickens game. After school, I played traditional games with my classmates.

Once electronic games came on the market, I played them at home until my studies started to suffer. Those who went to the internet cafes played anti-terrorist gun wars and other online games. Sometimes, I would go to the internet cafe to play after school. This affected my studies and cost me a lot of money and energy.

Letting Go of My Addiction to the Computer

After I got into a technical secondary school, I moved to the city. On weekends, I went to the internet cafes to play internet games all night long. After I got a job, I bought my own computer, which made it even more convenient. I played on the computer until late every night. I not only played computer games, I got into all sorts of messy stuff, such as pornography. After going online, I suffered greatly because I watched bad things that caused great harm.

As smartphones have become more and more common, they have almost all the functions of a computer. QQ, WeChat, and all sorts of social applications became the norm, making it very convenient to contact family and colleagues. Whenever I had time, I would look at my mobile phone and chat with all kinds of people, even ones I didn’t know.

After I started practicing Dafa, I knew that games and pornography are very bad things. They are very serious attachments that a cultivator needs to get rid of. As I continued to improve in my cultivation, computer-related things gradually became less important to me and I stopped playing computer games. I realized it was just a waste of my time. Sometimes, I would read the news, but then I realized that just made me develop attachments and seriously affected my cultivation.

The blue light from mobile phones and laptop screens is harmful to the eyes. Prolonged exposure harmed my eyes. Looking at the screens for a while made my eyes feel sore—I stopped looking at the computer and mobile phone.

Not Falling into the Social Media Trap

My boss told me to join WeChat, because he would post notifications to the group on it. I told him I no longer used my mobile phone much because my eyes ached when I looked at the screen. My boss said he understood and promised to notify me personally. Not long after, he again asked me to use WeChat and dangled some goodies in front of my eyes—I was still not moved. Actually, the notifications he sent to the WeChat group were non-essential messages that were conveyed to everyone once more in person. Once my boss realized that I was serious, he quit talking about it.

To make calls, I bought a mobile phone for senior citizens. Because I do not make many calls and I buy things with cash, I do not use the phone much. It doesn’t seem to be that inconvenient to not use a smartphone. Instead, I think that I have returned to a traditional lifestyle.

Now that I have totally let go of my attachment to computers and mobile phones, I have more time to cultivate and save sentient beings. I feel that I am constantly improving in my cultivation, and I have raised my cultivation level.

Improving Physically and Mentally

Through consistent Fa study and doing the exercises, I have experienced great changes in my xinxing and my body. I’ve noticed during the past years that my xinxing has improved a great deal.

I no longer place much emphasis on what people say. This is because I’ve realized that when they speak, they are showing off, want people to believe that they know a lot, and do not care if it is the truth or not. Some people like to talk. No matter what you say, they want to join in the conversation, even if they do not know much about the subject being discussed. Since I’ve realized this, I no longer care so much about what people say.

My body has also changed greatly. In the past, when the weather turned cold, I worried. When I was outside in the winter, my legs were icy cold and uncomfortable. Not long after I started to study the Fa and do the exercises regularly, I realized that I was not so scared of the cold anymore. When I do the first and second exercises, my arms and hands feel very light and my body feels warm and very comfortable. I feel that this practice is so powerful.

When I do the exercises, my body feels light and I can feel the cosmic orbit and energy passing through my body. I realized that when I did something wrong, which increased my karma, my body would feel heavy, and I would feel very tired and nothing went well. I knew that this was because of the karma that I’d created, so I needed to endure hardship to get rid of the karma. However, the process of getting rid of the karma is too hard to bear. After work, I will be so tired that I would sleep right after dinner and had no energy left to cultivate.

After half a month of such hardships, the karma was eliminated. When I studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts, I once again felt that my body was light, and I no longer got tired. Then, I truly understood that all hardships stem from karma. As I continue to study the Fa, my righteous thoughts are stronger, I have new understandings, and my xinxing continues to improve.

Sentient Beings Are Waiting to Be Saved

This year, there were strong storms for many days in the south, and many places flooded. One night, there was a sudden gust of strong wind and a storm. The winds were so strong that doors were blown shut and leaves were flying in all directions.

The next day, I was off work, so I went to my favorite supermarket. The owner and I talked about the strong gust of wind the day before. It was so frightening when things in the room were blown around.

The owner said, “Yes, disasters are rampant—the pandemic, floods, and strong winds. Heaven has come to collect people.”

She pointed to the supermarket signboard and said the wind had blown it down. Then she pointed to the solar panel on a house next to the supermarket and said that it had been blown loose. If it were to fall, a passerby might be killed.

As she said that, the owner of that house passed by. She told him that the wind the day before had loosened his solar panel and it was about to fall. She noted how dangerous it was for the passersby so he had better get it secured. After he left, another customer said that we had told him about the panel for his own good. If it fell and hit someone, it would be bad. She later talked about how corrupt the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is, saying that every little thing they do, they show it off on television.

Clarifying the Truth

I noticed that she didn’t like the CCP and she was kind, so I told her that the CCP’s many campaigns over the years have caused the deaths of more than 80 million people. All sorts of the political movements are used to attack people. I told her about the persecution of Falun Gong, how the CCP orchestrated the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax, and is harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs while they are still alive.

Hearing all that alarmed her. I said that the CCP has done so many evil things that Heaven will annihilate it. I asked her to quit the CCP organizations so that she could live in peace and be safe, and she agreed. I also told her that reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” could help her to stay safe during the pandemic and disasters. Before I left, she thanked me. Sentient beings are really waiting to be saved!

I now understand that everything has turned bad and the Fa rectification is nearing its end. I hope that we can all do well what we need to do. The closer we are to the end, the more critical things are. Let us study the Fa more and do well on our remaining cultivation paths.