(Minghui.org) (Continued from Part 1) World War II initiated by Hitler was the deadliest war in history with the highest human death count (especially the civilian death count). The Nazi’s genocide against the Jews has caused so much pain that human beings will never forget. 

Many people think the 卍 symbol is a Nazi sign and are still afraid of it. However, this symbol has been with humankind throughout civilization, dating back 6,000 years, or even 10,000 years ago. From the East to the West, from imperial palaces to cottages, this symbol could be seen everywhere – why did people like the 卍 symbol?

Does the 卍 symbol really belong to Hitler and the Nazis? Even if Hitler lived to today, he would be only 132 years old. The 卍 symbol, however, has been around for over 10,000 years. 

For people today, what luck will the 卍 symbol bring to us?

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Chapter I: The Auspicious Sign That People Knew At Least 6,000 Years AgoChapter II: The Swastika in Hopi ProphecyChapter III: The Lord Savior Has Returned

(Continued from Part 1)

Chapter II: The Swastika in Hopi Prophecy

In Arizona, the United States, there live the indigenous people of the ancient Hopi tribes, who have passed down prophecies from generation to generation about the origin, the history, and the future of humanity. There is a precious “Prophecy Rock” near Oraibi on the Hopi Reserve, on which is an engraved radiant sun, which displays a swastika in its center. 

A researcher of Hopi prophecy said that the sacred “swastika” sign represents the spiritual power from the universe, like rays of the sun, illuminating mankind. The adult figure on the left symbolizes the Great Spirit.

The Hopi people believe that carvings on their precious Prophecy Rock recorded what God told them when humans were created. This prophecy tells about the era we are living in today. 

According to Hopi prophecy: The year 2000 is approximately the nearest time, and things would happen one after another, like dominoes. All this stems from the degeneration of mankind. The thing that is about to happen has occurred a number of times before, which would cause enormous changes, even the Earth would turn into a different one. Life would change after the cleanup period. There would be only one language and one law to abide by. Vicious people would be cleared out, and kindhearted people would work together to rebuild the new world.

The Hopi people noted that people living on the Earth at this time are the luckiest, when all things are in the phase of elimination and purification. Although it would be very difficult, it is extremely glorious to be able to live in this era and witness all of this happening.

They believe that the Creator created and dominates all, and humanity’s own choice will determine the final outcome of each person. During a certain period, mankind will have to make its final choice. This is the time period when mankind enters the “life elimination and renewal period.” After that, grains would grow luxuriantly, higher beings would return to Earth, and the path of life would be eternal. 

Chapter III: The Lord Savior Has Returned

In November 2000, a woman in the mid-west region in the U.S. invited Falun Gong practitioners to teach people the Falun Gong exercises in a church. She invited some locals who were interested in the spiritual practice to the event. Everyone who came along was inspired by Falun Gong’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. 

When a practitioner explained the Falun emblem, a participant said excitedly, “I have seen this swastika graphic before. I know that a sage would appear in the East at this time, who would bring sacred power and justice to people of all races. I have been watching Asia and waiting for the emergence of Pahana [from Hopi prophesy]. I feel that Falun Gong is the only practice that can be related to this prophecy.”

Signs When the Lord Savior Returns 

Many people in the West know that the Bible predicts that the Savior would come at the last moment of mankind. According to Western religious legends, one of the signs before the Savior’s return would be the restoration of Israel, and the first generation after Israel was established as a nation that would be able to see the Messiah (the Savior). 

In the East, the Buddhist scriptures also predicted the arrival of future Buddha Maitreya (Holy King of Falun). According to Buddhist scripture Huilin Yinyi (a composite collection of all the glossaries of scriptural words and expressions compiled in and before the Tang Dynasty) that: “The Udumbara flower is an auspicious flower from heaven and does not exist in the mundane world. If a Tathagata or King of the Golden Wheel comes to the human world, with his great merits and virtue, the flower will manifest.”

It is also mentioned in the Buddhist scripture Fahua Wenju (also known as the Lotus Sūtra) that “the mystical Udumbara flower blooms once every three thousand years, and its blossom heralds the advent of King of the Golden Wheel.”

The First Sign Appeared in 1948

The first sign of the return of the Savior appeared after WWII when the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem issued a declaration announcing the “restoration of Israel” on May 13, 1948, marking the end of thousands of years of homeless Israelis. 

Although Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism coexist in Western society, the “restoration of Israel” was always considered very important for them all since it is one of the conditions for the return of the Savior, and for over half a century, the Western society has always been very firm in supporting Israel, regardless of the historical religious disputes in the past. 

The Udumbara Flowers First Sighted in 1997 

In 1997, South Korean media first reported the appearance of Udumbara flower in Cheonggye Temple. 

Udumbara flowers found on a Buddha statue in South Korea

Later, the mystical flower was also reported to be blooming in many other places across the country. Since then, the mystical flowers were also spotted in many other countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe, and various provinces in mainland China, and very often onsome unusual surfaces, such as on a window frame, a metal bar, etc. 

Udumbara flowers have been spotted across the world

Names of the Savior Expected to Arrive in Different Languages 

The name for the Savior expected to emerge varies in different languages. For example, the name in Tocharian is Metrak/Maitrak; it is Masiah in Hebrew, Maitreya in Sanskrit, Messiah in English, and Mile in Chinese.

Ji Xianlin (1911 – 2009) was a Chinese ideologist, linguist, paleographer, historian, and a writer. He was proficient in many languages, including Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, English, German, French, Russian, Pali, and Tocharian. According to his research, the name Mile in Chinese is probably a direct translation from Metrak in Tocharian language in Xinjiang. 

The Tocharians were an indigenous people in Xinjiang and gradually became one of the ethnic origins of Uyghurs in the 8th and 9th centuries. The Tocharian and Indo-Aryan languages all belong to the Indo-European language family, but the Tocharians believed in Buddhism.

Through comparative studies and research, more and more people have realized that there are striking similarities between Eastern and Western cultures not only in the way we live, but also in matters of great importance for humanity as a whole, such as the expectation of the return of the same Savior, even though he has different names in different languages. 

The swastika sign, which has nothing to do with the Nazis, has been respected and revered by mankind for thousands of years because of its auspiciousness. The swastika carries huge positive energy of the universe, and it’s time to restore its true sacredness. 

5,000 Falun Gong practitioners in New York formed a huge Falun Emblem 

Mounting evidence, shown to mankind either in remote history or present time, has strongly indicated that the Lord Savior has already returned with this auspicious sign, and yet, how many people are able to quickly reconnect with their sacred affinity and fulfill their long-awaited aspirations?

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