(Minghui.org) Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in December 2019, nearly everyone living in mainland China has become a victim of the tragedy to some degree. The worst part is not the pandemic itself, but the numerous lies fabricated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its attempt to maintain its power.

The CCP has been ruling China with lies and brutality since it took power in 1949. Its series of moves in the pandemic, as explained below, not only confirm the CCP's evil nature but also illustrate how the regime uses the pandemic as an excuse to bring its censorship and surveillance to a new level. 

Lockdowns and Forced Re-Openings

In late January 2020, the CCP announced that it was sealing off cities and villages without any warning. My region was put on lockdown on January 28 while neighboring towns were locked down between January 25 and February 1. In the countryside, the lockdown was announced via loudspeakers; in the urban areas, the entrance gates to communities were shut and notices were posted everywhere banning residents from exiting. This shows how quickly and widely the CCP was able to control people. 

In some areas, every entrance to residential buildings was guarded. Suddenly, everyone became a potential virus carrier and no one talked to one another. Factories and companies all shut down, and only CCP officials could move around. 

At the beginning, people still had some food stocked up, thanks to the Chinese New Year (which occurred on January 25). After a while, the food was depleted and people needed to go out shopping. But it was difficult with the lockdown measures. With no other options, some called the mayor's hotline. Some action to help was taken in certain places, while some areas saw no action at all. To further control people, officials selected some individuals in the communities and ordered police to arrest them. These people were detained for “hindering public safety” or “disturbing public order.” Such news was quickly spread far and wide to warn anyone who dared to challenge the status quo. 

After a while, the CCP found that things did not work if everyone stayed at home because there was no tax revenue when no one was working. The CCP then made a 180-degree change, ordering all factories to re-open. From military-style lockdown to ordering a re-opening, there was only about one month in between, although it took some areas longer to resume work. Ambulances were running on the streets all the time, but the news kept saying that the disease was under control while the real death toll and numbers of infections were covered up. From forcing people to stay at home to driving people out to work, it's clear that the CCP only cared about controlling people and collecting money. After all, if no one works, the financial situation alone would crush the CCP system. But few people could see through this. 

Covering Up Cases and Mandatory Testing

In fact, in Shandong Province where I live, the coronavirus pandemic was never gone and people kept talking about new cases. But these were not reported in the news or social media due to censorship. To ensure re-opening of workplaces and schools, the CCP covered up cases even more while boasting about its “achievements” in “defeating the virus.” 

To pacify people and redirect attention from its incompetence, the CCP further launched mandatory nucleic acid testing for all citizens, day and night. It started by promoting the benefits of such testing, and then it spread rumors that anyone who wasn't tested would not be allowed to work or go out. 

The so-called nucleic acid test was only a format of political campaign meant to deceive people. Not only did it fail to achieve the goal of detecting the virus, but it also allowed the CCP to collect more personal information about ordinary citizens. During this process, everyone was treated like pawns for the CCP to achieve its goals. Anyone who had a different opinion would be treated as enemies of the state and harassed by the police, street committees, and other local community agencies. 

Mass Vaccination

Since the beginning of 2021, the CCP had been promoting vaccination. There are many cases of deaths and side effects resulting from vaccines throughout the country, but such topics are strictly banned. Almost everyone is under the tight surveillance of the CCP, which includes all government levels from provincial, city, district, street, to village (or community) property management, police, and other agencies. 

Take the so-called villagers self-governance system as an example. It is essentially a comprehensive, multi-level network that controls everyone. The system includes everyone’s birth date, address, employer information, family members, and so on. Each apartment building has a building manager, while bungalows have a unit leader. Almost all these managers or leaders are those who willingly follow the CCP for some easy money. Claiming to be “serving the people,” the regime uses such a comprehensive system to control people with surveillance and punishment. 

Vaccination seems to have become the CCP’s top priority at present. There are posters and other types of propaganda on vaccination everywhere. When people run into each other, it used to be that they'd ask, “How are you?” or, “Have you eaten already?” Now they often ask, “Are you vaccinated?”

Many employers bar their employees from reporting to work without vaccination. Unvaccinated people face other hurdles too, being banned from returning to their apartment complex, going to school, or even seeking medical care in the hospital. One can’t help but wonder, is this how the CCP “serves the people?” The CCP claims that the vaccination is voluntary, but it uses its omnipresent control system to enforce vaccination.

In fact, most newly infected people during the recent outbreak in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, had been vaccinated. But the CCP ignored the breakthrough cases and continued to push the vaccines. Officials harassed people door-to-door and prevented those unvaccinated from going out. This is the CCP-style of “serving the people.”

The Reality Behind the Vaccine

The CCP knows that the vaccine cannot prevent infection, but it enforces it anyway as a way to control people and treat ordinary citizens as guinea pigs. 

Pitting one group of people against another is a tactic the CCP has been using since it took power decades ago. On the issue of the vaccine, the CCP instigated the vaccinated to attack those who are unvaccinated. When all kinds of side effects appeared, some of the vaccinated stopped discriminating against those unvaccinated, but some vaccinated still followed the CCP to accuse the unvaccinated of being selfish and not caring about public health. 

Ever Changing Lies

In the beginning, the Chinese regime mobilized all media to exaggerate the numbers of infection cases in other countries and to invalidate the efficacy of vaccines developed by other countries. At the same time, it boasted that its own vaccines were superior around the world. After side effects of Chinese vaccines were observed across regions, the CCP censored the information with brutality and lies. When more and more breakthrough cases emerged in the vaccinated population, the CCP’s narrative became “vaccination will reduce severity of infection.” After more and more severe breakthrough cases occurred, the narrative changed to “vaccination will reduce deaths.”

Following the rise of cases in Nanjing, officials bluntly stepped up vaccination in the region even further. 

After being vaccinated, many people have experienced a lack of clarity in thinking and irritability. There are also all sorts of physical problems ranging from arm pain, headache, red rash, to death. But the CCP news media will not report them. Instead, they mobilized communities, schools, and employers to contain the information, threatening and punishing people to prevent any information leaks. 


Based on the CCP’s history, it is fair to say that the CCP is a demon. Despite all kinds of narratives for its own survival and for controlling people, what it does is lead people to a path of no return. 

The ongoing pandemic is also an opportunity for people, both inside and outside of China, to reconsider our relationship with the CCP. There is currently a policy in China’s justice system that states that judicial officials are responsible for all the cases they handled during the past 20 years. This, however, is just a means for the CCP to purge those it no longer deems useful. During numerous political campaigns including the Cultural Revolution, the CCP has always punished some officials as scapegoats to ease the public anger. At the same time, it would whitewash the Party showing its “innocence,” earning trust from ordinary citizens for being the “righteous” to defend the people’s interests. 

The persecution of Falun Gong has lasted 22 years and Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested, tortured, or killed for their organs simply because of their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Unfortunately, the suppression has reached a new level as we have seen in the latest “Zero-out” campaign aimed to force every practitioner on the government’s blacklist to renounce their faith. Meanwhile, the experiences the CCP has accumulated over the course of the persecution of Falun Gong have also been applied to controlling the people and covering up information in the pandemic. In the midst of this chaos and drama, I hope that more people awaken to reality, reject the CCP, and find a path towards a better tomorrow with freedom and safety in the absence of the CCP. 

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