(Minghui.org) Some time ago when I went to deliver Dafa materials to other practitioners, the police followed and arrested me. I didn't think about anything at the time; I just kept sending forth righteous thoughts and denying the old forces' persecution.

On the way to the police department, I kept clarifying the truth to the officers next to me. I mentioned the words in the Communist Manifesto: “A ghost is haunting Europe—the ghost of Communism.”

I said, “This is that possession.” An officer took out his mobile phone and checked it online right away.

Later, I talked about why it was necessary to quit the Chinese Communist Party and how to do it and that many people were blessed afterwards. I went on to talk about the people who have suffered due retribution for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. I gave many examples, and I could tell they were listening.

At the police department, they left me in a room with one officer to guard me. I calmed down and had no fear. I begged Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) in my heart: “Master, please save me. I will never submit to the old forces' arrangements. I must go home today. This is not where I should be.”

A few hours later, they came back. The officer in charge said to me, “I will let you go home today. Didn't you expect that?”

I reflected on this for a while. When it comes to saving people, we must have a pure heart, no distractions, no selfishness, and be single-minded in our goal. We also must have one hundred percent faith in Master and the Fa and no resentment.

Just then, the officer in charge asked me, “Why is there so much kindness in your eyes?”

I could not answer him at that time. After returning home, it took me several days to find the answer.

All I was thinking about was helping people—I had no other thoughts—that was why the officer only saw kindness in my eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so he felt the kindness of a Dafa disciple.

A few days later, they notified me to go to the police department when I had time. I went there the next day.

They said, “Anyone under 70 needs to have a physical exam and then be detained for 15 days.” But when my blood pressure was measured three times, each reading was higher than normal.

Two young officers became impatient and took me to the detention center. Once there, I thought to myself, “I will give everything to Master, and Master will have the final say.”

I let go of my worry and had the following thought, “No matter where I go, I can save people.” They took my blood pressure again, but it was still too high.

They measured it two more times until the captain finally said, “This blood pressure is much too high; we can't accept you.”

He asked why I was there. Hearing that it was because I practiced Falun Dafa, he said, “We can't bear the responsibility—we will absolutely not accept you.”

Just like that, I returned home.

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