(Minghui.org) This is the story of an ordinary person in her 30s. She looks average but she (hereafter referred to as Ping) is truly extraordinary.

In July 2019, the local government started to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. While more than 30 people were studying the Falun Dafa teachings together, they were arrested and taken to the local police station, then to a detention center. Ping’s boss and his boss's wife were among them.

Over the next few days, police cars arrived to ransack the food factory run by Ping's boss. It was a frightening situation.

Before the police left, an officer said to Ping, “Your boss has been arrested. What are you doing here? Find something of worth and sell it, take the money, and go home.”

Ping replied, “You don't need to worry about me; I know what to do.” The officer left feeling snubbed.

Ping took it upon herself to run the factory. She got up at 4 a.m. every day and started packing food, then delivered the goods to the market. After she returned, she helped manage the factory.

The Boss’s Story

As she worked, she told the other employee their boss's story: “I started working at the factory when I was 18. The boss often fought with his wife. He also had affairs with several women and didn’t stint when it came to eating out and entertainment. He only returned home when he ran out of money. After he got more money, he would leave again.

“After their last fight, the boss's wife threw out his belongings and drove him out of the house. I didn't see him after that, and his wife didn't know what to do.

“Half a month later, the boss came back, as if reborn, with a smile on his face and a kind attitude. His wife couldn't believe what she saw in front of her. He told her that, after she drove him out, he went to a relative's home, and his relatives practiced Falun Dafa.

“He learned that practicing Falun Dafa made bad people better, so he started to study Zhuan Falun with them. The book teaches people to be good according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

“He said that he now knew how to be a good person. He thoroughly repented his past misdeeds, and after observing for a while, the boss's wife realized the ‘bad boy’ had truly become a good person. So, she also started to learn Falun Dafa. Since then, they have gotten along well and are not at 'war' anymore.

“They had his elderly parents move in with them, and when they were sick, the boss's wife took them to a hospital. His parents praised their daughter-in-law for caring for them with such devotion.

“The boss told his employees that the food our factory produces must never be adulterated and must be of high quality, so the factory's economic returns were particularly good.”

Lastly, Ping said, “There is a saying ‘A peer is an enemy,’ but the boss helped whoever had difficulties and got along well with other competing factories.”

Keeping the Factory Running

The factory needs to renew certain certificates every year, and the legal representative of the factory must do it in person. However, the boss was illegally detained and so Ping decided to help.

When she went to apply for a hygiene permit, she explained to the agency supervisor: “Our boss was arrested for practicing Falun Dafa, and he can't be here. I work in the factory. Can I apply? I will meet your requirements. Wherever we fall short, we will improve until we are qualified.”

The supervisor asked in surprise, “Your boss is not there? Why are you doing this?”

Ping said, “Because he and his wife are good people. They treat their workers kindly and never make adulterated food. The factory uses only the best raw materials, which makes people feel confident when they buy our food.

“I think good people will be rewarded. His parents and children have bills to pay every month, so I am helping him until he comes back.”

The supervisor said sympathetically, “I will make an exception for you. You should do a good job of maintaining hygiene when you go back to work. You are the first food factory that does not need to be inspected. I trust you.”

Back at work, Ping and the other employees cleaned up the factory regularly and thoroughly. Although Ping was very busy at the factory, she still had to find time to go to the detention center to deposit money for the boss and his wife.

She went once every few days since there was a limit to how much could be deposited for a detainee at any one time. She also went to let the couple know there were people who cared about them.

When she went to deposit money the first time, the detention center officers asked her, “Whose relative are you?”

Ping said, “I’m not related to either of them. I'm just one of their employees.”

The officer was a little surprised, thinking that Ping had a kind of “special” relationship with the boss. After Ping showed up time and time again, the officer was finally disabused of that notion, and they then treated her with admiration. Eventually, they didn't even ask her to show her ID or sign her name and let her go in to deposit money.

Securing Legal Representation

Ping later hired a lawyer for the boss and his wife. When he met with Ping for the first time, the lawyer was surprised. He said, “It’s my first experience where an employee hires a lawyer for her boss to file a lawsuit. I'll do my best to save every penny I can because you are not in this for yourself. I will tell your story to my colleagues and speak up for what is right!”

The lawyer's defense in court was well-founded; he said that there was no law in China that made practicing Falun Dafa illegal, which shocked all the lawyers, police officers, judges, and others present.

The judge said to the lawyer in private, “You can say whatever you want. The verdict has already been decided. The law doesn't apply to Falun Dafa in China.”

Later, both the boss and his wife were sent to prison. Unfortunately, the boss's brother couldn't bear the pressure and shock and hung himself. Their tearful, elderly parents were taken to a nursing home, and now Ping manages the food factory and the boss's home.

Tending to Two Families

She remembered the elderly parents’ birthdays, and if she didn't have time to participate, she would notify the boss's children. She said, “This will give some comfort to the elderly!”

Ping has her own happy family, and after the boss was persecuted, her husband did not want her to continue working in the factory because of the political pressure. But Ping told him, “If I don't help them, their family will be finished. Heaven sees what a person does. I believe our family will also be blessed!”

Her son goes to school, and although he cannot see his mother every day, he is well-behaved. Her husband is considerate of her as well. Ping tries to make time to cook dumplings for her family and take her son to buy clothes.

Recalling the Power of Dafa

Due to being overworked, the vision in one of Ping's eyes started to deteriorate. Later on, the eye started to shrink.

The boss’s daughter was worried about her and said, “I’ll accompany you to a hospital. You can’t deteriorate. If you do, our family will be finished. Even if we have to close the factory, we must get you treated first.” She then took Ping to a hospital.

The test results showed that she had an eye disease that is difficult to cure and can only be stabilized with long-term medication. It is caused by a lack of nutrition and overwork.

Because there were many customers demanding goods, Ping returned from the hospital without a day off and went to work immediately.

She recalled that the boss’s wife's sickness was cured by practicing Falun Dafa, and thought, “I don't know how to practice, but I can recite the phrases.”

She sincerely recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day when she had time, and it didn’t take long for her eye to recover.

It was amazing! She very much agrees with the supernormal principles of Dafa.

On the surface, Ping is plain and straightforward, but what she has done is so unusual that it affects everyone around her. Whenever someone asks her why she does what she does, she says plainly, “Because they are good people. After the boss learned Dafa, he changed from a bad person into a good one.

“A family heading for disaster was restored. I saw how much they changed, which influenced me and allowed me to distinguish between good and evil and to understand what makes a person a person and how to be a good person.

“I am going to visit the couple in the prison, and I will not shed a tear when I see them. I want to bring them a smile, sunshine, and positive energy, because dark clouds can never cover the sun! I will wait until the day they return!”

Although Ping doesn't practice Dafa, she was influenced by Dafa disciples (her boss and his wife) and is able to do so well. It's really amazing!

At the same time, her deeds have an influence on everyone around her!

Thank you, Master! Thank you, Dafa!

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