(Minghui.org) I was recently reading an article on the Minghui website when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and saw two police officers standing in front of me. I knew they were here for the so-called “Zero-out Campaign.”

The older officer said that they were from the police station and showed me his badge. I looked at it and replied, “It's not appropriate for me to be in my pajamas. Please wait there while I get changed.”

I closed the door and turned around to shut down my computer. I then went to the bedroom to change, closed the doors to all the other rooms, and invited them in, saying, “Please don't wander around.”

The older officer said they wouldn't. I asked them to sit down and said, “My husband called me this morning and said that you came in two police vehicles to meet him because I practice Falun Gong [also known as Falun Dafa].”

He acknowledged that they’d gone to see my husband earlier, so I said, “Let me ask you if you think is it right to be truthful, not tell lies, and not deceive people?”

He agreed, so I asked, “Is it right to be good and kind rather than bad?”

Again, he agreed.

“When in an interpersonal conflict occurs, instead of blaming someone else, I first bear with it to find out what I did wrong. If something is my fault, then I correct it immediately. Is that the right thing to do?” Again, he agreed.

“Then doesn't it mean that those who oppose someone behaving according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are bad?”

They didn't say anything. Then, after a pause, the older officer asked, “Does your husband support you practicing Falun Gong?”

I said that he did. “My husband and other family members are very supportive, and they are very happy for me! For these many years, there hasn't been a need for me to see a doctor or take medicine. I am very healthy and don't need to buy medical insurance. Practicing Falun Gong allows me to behave according to the principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' that Dafa's Master Li requires of us. I treat my family well and we live in harmony.”

The officer asked, “Don’t you have some kind of picture or your Master's portrait?”

“I started practicing Falun Dafa late,” I replied. “You already have many of them at your station, so you should give one to me.”

He didn't respond to that but asked where I usually did the exercises. “Right here,” I said. “I don’t need a lot of space.”

He then asked me to give him a demonstration, so I stood up and did the third exercise “Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes” and then the fourth exercise “Falun Cosmic Orbit.”

“Ah, that's how you do it!” he exclaimed. “What books are you reading?”

When I told him I was reading Zhuan Falun, he asked to see it. I thought, Zhuan Falun is a book for saving lives and it carries powerful energy, so I should let him read it. “It's okay for you to read it here but don't take it away.” He agreed.

The book was in another room and I told him not to follow me, but when I opened the door, he followed me over. He stood in the doorway and could see Master's portrait hanging on the wall, but he didn't say anything.

When I showed him Zhuan Falun, the younger officer quickly took a picture of the book with his cell phone. The older one opened the book, took a picture of the table of contents with his cell phone, and said, “There's nothing wrong with what it says in this book!”

It looked like he'd learned some truth about Dafa from other practitioners, so I said, “If you read this book in its entirety, you will find answers to many of life's questions.”

He asked if I had memorized it, to which I replied, “I have memorized 'On Dafa,' the preface of the book.” He asked me to recite it. When I did, he exclaimed, “Ah, you really can!”

I told them, “Falun Gong is honorable and righteous. Whoever opposes the Buddha Fa will meet with retribution. Countless incidents have shown this to be true.”

As they stood up to leave, the older one said, “If Falun Gong is good, just practice it at home yourself. Don't let others know!”

He obviously had some level of understanding of Falun Gong. Before they left I said, “Please don't pester me and my family again over this matter!”

Since then, no one has come to harass us as part of the so-called “Zero-out Campaign.”

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