(Minghui.org) On the morning of July 1, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 100th anniversary, my non-practitioner husband reminded me it was that date. I told him I would send righteous thoughts. I sat in the lotus position and put my hands in Jieyin to first cleanse myself. After that I erected my hand to completely disintegrate the communist specter in other dimensions for three hours. At around 11:00 a.m., my husband went to pick up our two grandsons for lunch from elementary school without bothering me.

The Righteous Thoughts of Our Grandchildren

My husband told me after picking up the kids: “Our oldest grandson is really good! He taught his younger brother how to respond to the CCP's propaganda. He said: 'If they ask you to take an oath, you can say the opposite.' At lunch, our older grandson told me what he said: 'When they wanted us to say that the Communist Party is good, I just said it is not good. When they wanted us to say that we love the Communist Party, I just said I don't love it. When they wanted me to say I am willing to join the Communist Young Pioneers, I said I don't want to, and so on.' I asked our younger grandson: 'Did you say the same thing in reverse like your brother?' He said with his eyes wide open: 'Yes.'” 

What our grandsons talked about happened on July 1, the CCP's 100th anniversary, when all the students were required to gather together to take a group oath. 

After that, the older grandson told me: "Grandma, I had a dream. I dreamed of Master, and Master said he would select people the following week." I asked my grandson what kind of clothes Master wore in the dream. He told me the clothes were just like what Master wears in the picture in our house. He told me he had the dream about a week ago. I thought that Master enlightened him in the dream. I told him, “You did the right thing today, and you are definitely among the selected people in the new universe who can be saved.”

The kids were very happy upon hearing what I told them.

In the past, I only focused on the three things that I should do, and didn't think much about clarifying the truth to our grandkids. But after Fa Teaching at Epoch Media Group Fa Conference was published, I asked my elder grandson to read it to me. And then I told him to be a good person because bad people would be eliminated.

Through this incident, I also became more aware of how important it is to send forth righteous thoughts. I started sending righteous thoughts at eight a.m. It was the time when the CCP started its celebration and poisoning people. I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for three hours. Therefore, our grandchildren had righteous thoughts with the blessing and protection of Master. 

The CCP's Songs Were No Longer Sung Near My Home

There are several kindergartens near my community and a middle school across the street. I often heard the students singing the CCP's red songs that poison sentient beings. At times, I could see some effects after I sent forth righteous thoughts, but sometimes there was no obvious effect. However, after I sent righteous thoughts for three hours, the effect was obvious because they haven’t sung those CCP songs since then. Occasionally, I heard some music coming out of the restaurant. But it was a birthday song, not the CCP's songs. 

Thoughts and Conclusion

I recently read some reports on the Minghui website that the persecution of Dafa disciples has been rampant in some areas. To this, I would say: Even if you call the CCP a paper tiger, it's a compliment for the CCP. The CCP is, in fact, a rotten stinking corpse, a tattered and broken machine. When Dafa disciples were harassed or persecuted, as long as they had strong righteous thoughts and treated sentient beings with compassion, they could disintegrate the evil beings in other dimensions and save the deceived sentient beings.

Some practitioners were deluded by their so-called “sickness karma,” and some of them lost their lives. Some practitioners suffered from family tribulations, and some from financial troubles. Some practitioners were attached to video games and other addictions. Such issues kept them from cultivating diligently, and to a great extent, weakened the power of Dafa disciples as a whole. 

In my opinion, there were two reasons for the undesirable results: one was that the practitioners were not paying attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, and the other was that the practitioners were not cultivating solidly. I recommend that we increase our effort and send forth righteous thoughts for a longer time. 

While disintegrating external evil beings, we also need to clean up our own fields. We should look inward and expose our attachments and human notions, so they can no longer hide there and hinder us from moving forward. When we cultivate more diligently and solidly, and at the same time, send forth righteous thoughts more, our cultivation environment will improve, and we can save more sentient beings.

[Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s current understanding meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation” in Hong Yin)]

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