(Minghui.org) Who can be considered Falun Dafa disciples and who cannot? It is clear from the Fa teachings that it is not that anyone who has read Falun Dafa books and/or attended Falun Dafa lectures is qualified to be called a Dafa disciple.

Dafa’s door is open to anyone who wants to come and learn the practice. Whether or not one can really understand the teachings is up to the learner’s foundation.

Anything bad that happens during the process of learning Falun Dafa is exactly what needs to be removed in order to become a genuine Dafa disciple.

Whether or not a person is a true Dafa disciple depends on whether what they say and do is in line with Dafa teachings and whether they are doing what Dafa disciples are supposed to do, i.e., helping sentient beings understand the truth and be saved, especially in the face of conflicts and challenges.

There are people who strongly agree or disagree, even over minor things. They are obsessed with their own opinions. Such irrationality is a manifestation of human notions and strong attachments. Aren’t cultivators supposed to remove their strong attachments? How can those who fail to cultivate themselves and their followers be called cultivators?

No matter how long or short the cultivation process is going to take, it is a process to forge Dafa disciples and lead true cultivators to reach consummation. Who can reach consummation? It depends on whether one can truly cultivate in the Fa. Cultivation is like sifting sand, and what remains is true gold. Those who are truly cultivating are all studying the Fa and diligently looking within from the perspective of the Fa so as to keep removing their attachments.

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