(Minghui.org) “Master came down from the stage and walked towards the first row. He asked us to close our eyes, shout one, two, three, and stomp our right feet. I noted a black mass disappeared right in front of me. From that day on, I felt very light, as though my body was no longer there.” Ms. Li Fan, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Australia, fondly recollected attending a lecture series given by Falun Dafa’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, which she attended 27 years ago.

Falun Dafa practitioners held a car tour and rally at downtown Bendigo City on April 10, 2021. This photo was taken at the rally, where Ms. Li Fan (first from right on the front row) participated in the exercise demonstration with other practitioners.

From August 5-12, 1994, Mr. Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa's founder) held an eight-day lecture and exercise class at the Ice Hockey Hall which is located in the Harbin Eight Districts Sports Center. 

Ms. Li Fan said, “I feel so lucky to have attended the lectures and been taught the exercises by Master in person. I feel so honored. Not only did Master purify our souls, he also purified our bodies. This was the most happy and precious experience of my life.”

She said that time cannot erase this memory, “This precious memory encourages me to remain determined and persisted in my faith when facing the brutal persecution: going to Tiananmen Square to seek justice for Dafa and Master at the initial stage of the persecution, producing large amounts of truth-clarifying materials at my home, or facing tribulations.”

Ms. Li said she actually started practicing before she attended the class. She said, “I finished reading Zhuan Falun in one go, and I knew that Falun Dafa was what I had always been looking for. Master is great and this practice is really divine.”

After she attended the lecture series in Harbin, she rode her bicycle to a park to do the exercises every morning. There was no bus service from her house so early in the morning, she could only ride her bicycle there. Although the trip took about one hour, she said, “I did not feel tired at all. It felt like someone was pushing me as I rode the bicycle.”

When she heard that Master would hold the class in Harbin Ciry, she immediately signed up for it.

“This was really a dream come true! I got there early, sat down and waited for Master to arrive. Suddenly, thunderous applause sounded through the sports hall and everyone respectfully stood up to welcome Master. I saw Master walk towards the podium and the applause lasted for several minutes.”

“I sat in the 8th row so I was relatively close to Master. Harbin’s weather is quite hot in August. I remember that Master wore a white shirt and I noted that he was quite tall. Master’s harmonious and benevolent look filled us all with awe. My inner heart was very excited and I felt very fortunate. As Master started his lecture, my tears also started to fall uncontrollably.” 

Ms. Li said that at that time she did not understand why she wept, “I do not cry easily. Later, I learned that this is a reaction that resulted from the practice.”

Master Li did not read from notes for his lectures. He just used the simplest language to teach the high level Fa. This deeply surprised and attracted people to the practice. 

She said, “Even though I wept, I quietly listened. As Master talked about the vast and deep Falun Dafa, every sentence seemed to nourish my soul.”

“Master Li said that he was going to purify our bodies. He asked us to relax our entire body and think about our illnesses. If someone did not have any illness, then he could think about an illness of his family member. Master Li said he would help remove the illnesses. 

“As there were about 5000 people in the hall, Master Li asked us to stand up in groups. Then, he came down from the podium and walked towards the front. He asked us to close our eyes, shout one, two, three, and stomp our right feet, followed by our left feet. We stomped with force and I noted a black mass suddenly disappeared right before my eyes. Ever since that day, I feel so light as I walk.”

She also saw extraordinary scenes. She said, “When Master Li was turning the Falun, ribbons in seven colors in another dimension brought the students on site to mid air. When he talked about the celestial eye, a television appeared before my eyes and the whole hall was full of small television screens.”

She said that right after she attended the class, she personally experienced some of the extraordinary phenomenon that Master mentioned in his lectures. She said, “I saw Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy behind me when I rode my bicycle to the park to practice the exercises. After that, I started to have some supernatural capabilities that lasted for a short period of time, such as foreseeing what was going to happen.”

After Master finished his lecture for the day, the practitioners whom Master brought with him taught us the exercises. As the attendees learned the exercises, Master Li walked around the hall to see how we were doing. She said, “Master is such an amiable and approachable person. Master’s tall and upright demeanor and benevolent smile were engraved in my mind. The attendees came from all around China. Under Master Li’s benevolent, peaceful but strong energy field, everyone was polite. The ambiance was so pure and good.”

Finally, she said, “Attending the class in person was really the most amazing experience of my life! Master Li told us that it is not easy to obtain the Fa so we must cultivate through tempering our minds and bodies. He encouraged us to strive forward diligently on our cultivation path just like a lion. 

“I still remember these words from Master Li and they became the great driving force on my path of cultivation. This was especially so when protesting the persecution. Dafa guides me and fellow practitioners on our cultivation path, overcoming all sorts of tribulations to this day. We must try our best to do well with what we need to do.”

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