(Minghui.org) My son’s teacher recently told him that he needed to get the coronavirus vaccination. My child told his teacher that because his body has a negative reaction after being vaccinated, he avoids them. The teacher said it was fine if he did not get the vaccine.

Two days later, the teacher told all the students who were not able to get vaccinated to report to the school, which had just been designated a vaccination site. Doctors would give them a physical examination and decide if the student should or should not take the shot. After discussing it with my son, we decided not to go to school.

The teacher phoned after 6 p.m that evening and asked why my son did not report to school and be examined. I said, “My child is healthy, however he cannot take the vaccine. When he was in kindergarten, all the kids in the county had to take a measles vaccine. He did not take it then and he will not take the injection now. No medical system can determine whether the vaccine is safe for my child. So many kids developed severe illnesses after taking the vaccine. I cannot let my child take the risk.”

The teacher said, “No matter what, you should have your child come to school and be examined by the doctor.”

I replied, “No doctor can guarantee my child will be fine after taking the vaccine, nor will he bear the responsibility if anything happens. It is meaningless for me to voice my concerns to the doctor, and furthermore it will have a bad effect if something undesirable happens. My child is healthy and checkups will not show anything, so I’ve decided not to let the doctor review my child’s condition.”

The teacher said in a slightly forceful tone, “This might affect your child going to school!” I thought, “But it’s the summer holidays.”

I said, “We were tested and my child does not have the virus. This is unreasonable. I’ve read the local government’s notice on vaccinations and they are not mandatory.”

The teacher replied, “You are making things difficult for me!”

I said, “This matter has nothing to do with you. You are simply acting on your superiors’ orders. I hope you don’t discuss this with my child. The school principal, education department, or discipline inspection committee can contact me if they have any concerns.”

The teacher hung up after getting my contact details.

Taking the Righteous Path

I reflected on my cultivation after hanging up the phone. All these years, I was afraid to express my thoughts honestly to my child’s teacher, and consequently, my son was forced to become a member of the CCP. This time however, I realized how serious cultivation is. I decided to handle the matter with righteous thoughts, and as a result my wisdom was strengthened.

My husband then told me that another teacher from the school called him to ask why my son did not get vaccinated. Although my husband is not a practitioner, he supports our child in not taking the vaccine. After giving the teacher a bunch of reasons, he agreed to let our son report to school the following afternoon. I calmed down and pondered the situation. I told my husband, “Even though you have given your word, it was without my consent, thus it is all right if our son does not show up.”

He suggested that we let our son go to school and explain things to the teacher. I said, “If it’s about his studies, it’s fine. But being vaccinated has nothing to do with the teacher and there is no need to explain it to her. Let me handle it if the school rings you. You don’t have to take care this matter!”

It turned out that we made the right decision not to let our son go to school. We later learned from those who went that no one was exempted and all were forced to take the injection.

From years of practicing cultivation, I felt that if our child went to the vaccination site, we would be submitting to the evil. Therefore I made a firm decision not to go and did not fall into the CCP’s trap.

But we still have to face the consequences of our choice. The teacher sent a message to my husband to inform him that the student affairs office forbade my son from attending school because he did not take the vaccine. She also gave us the phone number of the teacher in the student affairs office. I rung the person without hesitation and had the following the conversation.

I said, “I am so and so’s parent. His teacher told me because my son did not get vaccinated, he was not allowed to attend school. I want to find out who made this decision. If this is true, I want to see the relevant documents and procedures. I want an explanation.”

The student affairs office staff said, “We were told over the phone by the city’s education department.”

I replied, “Phone notifications are not legal. Just tell me who said unvaccinated students cannot go to school. I want to speak to them. I will call the national health commission to inquire.”

The person replied, “Everyone is taking the vaccine currently…”

I said, “If I am not vaccinated and I go to your house, you have the right to turn me away, and this is an individual action. The school is a government department, how can you do such a thing? I am very upset because you forbid my child from going to school. (In fact I was very calm). I want to talk to the person who stopped my son from attending school. I want an explanation. You have to tell me who this person is. The country did not say vaccinations are mandatory. Who refuses to let my son go to school? This is a personal action, and it is an abuse of power. This is a society ruled by law, I want to find who made this decision!”

The person said, “I understand how you feel. I don’t have the authority to stop your child from attending school. I am just notifying you.”

I said, “I want to make my position clear. First of all, my son must attend school. Second, he cannot take the vaccine. Third, tell me who made the decision and I want an explanation!”

The person said, “We cannot force people to take the vaccine like the farmers treat pigs in the village. If you don’t want your child to take the injection, then so be it. Since school has not started yet, wait until the holidays are over then see what the policy is!”

I said, “That is fine then. I hope you can understand why I feel agitated. Let’s leave it at this.”

I was a completely different person after putting down the phone. Everything seemed empty. What happened in the past, what just happened and what will happen in future about vaccinations, these things seemed to disappear. My heart felt serene as if nothing happened. I knew I had let go of everything and handle the incident in an upright, dignified manner. My child smiled.

I played back the entire process and it occurred to me that I had been firm on one thought: I won’t let my child be vaccinated. What’s left is how I communicated my thoughts with non practitioners and the words just came to mind in a steady stream.

A passage in Master’s teachings came to mind,

“And why do I say that? Aren’t Dafa students supposed to cultivate while conforming maximally to the way of ordinary people? Then consider that the wicked CCP is claiming that it is “great, glorious, and correct” and telling the world that it respects the rule of law. Well, then I would hire a lawyer and see. Every word that some of the attorneys who have defended Falun Gong and Dafa disciples have said in their arguments has made good sense, and that has had a great impact.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of Minghui’s Founding,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

I understood that in dealing with the matter of vaccinations, we are using principles in the human world and the law to eliminate the elements of the evil Party in ordinary people’s thoughts. Human rights are bestowed by the heavens. As practitioners, we should enjoy any right given in human society instead of twisting the logic of normal people simply because of the evil Party’s persecution. Otherwise how are we going to assist Master in Fa rectification. I am grateful to Master for his blessings and the encouragement from other practitioners. These have enabled me to be determined in my righteous thoughts.

The above are my understandings on vaccinations. As everyone’s cultivation path is different, please handle your circumstances rationally and use the Fa as guidance.

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