(Minghui.org) I developed round red welts on my skin last June. It was a condition called Urticaria. The itch was unbearable. My scratching only caused more problems and irritation.

The skin condition worsened when I was exposed to sunlight and used hot or cold water. Wind, air conditioning, and some foods, such as eggs and seafood, all exacerbated the welts.

A dermatologist offered no cure. I took prednisone to control the symptoms despite the toxic effect of this medication on the kidneys and liver.

A doctor told me: “Your illness has no quick cure and could be life-long. Do not expect it to go away in a month or two. This is a difficult chronic condition to treat. Some people take medication for one or two years, while others stay on medication for their whole life.”

What was I to do? I am not physically strong to begin with and taking prednisone long-term could destroy my health, so I did not think that was an option.

I did not understand the cause of my condition. I could not sleep and then felt groggy all day long. I had trouble functioning at work.

My xinxing was not good. I was not doing the exercises and my mind wandered when I studied the Fa. I knew “Falun Dafa is good” and that I must practice Falun Dafa. I was hoping Master Li could help me with this tribulation. The thought of pursuit emerged.

I was not studying the Fa and doing the exercises on a regular basis. The fear of embarrassing myself stopped me from sharing my problem with other practitioners. The situation dragged on. When I could not endure the discomfort, I would see a doctor and take medication. Looking at my welt-covered body, I felt helpless.

Yet Master did not give up on me. In August, before a doctor appointment, I knelt on the floor, put my hands together in prayer pose and said to Master’s portrait, “Master, please save me! I am not doing well. I did not do the three things well. However, I cannot abandon Dafa, I want to cultivate, Master please give me another chance!”

An amazing thing happened! I had no sign of a rash that morning. Riding my bicycle under the sun at midday I also had no sign of a rash. The Urticaria I had suffered from appeared to be gone for good.

As I wrote this sharing I had to hold back tears. I am grateful to Master for helping me resolve my obstacle. Cultivation is a serious matter. I must use this precious time to cultivate, and keep my faith in Master and Dafa.

I hope my experience can be a reminder to practitioners who are also slacking off in cultivation. When we encounter tribulations, we must have faith in Master and the Fa and keep up with doing the three things. Do not shy away from self-reflection as well as talking to other practitioners, as they are opportunities for improvement.

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