(Minghui.org) The practitioners in China have been cultivating in hardship since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Every practitioner is facing huge pressure, and everyone feels fear to varying degrees.

My fear became weaker and weaker as I improved in cultivation over the past 22 years. I now feel exaltation and behave more like a dignified Dafa disciple.

My heart pounded with fear when the police made trouble for me at the beginning of the persecution. Officers from our local police station once came to ask if I was the one who'd put up posters about Falun Gong in the market. In the face of their arrogance, my fear diminished and was replaced by a strong sense of power, so I asked them instead, “Why didn’t you catch me at the time? Was that not dereliction of duty?”

The director of the police station shouted at me, “It is not too late to catch you.”

I didn’t back down. “You are breaking the law as a person who knows the law. That calls for extra punishment,” I told them. “I will sue you. I will sue you even if it has to go to the United Nations.” The officers became disheartened and didn’t know what to say.

While detained in a forced labor camp and seeing former practitioners who had developed a crooked understanding of Dafa surrounding and criticizing real Dafa disciples, I asked Master to reinforce my supernormal abilities and righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind those people. Minutes later, they became listless.

A few of those people with a crooked understanding used to ask me, “Why are you so difficult to deal with?”

I answered with dignity, “I fear nothing, even if my head is chopped off. Since I arrived here, I gave up on the thought of ever going back home.” From then on, whenever I encountered them, they were the ones who were afraid.

After I was released, I set up an information material production site in my home with the help of other practitioners. Having a computer and printer at home brought the substance of fear heavily on me again. I was afraid of being persecuted again. Through intensive Fa-study, I got rid of the fear. I realized that when we let go of the fear of death, we have no reason to fear persecution.

Ten years ago, the police arrested me and dozens of other practitioners in our area. In the police station, when an officer called on me to go upstairs, I was afraid and didn’t want to go. At that time, a young police officer said to me gently, “Don’t be afraid, you won't have a problem.” Those words directly touched my heart. Then, I walked upstairs with big steps.

The room was full of officers from the provincial public security division, the municipal and county police departments, and from the 610 Office. I answered all their questions with righteous thoughts. That evening, I safely walked out of the police station and returned home. I enlightened that the reassuring words from that officer was actually a hint from Master given through that officer’s mouth; Master had reinforced me with righteous thoughts.

During the campaign to sue former CCP leader Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution, the police came to harass me a few times. Every time, I was initially afraid but soon overcame the fear and got through the test with righteous thinking.

During the so-called “zero-out campaign” last year, I was also afraid in the beginning. Later, after reading a sharing article on the Minghui website, I eliminated the fear and was very much encouraged. The author of the article was in a detention center, and she asked Master to apply a shield on her Dafa books at home so that the authorities couldn’t see them.

When she was released and returned home, her husband told her that when the police officers searched their home, they saw nothing, even when their hands touched the book Zhuan Falun, and none of the other Dafa books and informational materials were confiscated.

Master and Dafa have boundless power. If we truly believe in Master and Dafa, we have nothing to fear.

The above is my shallow understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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