(Minghui.org) I am a young girl who is a Falun Dafa practitioner. I am very fortunate because my mother, my maternal grandfather, and my grandmother are all Falun Dafa practitioners. My father is not a practitioner, but he supports our cultivation. 

I am in fifth grade this year. During our mid-term examination, I scored 92 points on my English test. My teacher praised me and said that I’d improved dramatically.

I had scored an average of 70 points on my English tests previously and had been unable to keep up with the curriculum. I improved because I held myself to Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, got rid of my bad habits, and endured pain while I practiced the fifth meditation exercise by reciting Hong Yin. I was able to break through these barriers in my cultivation, and Master Li (the founder of Dafa) encouraged me and I then scored 92 points. 

My mother is very busy with work, so she does not have a lot of time to watch over our cultivation. When my aunt comes over, my sister, brother, and I are all very happy to be able to play, learn, and cultivate Dafa together. 

My aunt supervised us while we practiced the fifth meditation exercise and recited Hong Yin

My sister and brother can meditate for longer than I can. My brother, who just turned six, can meditate for more than 30 minutes. My legs started to hurt after just five minutes, but I persisted. 

Master taught us to not fight back when we’re beaten or sworn at, so I applied this principle regardless of whether I was at home or at school. I would not swear at people, bully anyone, or throw any temper tantrums. I also helped out at home with the household chores and completed my homework. I must be good and well-behaved both at home and at school. By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and having good habits, I will become a true young Dafa practitioner. 

When my aunt asked me if I had any shortcomings, I was too embarrassed to say anything. My little brother answered for me and said that I always bully my older sister.

My mother told me that my older sister used to be very playful and sometimes my father would hit her. One time my father hit her so hard that my sister suffered a head injury. Ever since then, my older sister has had to stay at home because it was hard for her to focus and concentrate at school. I envied my sister at times because her third eye is open and she can often see Master’s fashen (law body).

I help my mother at home by washing the dishes, folding the laundry and blankets, and cleaning my room and the bathroom. I do my best to keep everything very clean and tidy. My mother and her friends praised me at times but deep down inside, I felt things were very unfair: Why do I have to do so much when my older sister does nothing? That is why I always bullied my older sister. Sometimes my brother and I would even gang up on her. 

My aunt told me it’s not necessarily a bad thing to do a lot around the house because it can help you become independent. I must be compassionate to my older sister and not look down on her. Moreover, I should not bully her, throw temper tantrums, or swear at her. If I did, how could I then call myself a Dafa disciple? My brother and I all agreed to treat my sister better. 

My aunt also told us not to go on social media platforms, play games on cellphones or watch too much television. We were allowed to watch the TV animation series “Heavenly Kid” produced by the Minghui website. 

I wanted to do well in cultivation and asked my aunt to supervise me. I told her that I wanted to meditate for an hour one day. However, I cried for five minutes after sitting for 15 minutes. My aunt said that I could take my legs down if it was unbearable for me. I persisted with tears in my eyes and refused to take my legs down. Just then my mother came back from the supermarket and told me I could take my legs down, and it was only then that I decided to take them down. When I took my legs down, my little brother laughed at me and said, “Sister always cries when she meditates!”

I was done with my homework earlier than usual the next evening, so my older sister, my brother, and I went to look for our aunt. While there, we had our legs crossed while reciting poems from Hong Yin. I told my aunt, “I will meditate for 50 minutes with my brother.” My brother reminded me, “You cried the last time we meditated. Please don’t cry this time!” I said, “Okay.”

We crossed our legs and read 70 pages of Hong Yin, and when I looked at the clock, 45 minutes had already passed. I thought to myself that there were only five minutes left before I would successfully overcome this tribulation. I endured the pain until my face turned red. My aunt told me that there was one minute left, so I read one more page of Hong Yin, making it 71 pages with my aunt. I successfully broke through this barrier and everyone encouraged me by clapping. 

My aunt taught me some ways to improve my English since I was lacking in that subject. I was able to understand and remember what she taught me, and I improved a lot. 

I saw I'd scored 92 points when we got our English test results back today. I was really happy, and my mother told me that Master has unlocked my wisdom after seeing how I had raised my standards in cultivation. 

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