(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners in Vancouver held a cultivation experience sharing conference on June 27, 2021. Nineteen practitioners talked about their experiences in practicing Falun Dafa, eliminating attachments, and clarifying the truth to people. 

Eliminating Attachments after Resuming Cultivation

Liang Sheng is a young mother with three small children. She practiced Falun Dafa when she was in college, but later stopped because of her mother’s opposition and other reasons. 

Two years ago she decided to resume practicing. Surrounded by the joy and happiness of stepping back onto the path of cultivation, she did not expect that beginning in March last year, she would start experiencing difficulties with family, and at work.

She said, “It is no exaggeration to say that there was no good day. I spent every day improving my character. But it was also a precious tempering process that helped me truly understand what it means to cultivate.”

She said that a fellow practitioner told her about a job. Although the boss promised a basic salary, she felt it was good as she was told her job was to send emails and call the government. 

Even though the salary was not high, she did not care as she could contact Chinese people and clarify the truth to them. After she starting working, however, she found that she was the only employee. The boss asked her to do all the work in the store herself, including sorting out inventory, moving goods, painting, and cleaning. She felt miserable. 

One day the boss invited her to dinner. Of the ten people there, only two were women. Some of the men said some flirtatious words, which made her feel humiliated.

She later shared her experience with another practitioner, who gave her an article that described how a practitioner in China was humiliated in a detention center. That practitioner found her strong attachment to ego and self-esteem.

These fellow practitioners’ sharing inspired Liang. After looking inward, she felt that what the practitioner said made sense, and that she also had a strong attachment to ego and self-esteem.

Setting Right the Starting Point When Participating in a Project 

Liu Dalu is a young practitioner who has been around Falun Dafa since he was a child, but he only started to practice five years ago. He joined the Tian Guo Marching Band, and at first he had a pure wish to assist Master in saving sentient beings. 

Since he had a little music foundation he made rapid progress the first few months. But he gradually began to pursue improving his playing skills. In the process, several attachments arose, such as his competitive mentality, jealousy, and showing off. He wished to highlight himself.

Liu spent a lot of time looking for ways to improve his skills, and even hired a music teacher. However, he achieved the opposite result. Instead of improving, he became worse. After putting in a lot of effort and diligently practicing for more than a year, he did not make a breakthrough. He began thinking about giving up.

At this point, Liu thought about why he joined the band in the first place. He remembered that his original intention was to help Master save sentient beings. Only then did he realize that his problem was not with his playing, but having too many complicated thoughts and attachments.

All parades were canceled during the coronavirus pandemic. Liu’s attachment to improving his skills weakened. He found that even though he practiced less, he suddenly experienced a big breakthrough in his playing. Through this he realized that the starting point in a Fa-validation project directly determines the outcome and the effect it has in saving people.

Improving Character and Raising Awareness at Work

Although Sherry Miszkurka practiced with her mother when she was young, she slowly moved away from cultivation. It wasn’t until she was twenty-seven years old that she decided to start practicing Falun Dafa again.

She told her colleagues about Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to them. Several supervisors and dozens of her coworkers learned about Falun Dafa. However, two colleagues reacted negatively. Sherry continued to clarify the truth to them, eliminating their misunderstandings and negative views about Dafa.

Sherry said that although she clarified the truth to supervisors and colleagues in the workplace, she still felt fear and was nervous. She was worried that they would have a bad opinion of her which might even impact her job. 

She later realized that she lacked righteous thoughts. Her fear and attachment to self-protection gave the evil factors a loophole, which increased people’s misunderstandings and negative views of Dafa. Even though she felt nervous about clarifying the truth, Dafa gave her the strength to continue.

Talking About the Forced Organ Harvesting During Speech Contest

Fifteen-year-old Congcong has been around Falun Dafa since he was four years old. But since he had little time to read the Fa or think about cultivation, he acted like an ordinary teenager. He had to stay home during the pandemic so he spent more time reading the Fa and practicing the exercises. He felt an improvement in his cultivation. He became self-disciplined and began to pay attention to cultivating his speech and behavior.

In the past, he cared about whether he was popular. He did not play basketball well and was not good at socializing. But when he stopped obsessing about what other people thought of him and was completely immersed in the joy of playing, he found that his skills improved a lot.

Congcong was attached to playing violent video games. After he spent more time reading the teachings, he found that he had no interest in any video games. 

This spring his school organized a speech contest, and his mother suggested he talk about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) live organ harvesting. But when he submitted the first draft his teacher doubted that the organ harvesting was really taking place. 

He thought that in order for people to believe him, he must tell them the sources of the information and why these sources were trustworthy. However, the time limit for the speech was three to four minutes. If he added additional information, he would exceed the time limit and may not qualify for the finals.

He realized that the goal of this speech was not to enter the finals, but to clarify the truth and save people. If clarifying the truth meant he needed to lengthen his speech, so be it. 

As a result, his speech was the best in the class and he entered the team finals. After he qualified for the finals, he decided to maintain the original speech time. In front of more than one hundred students and several teachers, he explained what was happening in China.

After strengthening his Fa study and practicing the exercises, Congcong’s academic performance greatly improved. He has become the best student in the class. The associate principal wrote a short comment on his academic report card: “Outstanding accomplishment.”

The Vancouver Fa Conference ended at about 4:30 p.m. Many participants said that after listening to practitioners’ sincere sharing, they were deeply inspired to do better in their cultivation.

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