(Minghui.org) Qiugui, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Taiwan, was born in a tiny, remote village made up of only four households. As a child, she had the same dream over and over. “I often dreamed about flying high to wherever I wished. I didn’t walk to school in my dream—I flew with an unknown force. However, as I grew older, I flew lower and lower in my dream and felt as though someone were chasing me,” Quigui recounted. “I didn’t know why I had the same dream again and again, or why I flew lower and lower. I wondered if there were gods in the world.”

Illness Leads to Cultivation Practice

Qiugui married a simple and honest young car mechanic when she was 24. Her husband suffered serious gout, which made his joints painful and swollen. She was anxious to find a cure for him. “If I heard about a miracle herb, I would find it and get my husband to try it. But his gout just got worse and worse as time went by, despite all the Chinese and Western cures he tried.”

Qiugui sensed deeply the agony and fragility of life. “My mother-in-law was in poor health, too. Between our home and the hospital, I was very busy. I saw many people in wheelchairs and on IVs and I felt that life shouldn’t be like that.”

Her encounters with other people who were ill and dying, as well as the recurring dream from her childhood, inspired her to search for a key to all of the miseries in life. “I wanted to find out how I should walk my path of life. I learned about different religions, talked with an abbot for a long time, and chanted Buddhist scriptures for six years, but I felt that none of these things were what I was searching for.”

Decades went by. Her husband’s gout got worse, so Qiugui opened an office supply store to lessen her husband’s burden of supporting their family financially. Soon after her store opened, Falun Dafa practitioners came in to copy the teachings of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, and told Qiugui about the practice. They shared their experiences of cultivating themselves in Falun Dafa with her.

Qiugui’s husband was touched by their words. When Qiugui asked the practitioners if they thought it would help my husband’s gout, they suggested that he try practicing Falun Dafa. They invited Qiugui and her husband to a nine-day Falun Dafa workshop.

Qiugui and her husband didn’t fully understand cultivation, but its health effects were obvious. “My husband’s gout was gone after practicing for six months. He used to have two or three outbreaks every month but only had one outbreak two months after he started practicing. It was gone in another three months. It had been a stubborn ailment, no matter what treatments he had tried. We were so surprised that it was gone after he practiced Falun Dafa!”

Quigui's health also improved. She said, “Because of years of work, my hands hurt. I had to shake them a couple of times just to write one character. I had to go get a massage in the evening, which only eased the pain a little bit. After I learned the five Falun Dafa exercises, my pain went away.”

As Quigui and her husband continued to study the Fa, they felt as if they had enlightened from the darkness. They finally understood the root cause of illnesses and tribulations. Qiugui realized that her recurring dreams from her childhood were to inspire her to return to her true self. After searching for so many years, she felt that she had found what she had been looking for.

Family Blessed by Falun Dafa

Qiugui and her husband started to apply Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their daily lives and shared the benefits of Falun Dafa with their family members.

Qiugui (second from right) studies the teachings with her family.

“My three sons and three daughters-in-law all know that Falun Dafa is great,” Qiugui said. “They often say, ‘Thank you, Master!’ They often repeat, ‘Falun Dafa is great’ and have asked me to teach my grandchildren to read Dafa books. My grandchildren also help me with Dafa activities. My whole family has been healthy and stayed safe in dangerous situations.”

One of Qiugui’s sons and three of his friends were at Formosa Fun Coast in New Taipei on June 27, 2015, the day of the tragic water park fire. Qiugui recounted, “He had originally planned to stay until the end of the event, but around 8 p.m. he suddenly felt like there wasn’t much to do. He wanted to leave, but two of his friends didn’t. They discussed it again at 8:30, but one person still didn’t want to leave. My son dragged them out. A few minutes later, the fatal dust fire started, killing 15 and leaving 199 in critical condition. My son told me that the place where they had been standing in the park was exactly where most of the casualties occurred, and his friends were terrified after hearing the news. My son kept saying, ‘Thank you, Master!’ We all know that Master saved him and his friends.”

Another of Qiugui’s sons had a serious ear infection with a fever and inflammation. The doctor told him that it had developed into cellulitis and would require surgery if it got any worse. Qiugui said, “I asked him if he would like to listen to the recordings of Master’s lectures. He agreed. After listening for two hours, his fever was gone and he was able to eat something.”

Qiugui’s oldest brother used to be a die-hard gambler. He had a terrible relationship with his wife. Qiugui told her brother, “You would know how great Falun Dafa is if you would just try it. You would choose Dafa over 10 million dollars.”

After her brother attended a nine-day Falun Dafa workshop, he quit gambling and became a great husband and father. His chronic stomach problems and sinusitis also drastically improved.

Qiugui told the reporter, “My sister-in-law experienced even bigger changes. She used to have many ailments and had to go to five different specialists five days a week, including gynecologists, neurologists, and orthopedists. On the weekend, she had to have therapy and get massages. There was not a day she was not getting treatments. She even suffered hallucinations because of too many sleeping pills. One day, her head hurt so much that she smacked it against a wall. She called me and said, ‘Since I didn’t die, I’ll go to the nine-day workshop.’”

About three months after her sister-in-law learned Falun Dafa, she was like a completely different person. Qiugui said, “Her ailments were gone, she radiated high spirits, and she looked 20 years younger. After witnessing their mother’s changes, her son, her daughter, and her daughter-in-law learned Falun Dafa, too. My brother told me that he would never stop practicing Falun Dafa, no matter how much money he was offered!”

Qiugui’s family enjoys the benefits of Falun Dafa.

As Qiugui puts it, “Cultivation has shown me the meaning of life. Now I enjoy every moment of my healthy and fulfilled life and seize every opportunity to spread the benefits of Falun Dafa!”

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