(Minghui.org) Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus broke out, many practitioners have worked diligently to save sentient beings. I took some extra time to clarify the truth and save people on the streets, in addition to making truth-clarification materials at home. Meanwhile, I realized that it is also important to help practitioners who have fallen behind.

Awakening Fellow Practitioners

Several practitioners my age started practicing before the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa. However, after the persecution started, they couldn't study the Fa regularly and stayed away from other practitioners. I worried about them but didn't have time to go speak to them because I had to work every day, apart from making truth-clarification materials.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, I didn't have to go to work. Upon reading Master’s new lecture, “Stay Rational,” I felt a strong responsibility to help those practitioners who fell behind. When I had this thought, Master arranged for me to naturally come across those practitioners.

One day before the lockdown was lifted, practitioner Yun and I went to clarify the truth near Mei's house. Seeing an elegant woman, I approached her and started to clarify the truth. After I said a few words, she recognized me and took off her mask. It was Mei! I was so excited to see her, a stream of excitement surged from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head. I said happily, “I haven't seen you for years. I thought about you recently, and I was wondering how to find you.”

I asked her about Fa study. She seemed embarrassed and said with a smile, “It’s been a long time since I’ve read Dafa books.” Yun and I talked about the importance of studying the Fa and told Mei not to miss the valuable opportunity that we might have waited thousands of years for. She said, “It must be Master who arranged for me to meet you today. I really need to read the book, but I have a serious illness and I have to go to the hospital every time I have a relapse. How can I still cultivate?” I encouraged her to read articles on the Minghui website to see how other practitioners overcame their illnesses; then she would know how to cultivate.

I went to Mei’s home, re-installed the operating system on her computer to ensure security, and installed some software for her to visit the Minghui website. She learned how to read and download the articles from the Minghui website. I also brought her several cultivation experience-sharing articles from the Minghui website on how to eliminate illness karma. I suggested that two practitioners close to her home, who she was familiar with, go to her home to study the Fa with her. I recently heard that they started to study the Fa together⸺two lectures every time. Sometimes they go out together to clarify the truth.

Practitioner Ding is an older woman who is graceful, ingenious, and artistic. She couldn't break through illness karma and had to spend winters in southern China for several consecutive years. She was reluctant to contact the practitioners in her area. After she came back from the south last year, I downloaded all of Master’s new lectures that she hadn't read yet to give her.

I visited her and shared my understandings with her. I told her that the Fa-rectification period was about to come to an end. I encouraged her to cherish the opportunity for cultivation and not to avoid the cultivation environment. After we talked several times, she realized her responsibility and decided to stop going to the south in winter. Instead, she added a few more radiators to make her home warmer. I suggested that she help produce truth-clarification materials, and she happily agreed. Now she can do the three things every day.

I have benefited a lot and removed many of my attachments in the process of helping other practitioners. For example, when I first came into contact with them, they were all moved and grateful for Master's compassion. They thought it was because Master did not want to leave them behind, and they promised to cultivate well. But they did not put what they said into action soon enough. After sharing about it several times, some hadn’t started to read the Fa yet; some didn’t do the exercises; some didn’t send righteous thoughts; and some always had parties with ordinary people and drank alcohol.

Seeing that they were still slacking off so much in their cultivation, I seemed calm on the surface but felt anxious. I was upset and subconsciously harbored complaints, resentment, and a desire for good results. I knew that feeling anxious and upset didn’t conform to the nature of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I needed to remove these attachments. I started to cultivate myself by comparing myself to the standards of the Fa. I found I had a mentality of forcing others to follow me. I had to get rid of it.

After that, I changed the way I helped them. I only encouraged them to do the three things well. I no longer cared too much about their compliance. I became calm and peaceful. Gradually, they got better. I came to understand the true meaning of cultivating oneself in the process of helping other practitioners.

The CCP Failed to Force My Son to Divorce

Last July, my son, who was married for less than a year, said to me, “Mom, I guess I have to divorce.” I asked him calmly: “Why?” He told me his wife wanted to be a civil servant and had taken an exam for it. But because I practice Falun Dafa, she couldn’t pass the political review. My son said: “You were detained for 15 days. Your record has been noted at the police department, and they can find out easily after an investigation.”

That night I had a dream. I dreamed of a little girl about twelve years old in the sky. She was flying slowly, cross-legged in the air. My son looked up enviously at her, and then I took my son and we walked forward. At the crossroads, my son and I were holding hands and suddenly levitated and flew up to the sky together. We looked at each other and laughed happily at the same time. I realized that Master used the dream to tell me that my son would get over it and for me not to worry, just to focus on doing the three things well.

One day in early August, my son drove home and stood at the door without entering the house. He said in a reprimanding tone: “Mom, do you know that a Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested? The case was sent to court for trial. It scared me when I called you several times and you didn’t answer. Now the situation is serious for Falun Dafa practitioners. Will you not go out to distribute truth-clarification materials for a month? Will you stop printing the materials at home?”

I smiled and said, “Dafa disciples have been persecuted by the wicked CCP for more than 20 years. The situation has been always like this. Your mom has come through all these years. Don’t worry, Master protects me when I study the Fa and send righteous thoughts well every day.” But he continued: “Don't tell me this, just promise me you won't do Dafa-related work for a month.” I said firmly: “I am a Dafa disciple, and saving people is my mission, especially when the pandemic is rampant now. Don't try to stop me.” He left angrily without saying a word.

After he left, I couldn't help saying in my heart over and over again what Master said:

“Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart. In conducting oneself this way, success is bound to be in sight.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

I said: “Master, I don't want fame, fortune, or affection. I only want to return to my true home with you.” The more I recited it, the more I felt relieved, and all the distracting thoughts disappeared.

However, I felt bad that my son left unhappily. I was afraid he might misunderstand Dafa, but I didn't know how to explain it to him. I shared this with a practitioner whom I trusted with such things. He said that talking about saving people to regular people is too far away from their understanding, so it is hard for them to accept it. We should talk about these things from the perspective of regular people, like telling them we should be honest, kind, and courageous. It is also good to expose the CCP's evil deeds of inciting people to fight against each other. He gave me some examples, which inspired me a lot. I found my gap and knew what to do next.

I wanted to talk to my son as soon as possible to untie the knot in his heart. So I made dumplings and called his wife and told her not to cook dinner; I would send them dumplings. I went to their place after they got off work. When I arrived at his house, I didn't see my daughter-in-law, but my son was sitting at the door. He looked angry.

When my son drove me home, he told me that the political review had come to the last step. The parents on both sides had to sign an agreement stating they would not practice Falun Dafa. A person in a township near our city had passed the exam but was not admitted because someone in his family practiced Falun Dafa. He was removed from the candidate list after the political review. My son asked if I would sign the agreement.

I said, “I haven’t violated any laws by practicing Falun Dafa. I just want to be a good person. The CCP has persecuted us just because more and more people practiced Falun Dafa. The persecution is meant to intimidate people not to practice. The CCP is afraid that there will be more good people.” I continued, “It is wrong to sign the agreement. We must not do things that go against our conscience. Otherwise, I will feel bad for the rest of my life.”

“In past political movements, the CCP did not allow people to tell the truth. The CCP made children criticize their parents openly in public. Now the CCP uses civil service exams to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners' family members and have the family members fight with each other. This makes people commit crimes against the Buddha Law. The CCP is persecuting our family. Only after the CCP disintegrates can people live a good life in harmony.”

My son whispered, “It [the CCP] has always harmed people in this way.” I reminded him: “You swore an oath at the wedding ceremony. No matter how difficult it is, you and your wife will never separate. If you divorce because of this, you will commit a serious mistake and break that vow.” At this time, he calmed down and told me that he knew what to do next.

My son is very considerate and has protected me. He did not allow his wife to pick on me. He tried to find a balance between me and his wife. Because public servants make good salaries and enjoy many benefits and good insurance, his wife didn’t want to give up on her application. My son was afraid that I would have conflicts with her and would not get along well in the future. He suggested that I think about it from her perspective and not demand that she comply with the principles of a cultivator. I knew that he didn't want to hurt me or his wife, so he decided to take all the responsibility himself and shoulder the persecution of our family from the CCP. That was why he thought of divorce. He thought that was the only solution to the problem.

A few days ago, I called him to help me with some house chores. His wife answered the phone and happily told me, “Our family got some good news. I passed the exam and will be a civil servant worker. We will go together to help you later.” I happily congratulated her. Hanging up the phone, I felt so relieved. His wife’s career would not be affected by my cultivation, so they would not misunderstand Dafa. They continued to support me in my Dafa cultivation as they did before. On the day I wrote this article, my son brought me things for producing truth-clarification materials.

This year I encountered one tribulation after another. I regarded each one as a good thing; they were all meant to improve my xinxing. I learned to look at the problems with higher standards and to look inward unconditionally. I removed a lot of human notions. Whenever I got confused or attached to anything, Master helped me resolve it within two days. Afterwards, I became more detached, my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger, and my path got wider and broader. I feel so fortunate that Master is taking care of me every day. No matter what difficulties I encounter, they never keep me from doing the three things.

I have only one wish: to follow Master and strive to be Master’s true disciple.

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