(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners held events in front of the state government of Graz, the capital of Styria, Austria on July 10. They called attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 22-year-long persecution and collected signatures on a petition to condemn it.

People learn about Falun Dafa and sign the petition to condemn the persecution.

Passersby signed a petition to condemn the CCP’s state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living practitioners. The petition and signatures will be presented to the Austrian government. Many people said that the CCP was committing a very evil crime by killing innocent people to make money via organ transplantation.

After reading the details on the display board about the CCP’s forced organ harvesting and the persecution of Falun Gong, a woman signed the petition to express her support. She said, “This CCP is really shameless. I must sign this petition immediately.”

More and more people now know about the CCP’s crimes against humanity. After learning about the truth, several took the information materials.


Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) was first taught to the public in 1992. Nearly 100 million people across China soon began practicing after experiencing improvements in their health and character. Jiang Zemin, former head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), perceived the spiritual discipline's growing popularity as a threat to the CCP's atheistic ideology and issued an order to ban Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999.

Minghui.org has confirmed the deaths of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in the persecution over the past 22 years; the actual number is suspected to be much higher. More have been imprisoned and tortured for their faith.

There is concrete evidence that the CCP sanctions the harvesting of organs from detained practitioners, who are murdered to supply the organ transplant industry.

Under Jiang's personal direction, the CCP established the 610 Office, an extralegal security organization with the power to override the police and judicial systems and whose sole function is to carry out the persecution of Falun Dafa.

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