(Minghui.org) I am a young Dafa disciple. Although I knew that clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings were things that Dafa disciples should do, I didn't have the inner motivation to take the initiative to do it.

Later I realized that this state was wrong, and I didn’t fully understand the Fa taught by Master, just like Master said:

“Actually, there are a few students who have always been reluctant to do things that are for destroying the evil and clarifying the truth—as if that would be doing something for Master, or as if that would be putting in extra for Dafa.” (“Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples” in Essentials For Further Advancement II)

Memorize the Fa, Generate Righteous Thoughts

In order to get rid of an ordinary mindset and understand the responsibilities and mission of a Dafa disciple, I was determined to memorize Master's Fa teaching at 2011 Fa Conference in New York: “What Is A Dafa disciple”.

The process of memorizing the Fa also helped me to assimilate to the Fa. I gradually understood the responsibilities and mission of a Dafa disciple, and understood why Dafa disciples should save sentient beings, which was Master's arrangement.

Master said:

“Master has long known that the old forces would do this, and so I arranged for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings.” (“What Is A Dafa Disciple”)

Whenever I thought about how Master left one side of the net open for sentient beings, I felt great compassion in my heart. After memorizing the entire Fa teaching, my mind was full of righteous thoughts.

I wanted to take the initiative to play the role of a Dafa disciple awakening sentient beings and saving them. With this thought in mind, an opportunity soon came.

A colleague arranged a work party. After the party, a friend asked me to stay to talk about something else.

I saw this as a good opportunity to clarify the truth to her about Dafa.

I briefly mentioned that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members should quit the CCP, so as to choose a bright future. She immediately went on to say that she had been thinking about how to quit.

She felt that after joining the CCP, her life was not going well, and when she socialized with CCP members who had strong “party spirit”, she felt a negative atmosphere, and that those people were abnormal.

I thought that this must have been Master’s arrangement. I told her about the significance of quitting the CCP, and she happily agreed to quit.

Clarifying the Truth While Riding in a Taxi

After the pandemic started, I became more aware of the urgency of saving sentient beings, and that the pandemic was also an opportunity to further clarify the truth to them.

While riding in a taxi, I would tell drivers that the CCP covered up the pandemic, brainwashed people using propaganda, launched negative and false political campaigns, and slandered and persecuted Dafa.

Finally I would tell them Dafa's principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and that by following this principle, someone can be a very good person. Many drivers agreed, and said they had met other Dafa disciples before who clarified the truth to them.

I really felt that Dafa disciples united together and formed a whole when clarifying the truth. I even met a driver who said there were many Dafa practitioners in his village.

He said he used to practice Dafa and had very good health, but he stopped practicing under pressure from the CCP. I encouraged him to continue to study the Fa and practice the exercises since the predestined relationship with Dafa was very precious.

Once, I took a taxi to a work meeting, planning to read the materials related to the meeting while taking the ride. After getting in the taxi, I felt that not clarifying the truth to the driver was a selfish act.

Master said:

“Each life, each person, is not simple. Behind them is a massive group of beings in the cosmos that they represent. When one person gains salvation, that represents all of the beings behind him gaining salvation in the future. [I say this] because the vast majority of the people on this earth, of today’s people, are heavenly kings who descended to earth, who incarnated here as human beings.” (“What Is A Dafa Disciple”)

I thought that this driver might also be a representative of all beings in his dimension, and he was awaiting the truth. I felt I should clarify the truth to him first, and then look at the work materials.

I put the matter of telling him the facts about Dafa before my job, and I clarified the truth to the driver throughout the ride; he was very happy, and my preparation for the meeting was not affected.

Strengthening Righteous Thoughts, Untying a Colleague's Heart

When the pandemic was severe, our company adopted working from home. Only a few people were on duty at the company.

I thought this was just the opportunity for me to clarify the truth to my colleagues. So I took the initiative to find opportunities to go to the company and find colleagues on duty for a one-on-one chat.

Usually there were not many opportunities to talk, but in this period, everyone felt it was natural for one-on-one conversations to take place. Combining the situation of the pandemic, the CCP’s concealment of the pandemic, the misleading and deceitful media propaganda, the destruction of traditional values by the CCP’s political campaigns, and the persecution of Dafa, I would basically communicate with colleagues for an hour or two at a time.

I hoped that they could understand the CCP's evil nature, do the three withdrawals, and come to understand how Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the criteria for being a good person.

In the process of clarifying the truth, I found that many people had kind thoughts deep in their hearts, and they all had a righteous side.

Master said:

“What we have to do is to awaken people from a positive, or good, angle.” (“What Is A Dafa Disciple”)

Although some people may not be able to understand clearly and agree to do the three withdrawals at once, I tried to encourage their righteous thoughts, extend their understanding of higher moral standards, gradually get rid of their wrong thinking, and use what they could accept to awaken their soul.

There was a young colleague who had been heavily influenced by the CCP's propaganda and had expressed agreement with the CCP in his talk. Seeing this situation, I took an opportunity to have dinner with him and we chatted for more than three hours.

I told him about the persecution of the Chinese people by the wicked CCP in past political campaigns and the truth about the persecution of Dafa. Although the topic of quitting the CCP was not brought up, the communication during our conversation was very good.

He felt that he had refreshed his understanding. He had never heard of these things before and felt our conversation was very rewarding.

However, after a while, I heard him still talking with similar understandings he had before, and his thinking about the CCP was still not clear. I began to look inward, and understood that I should not be obsessed with the result, and should not feel discouraged and frustrated if I saw that he didn't understand the truth.

Master said:

“As for saving sentient beings and clarifying the truth, a lot of people haven’t done it in depth. They’ll say just a few words to people, thinking “Listen or don’t listen, just do whatever you like. You don’t want to listen, fine!” and they will go on to find the next person. In whatever you do you should carry it through to the end, do it well, and if you intend to save someone, then go ahead and save him.” (“What Is A Dafa Disciple”)

I measured myself against the Fa, and found that this might be because I didn’t explain the truth well enough last time, and I only talked to him on the basis of sharing knowledge, instead of clarifying the truth with him out of compassion and on the basis of saving people; the power behind our conversation was weak.

I realized that I should clarify the truth with compassion. In this way, I took several opportunities to further speak with him.

During those conversations, I talked about my understanding of the CCP, especially its undermining of human values and persecution of Dafa. I exposed the CCP's true face from a standpoint that he could accept.

During our conversation, he put forward a lot of his thoughts and opinions, some of which were righteous, and some were the result of CCP propaganda and indoctrination.

After hearing what he said, I did not react with emotion, and did not criticize and judge him, but rationally analyzed the source of his thoughts, and whether his thoughts were right or wrong.

In this way, I felt the entire conversation was open and sincere. He also listened carefully to the reasons he should quit the CCP.

I recommended two books: The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and The Ultimate Purpose of Communism. Gradually, he realized the evilness of the CCP, and that he should behave according to the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

He also realized that the choice of whether or not to quit the CCP was one he needed to make, but he still couldn't make up his mind. I told him to think it over.

After I communicated with other practitioners about the situation, we realized that we should cooperate well with each other in clarifying the truth, and clarify the truth from different angles on different occasions.

Later, another practitioner went to clarify the truth to him, and he happily agreed to quit the CCP. In the end, he said that his biggest gain at the company was knowing the truth and making a choice to quit the CCP.

I knew that it was his true self who understood the truth, and I was happy that this life was saved.

Guiding People Who Are Destined to Understand Dafa

I used to clarify the truth from the perspective of a third party, and I would not say that I was a Dafa disciple. As the clarification of the truth deepens, I feel that sometimes using my own personal experience to validate the Fa is more powerful and more helpful for saving sentient beings.

At the same time, many people have good inborn quality, and have a relatively positive understanding of qigong practice, and may have the basis for obtaining the Fa. I feel that this requires me to further let go of myself, let go of human notions, and not use human concepts of safety to hinder sentient beings from obtaining the Fa.

Letting sentient beings obtain the Fa is their only hope of true salvation. After letting go of my human notions, I would sometimes use my own experience to help with truth clarification.

For example, the practice of Falun Dafa is very effective at curing diseases and keeping fit. Practitioners cultivate xinxing and accord with the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

By doing this, I met someone who had a strong affinity with Dafa. As soon as the person heard about the amazing effects of Dafa on people's health, she asked me where to get the Falun Dafa books and wanted to learn it.

In saving sentient beings, I really feel that the more I cultivate myself well and have no attachments, the more I can consider others, the better the effect of clarifying the truth, and the more I can play the role of a Dafa disciple.

At this critical moment in history, through Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth, sentient beings are awakening and righteous thoughts are returning. I hope that our Dafa disciples will be able to wake up sentient beings and save them according to Master's arrangement.

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