(Minghui.org) The policeman from the Domestic Security Division covering our subdivision visited me for the second time a few days ago. He was as polite as during the first visit a few months ago, but I couldn’t help but wonder why he came again. Was it harassment?

I had talked to him about the staged “Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation” orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the benefits I experienced after practicing Falun Dafa during his last visit. Upon leaving, he said, “You can cultivate at home.”

Hearing the policeman was coming to my house again, my pulse increased. But, I decided to beat the evil at their own game. Thus I welcomed him into my home.

The young man expressed his attitude and intention and said, “We know this practice [Falun Gong] is good. You can continue to practice it at home. I have urged you several times in the past, today you must give me a clear answer. Are you going to sign the guarantee statement?”

I knew I couldn’t sign any guarantee, but I wouldn’t jump into the trap by directly arguing with him. So I asked him a question instead, “There are a lot of people in our subdivision. Why do you pick me out only? The government said ‘freedom of belief”, what is it for?” 

He couldn’t answer so we changed the topic. To my surprise, the young policeman was well-read and learned. We chatted about the conversation between Einstein and a reporter that mentioned the creator and his wisdom, the bad deeds the CCP committed during its political campaigns, such as the ‘great leap forward’, ‘cultural revolution’, and ‘Tiananmen Massacre on June 4, 1989’. He said his grandfather and his father had lived through that era, and they had discussed those at home often.

I told him more recent events and retributions Zhou Yongkang and many directors of the 610 Office had received.

He began to check his watch after one-and-a-half hours. I wondered what he was waiting for. Then it came to me. 

Recently, local practitioners discussed an article in Minghui Weekly. In the story, two practitioners were cursed by a policeman. One said that it was an insult to him. The policeman beat him up in response. Another practitioner said it was an insult to Dafa and was not tortured anymore. The story tells us to look at a tribulation from the correct perspective, and base our thoughts on Dafa.

I realized that my conversation had been focusing on “me”, like “don’t force me to sign” and “don’t persecute me”. I should think and act based on the Fa.

I calmly said to him, “I have a very important word.” He became tense and looked at me.

“If I signed it today, you fulfilled your task. There is a book in the human world that records everything, and there is also a book in the heavens recording everything too. If you treated a Dafa practitioner with kindness, and this Dafa has created the entire universe, what blessings are you going to receive?”

The words “Dafa” and “Universe” cleared the environment. He hesitated a second and said, “It’s getting late. So be it. Maybe we can chat again at an off-work time. We have a lot to discuss.” I agreed.

I had a clear dream that night that I saw many long semi-transparent white flags forming a half-circle in the blue sky. The scene was auspicious and beautiful. I knew Master was encouraging me. As I had finally crossed the barrier of “self-protection” and entered a realm of selflessness.

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