(Minghui.org) The pandemic in Japan is severe, and the number of infections is rising. Falun Dafa disciples in Japan have been distributing truth-clarification materials in the 23th district of Tokyo for two months, hoping that the Japanese people can understand the truth about Dafa and avoid the danger of the pandemic.

Other's Attitudes Changed When I Looked Inward 

The process of distributing Dafa brochures is also a process of genuine cultivation. When we constantly eliminate our human notions and attachments, the cultivation path will become wider and wider. 

Once, two other practitioners and I went together to a large residential community where there were many tall buildings. Six buildings constituted one complex with about 1,000 households. There was only one management office for the six buildings, which was located in a separate small building. 

At that time, we didn't know where the management office was. When we found there was no management staff in each building, we started looking for the tenant mailroom. 

Each building was very large, and there were many doors that looked like they could be a mailroom, I opened one door without carefully checking the sign on the door. 

I was completely surprised to see people working inside. Because I was startled, I immediately closed the door. A man rushed out. He was very angry and asked us what we were doing there. A practitioner walked up to hand him our brochures and kept apologizing. 

The man was still furious, and his voice was loud, telling us not to leave. He took out a pen and paper as if to record our names. I thought, “We've all apologized, so why is he so unforgiving?” The other practitioners bowed their heads to apologize to him. 

I immediately realized that I must look inward, and that it was my fault that he was so angry. 

After I sincerely apologized to him, he said, “Someone opened the door suddenly, then closed it without any explanation. What's going on!?”

I thought of Master Li's Fa teaching:

“Caucasians pay a lot of attention to their civilized manners. That’s their culture. Why are Caucasians sometimes angry with you? Some people even feel they are angry with you for no reason. If you harm their culture, even if it is a minor thing, they will be really angry. Many Chinese people aren’t attentive to little things. For example, when you enter a store and someone is behind you, you don’t bother with anything else after opening the door, and the door bangs shut behind you. If the onlooker is a Caucasian he will be really angry, for you are harming his culture and he doesn’t consider it a small thing. He will get really angry at your rude manners and speech. You are living in their society, so you should pay attention to this.” (“Teachings at the Conference in the Western U.S.”) 

I said to Master in my heart, “I was wrong. From now on, I must pay attention to these details.” 

At first, the staff member seemed to be offended and wanted us to learn a lesson, but later, his attitude softened and he led us to the management office and showed us how to apply for mail delivery.

I wrote on the application form that I planned to distribute a newspaper that published truthful news about the pandemic, and I left my contact information. The staff in the management office asked me to call in three days to check if my application was approved. 

In the past, when we went to some high-end residential buildings and met the staff in the management office, nine times out of ten we were not allowed to deliver the materials. 

The building management staff were very sensitive as to whether the content was religious or not. As I looked back at the buildings as I was leaving, I blamed myself very much. I felt that if I could have looked for the mailroom carefully, the sentient beings in this complex would have been saved. 

My Thoughts to Share

Three days later, I called the management office to check on the status of my application, and she told me it had been approved. I couldn't believe it! 

I was grateful that everything was a gift from our Master after our genuine effort of looking within. We came back to this complex again, and this time we distributed the truth-clarification materials in a dignified manner, so that predestined sentient beings could learn the truth about Dafa and the persecution.

Through this experience, I enlightened to the following:

1. When people get angry with us, we should first be calm and rational, and not be influenced by them. We must immediately look inward, so that we have no loopholes to be exploited by the old forces. The old forces will then not use ordinary people to interfere with us.

2. We were often obstructed by human notions. For example, such a high-end residential complex would usually not let us distribute materials, but we forgot that everything is arranged by Master. If we can break through our human notions, Master will break down the obstacles for us and the predestined people can be saved.

3. We should consider others first when clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. If we want to save people in Japan, especially those in mainstream society, we should try our best to follow their rules of conduct, so that they can easily accept the truth and be saved. Of course, when we follow their rules, we also have to meet Dafa's requirements.

As divine messengers, our hearts are filled with gratitude for Master Li and hope for the salvation of sentient beings. When we genuinely cultivate ourselves in the process of clarifying the truth, our cultivation path will become wider and wider! 

The above is my understanding at my current level. Please point out, with compassion, if there is anything not aligned with the Fa.

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