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I have been at a Hong Kong truth clarification site for many years. I used to be involved in many Dafa projects, but decided to get involved in a truth clarification site, distribute the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and help people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations.

Saving People

The bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau was finally completed, opened in October 2018, and was visited by many tourists. Our truth-clarification site is close to the first customs clearance. There was a tourist bus station nearby. People were waiting for buses in long lines. Everyone could see our truth clarification banners and boards. The nearby shopping mall was very busy, given the many tourists. Sometimes hundreds of people were waiting in line. It’s predestined that these mainland people would visit Hong Kong to hear the truth about Dafa.

I walked along the tourist waiting line, holding up my display board and speaking loudly. Fellow practitioners followed up with them, and helped them quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Since we were short-handed, I asked practitioners from other truth-clarification sites to come and help. We had at least a few hundred people quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations each day. Sometimes there could be over 1,000 tourists a day. Even if they didn’t have a chance to quit, they would be able to see our display boards. The truth they heard shocked them.

The customs gate was open around the clock, and we tried to remain there as long as possible. We didn’t want to miss anyone who was predestined. Fellow practitioners from Taiwan also came to help us. Members of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA) often came to interfere. We disciplined ourselves, acted according to the Fa, and our compassion dissolved the evil and troubles.

Many tourists from the mainland came here for shopping, and it caused a lot of inconvenience to the local people. The locals protested and complained. In my opinion, it was the old forces that were afraid of so many people learning the truth.

A few months later, the bus station was moved to be behind the shopping mall, and many tourists couldn’t find it. I took them to the station and clarified the truth to them. I told them about the moral decline in society, and the fake and poisonous food that flooded the mainland – causing them come to Hong Kong for shopping. Sometimes they resonated with me instantly and decided to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When I didn’t have enough time to ask them one by one to quit, I would tell them, “You will be blessed for quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When you stay away from the CCP, you stay away from disasters. Remember the two important phrases ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ You will be blessed.”

Individuals and families are happy to quit the CCP. They would thank me and wave to me after getting on the bus. But the guided groups and company groups are usually not so enthusiastic. We spoke with them more privately. But sometimes I still spoke loudly and showed them the display board until they got on the bus. When I saw tourists with their children and luggage, I helped them. They would quit the CCP and thank me after they understood the truth. When it was rainy, I brought my umbrella and helped the tourists, especially the elderly, get on the bus. I was running around all the time, and it has been very rewarding. Every day, many people learned the truth about Dafa and quit the CCP.

Another fellow practitioner always carried a small display board. She often went to shopping malls and plazas where there were a lot of people. She spoke to them non-stop. At least a few dozen, or up to a few hundred people, quit each day. Later on, as the anti-extradition bill movement started, and especially at the start of the pandemic, there were fewer and fewer tourists.

Clarifying the Truth at Hong Kong Protests

I have been clarifying the truth and saving people at the anti-extradition bill rallies and parades since June 2019. At first, many people didn’t believe or understand what I said. I would hold my small display board and fliers when talking to people. Some young people were whispering and snickering. I tried to hand out fliers, but not many people took them. Lots of practitioners went to hand out newspapers and other materials.

As more and more people showed up, the police fired tear gas and arrested people. I adjusted my approach. I set up banners and display boards along the route of the march. When the march started, I also distributed fliers. Sometimes clashes occurred in front of me or nearby. I would stand between both sides and kindly ask each side to handle the situation calmly. I didn’t want either side to get hurt.

Sometimes when I saw the police chasing the students, I would shout to the police, “The students are fighting for freedom for everyone, including you. You should protect them. I hope you will be kind.” Sometimes after the police fired tear gas, they would arrest people. Those students or rescue personnel often told us to leave first. I told them, “You should go first. We are just handing out information. The police won't arrest us.” Gradually, more and more young people would take our materials.

There were so many people in Causeway Bay on October 1, 2019. The police kept driving people back and forth. In good faith, fellow practitioners and I kept shouting to the police. The police fired tear gas again to disperse the crowd. I took out a small banner of the two Dafa phrases and hung it on a pillar beside me. I held my display board high and shouted toward the police lines, “My fellow countrymen, to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself. Only if you are kind to yourself, can you protect your family. Do not sell yourself to corrupt officials. Today they used you to hurt people. Tomorrow someone else could come to hurt you. The CCP will always tear down the bridge once they cross the river. After it is finished, they will throw you into the trash can.”

Some police turned their heads back to look at the board as they walked by. Some even gave me a thumbs up. Another practitioner saw that. She said to me, “You have spoken to their hearts. They agree with you.”

There was a large rally in Tsim Sha Tsui on October 27, 2019. Many practitioners went there to hand out newspapers. I was holding a big display board. There was an elderly disabled person among the protesters. I saw him in every peaceful protest. Every time I would greet and chat with him. He told me that the content on my board was very informative and interesting. He asked me if I could make a smaller one for him so that he could hang it on his wheelchair. I was touched by people’s awakening.

As we were talking, the police started to fire tear gas again . They rushed toward us from the other side of the street. I worried that they might hurt this elderly man in the wheelchair, so I stood in front of him and said to the police, “Don’t hurt him.” The police rushed toward us and sprayed us with pepper spray. I became dizzy and it was more painful than smoke bombs. Soon, medical volunteers came and helped us clean off the pepper spray. After half an hour, I felt a little better. I looked within and realized that I didn’t use my righteous thoughts, but human thoughts, to help people.

At this time, we were surrounded by many policemen. Some brave citizens were blaming and cursing the police. I calmed down. I spoke to the police around me with kindness and peace. The situation calmed down. Later, an officer pointed at me and said, “Go home to do the exercises.” Another person said, “Go home to cook.” I said, “Your families are waiting for you to go home for dinner, too. I will go after you.” Soon, the police were leaving.

Occasions like this happened every week. As the pandemic worsened, there were fewer and fewer rallies until there were none at all. So we went to visit each district police station in small groups, and clarified the truth to the police. We could visit up to four police stations a day. It was quite effective.

Seizing the Time to Save People During the Pandemic

The pandemic started after Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2020. People were on edge, and everyone was in fear. The bus service was suspended, and the whole bus station was quiet. We started to walk around to hand out information and talk to people. We wanted to give people hope.

We adopted a different strategy in May 2020. Two fellow practitioners stayed at our truth-clarification site guarding the banners and handing out information. Another practitioner and I went to visit the shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, houses, and offices. It took us over a month to cover a dozen miles. We told people the facts, distributed materials, and handed out amulets and paper lotus flower handcrafts. We kindly greeted and comforted people. Many were touched and lined up to wait to get our materials. They also quit the CCP organizations.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) staff was following us everywhere. I took the chance to clarify the truth to their new staff and gave them truth-clarification materials.

When we resumed at our truth-clarification site, the Youth Care Association (HKYCA) came to harass us again. They forced the FEHD and the police to issue an order that we could only hold the banners and must not tie them to anything. We talked with other practitioners about it. Everyone looked within, let go of our selves, and formed one body. It was truly a process of cultivating the mind and getting rid of attachments. We sent forth more righteous thoughts and further clarified the truth. With our righteous thoughts and actions, we managed to start tying the banners at certain locations again. We broke through the obstacles.

After the CCP imposed the national security law in Hong Kong, more and more protesters and pro-democracy activists were arrested and even sentenced to jail. Hong Kong was shrouded in terror. Many people worried about us and reminded us to be careful. Someone asked me if I was going to move overseas. I said, “We do not participate in politics. We do not break any laws. Falun Dafa has spread throughout the world, yet only the CCP is persecuting us. Although the bandits and gangs keep doing damage, we still have the basic human right of freedom of religion in Hong Kong, and evil will never prevail. We will always have our dignity. We will wait for the time when every truth comes to light. That day will come.”

I have been cultivating for more than 20 years, and I have been living in Hong Kong for 18 years. I wrote down my experience in cultivating and saving sentient beings. I’d like to share it with fellow practitioners. Let us improve together. If it were not for Master’s compassionate protection, I could not have made it this far safely. I’d also like to thank practitioners around the world, especially those in Taiwan, for their righteous thoughts and solidarity. At this final stage, I must look within on everything, let go of my ego, do the three things well, be diligent on my cultivation path, and cultivate as if I had just started. I would like to read Master’s teaching with fellow practitioners.

Master said,

“Do well what you should do. This predestined opportunity is hard to come by. Cherish all of this, there won’t be a next time. Developing any attachment will ruin you halfway along! Don’t entertain or get attached to any human thoughts, and just do what a Dafa disciple should do. Everything that’s wonderful, that’s the most magnificent, and that’s the most glorious awaits you! (Applause)” (Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

Thank you, Master, and fellow practitioners.

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