(Minghui.org) I used to suffer from more than a dozen diseases, including severe cardiovascular disease, tumors, glaucoma, and other problems. Every time one tumor was removed, a new tumor developed in another location. I had difficulty walking. Due to cardiovascular disease, I had shortness of breath and could barely talk. 

I knew that I would not live long and made my funeral arrangements. I made financial plans for the family. I worried that my child might not get along with a poor stepmother so I chose a good lady I knew for my husband. I was just waiting to die.

At my lowest point, a kind doctor advised me, “Your heart disease will only get worse. No hospital treatment can help you—you should practice qigong.” I set aside my notion that qigong was “superstition” and started to look for qigong practices.

Husband Amazed by My Changes

A colleague came to visit me in the fall of 1997. She told me that Falun Dafa was amazing and had benefited many people. She said her family experienced it firsthand. I was very excited and asked if I could borrow the book Zhuan Falun. I used to have glaucoma in my left eye and I had not read for eleven years. Whenever I tried to read, my head hurt very badly. 

However, when I read Zhuan Falun, my body was flooded with heat from the inside out. An hour later, when I looked around the house, I realized I no longer trembled and I could see clearly. As I read Zhuan Falun the book was surrounded by a beautiful blue light. It was so wonderful!

Looking at the book on the bookcase across the room, I could read all the small characters on the back cover very clearly. My head no longer hurt and my chest stopped feeling suffocated. I could breathe easily. I felt happy and alive. That day, I got out of bed by myself and walked to the table to have dinner. My husband said, “How come you can walk and talk?” This is how I obtained the Fa.

When I read the book The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection, I realized that Master came to save the world’s people. I wept as I read it. I threw away all my medications and firmly stepped onto the path of Dafa cultivation. I had a tremendous interest in reading Master's teachings. My body and mind changed dramatically. All my diseases and pains disappeared. The breast tumor that I had for twenty-six years disappeared. I gained weight, from 35 kilograms to 45 kilograms. My skin looked healthy. Even my wrinkles were gone. My physical and mental well-being improved dramatically.

Everyone said that I looked like a new person—young and beautiful. They were amazed by the power of Falun Dafa. Many asked to get the book Zhuan Falun for themselves and for their families and friends. Those with predestined relationships began to practice.

Colleagues Amazed by My Transformation

Falun Dafa has taught me how to be a good person and discipline myself with the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. I practiced it with my heart.

Because I was a deputy in my workplace, some of my income was “under the table.” I followed Dafa’s principle and no longer took that kind of money or kick-back payment. I rejected all bribes. If anyone invited me to dinner on work-related business, my colleagues would advise them, “She doesn’t accept gifts or invitations. She practices Falun Dafa now.”

After learning the Fa, I understood that all the illnesses, misfortunes, and tribulations one suffers in life are due to the karma or sins he or she committed in the past. It couldn’t be more clear to me. I knew I must not do bad deeds anymore.

I started to be kinder to my colleagues. One day, a new employee said to me, “Falun Dafa is so good. I was afraid to talk to you in the past, but not anymore.”

Once, the supervisor had a misunderstanding about me and criticized me in front of all the other employees. I endured it calmly. Everybody found it incredible: “How could she put up with this and not fight back?” When I later explained the situation to the supervisor, he felt embarrassed and his face turned red. He kept saying, “Falun Dafa is so powerful. It truly transformed you. I want to learn it too.” He bought two copies of Zhuan Falun and gave one to his sister. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Dafa, he could tell that the media was lying, “What we witnessed with our own eyes is the exact opposite of the Party's propaganda on TV. All the rumors about Falun Dafa were fabricated.”

At that time, employees took turns to receive a three-percent wage raise. It was my turn that year. But the main supervisor had already promised a raise to another deputy. Everyone felt that it was so unfair to me. I didn’t mind at all. In the past, it would be impossible that I could remain so calm and understanding. When I meditated that night, I said to Master, “I do not seek worldly fame and fortune, not to mention the monthly increase of eighty yuan. Even if it is eight hundred yuan or eight thousand yuan, I will not be moved nor seek it. My only wish is to follow Master and return to my home in Heaven.” I wept as I said this. 

All of a sudden, I could sit in the full-lotus position. My legs were as flexible as noodles. I was shocked! For six months, I could only sit in the half-lotus position and my legs stuck up very high. It was too painful to cross both legs. After I let go of my competitive mentality and attachment to profit, my body changed. I could double cross my legs from then on.

Without anyone’s supervision, I got up at 2:40 every morning and did the exercises. I studied the Fa whenever I had time. I was diligent and improved very quickly.

I improved my xinxing and became a good person. In the past, my husband took good care of me and our home. After my health got better, I could do housework and ate leftovers. My child said, “Mother has gained weight.” My husband was also very happy and no longer worried about me.

In the past, whenever I suddenly collapsed due to my heart problem, I called my husband. Every time, he hurried home sweating heavily. He put pills in my mouth and resuscitated me. His workplace was far from home. He cooked for me and took good care of me every day after work for so many years. It was tough for him. After I started to practice Falun Dafa, I was able to take care of him. How happy he was!

Mother-in-law: I Will also Listen to Master’s Teachings.

I shared how I benefited from practicing Falun Dafa with all my relatives and friends. My father-in-law said, “For the first time in fifteen years, your eyes are bright and clear. I was so afraid that my grandson would lose his mother.” My mother-in-law said, “All the relatives told me that you’ve changed. You used to look down on people and we were afraid of talking to you. Falun Dafa has indeed changed you!”

Once, my aunt was complaining about me. My sister-in-law said to her, “Oh, she has changed. She has been practicing Falun Dafa. You have no idea how nice she is now. She has totally changed.”

After my father-in-law passed away, I brought my mother-in-law to my home and took care of her with all my heart and effort. She grew up in the countryside and lived a tough life. She couldn’t read or write and was in poor health. She had a strong personality. We both used to have bad tempers and could barely speak to each other. After I learned Dafa, I felt I should treat my relatives well and be respectful. She kept all kinds of jars and pots that she had used in her life. I tried to make room in the house to store those unnecessary things, just because she liked them.

My mother-in-law had lots of relatives, many of whom traveled to my home to visit her. I hosted all her guests very well. Dozens of relatives and friends visited us over the years. I knew that they had a predestined relationship with me. I told them about my wonderful experience with practicing Falun Dafa. People couldn’t imagine that I was able to treat my mother-in-law so well.

I have changed, and so has my mother-in-law. She said, “I will also listen to Master Li’s teachings. I should cultivate my morality and never say bad things to others.” She really did it. She rarely cursed others. Her temper also changed and her health improved. She said, “We should tell everyone about Falun Dafa. I have some relatives, and you should talk with them.” Later, she brought me to visit her relatives.

I always tried my best to take care of my mother-in-law. I cooked her favorite dishes, cut her hair, and helped her bathe. She told me that she could feel I truly cared about her.

In traditional Chinese culture, filial piety is a fundamental virtue. As a Dafa cultivator, I should do even better in this regard.

When my mother-in-law was 85 years old, she wanted to make a quilt for me. She often said that she knew I truly cared about her. She felt sorry that she didn’t give us much financial support when I married her son, and she wanted to make up for it. I told her that I was not seeking anything in return and I just hoped she could live a happy life.

Sometimes in her dreams, my mother-in-law shouted “Falun Dafa is good.” Although she couldn’t read, she could identify with Dafa’s principles when we talked about them. I believe that she has a predestined connection with Dafa.

Relatives and Friends Blessed for Speaking Up for Falun Dafa in Public

After understanding the facts about Falun Dafa, a relative no longer believed the CCP’s propaganda and she condemned the persecution on various public occasions. Because of her support for Dafa, she was blessed. Her severe heart disease disappeared and her health also improved.

This relative later had two renovated apartment units for rent. When she put up her rental advertisement, she happened to see a Falun Dafa flyer in her mailbox. She left the flyer on the window sill in the hallway so that other people could see it. Within a week, both units were rented while the similar unit of her neighbor was still on the market after being listed for a month.

One of my cousins had severe rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands and feet were deformed. The doctor told her that there was no cure. After she recited the auspicious phrase “Falun Dafa is good,” her condition improved. She was able to ride a bike and do household chores. Even her doctor said the recovery was a miracle. At her birthday party, she toasted and saluted Falun Dafa. Whenever she saw Falun Dafa posters in parks, she would shout out “Falun Dafa is good.”

A friend recovered from vasculitis in a few weeks after she quit the Young Pioneers (a CCP organization). She had bad blood clots in the legs and she was unable to walk before.

Another friend almost lost his job due to hepatitis B. I told him about Falun Dafa. He quit the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League, and also read Zhuan Falun. His hepatitis B miraculously disappeared, and he is now healthy. 

Thank you, Master.

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