(Minghui.org) Normally, a person’s wage begins to decrease when he reaches a certain age, but mine increased as I grew older. 

My story begins in late 2020. During the so-called “Zero-Out” campaign by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), local police officers and agents in the neighborhood association came to my workplace. They asked me to sign a document renouncing Falun Dafa. When I refused, I was forced to quit my job.

A couple of days later, when I visited my father’s house, I saw a bag of fruit and a box of milk on his table. I asked him who had come to visit. He said, “A few of them, including police officers and agents from the neighborhood association. They want me to urge you to sign the document. They can reinstate your job as soon as you do. They’ll be here tonight to talk to you.”

I thought: They want to use my affection for my father to get me to sign their document. The old forces indeed see one’s attachments clearly and look for loopholes to exploit. 

Soon afterward, a few people from the neighborhood association and a police officer came. I asked them all to sit down. A neighborhood association agent said, “We will talk to your manager and let you return to work as soon as you sign the document. Your granddaughter and your family will be affected if you don’t.” 

I said, “It is my honor to be able to learn Falun Dafa. My children and granddaughter will be better off because I practice Dafa. Furthermore, a practitioner can make good money wherever he works.”

My father sided with what they said, however, and interjected, “Now it is difficult for people to find jobs, even for an ordinary person. Why is it so hard for you to sign?” 

“Don’t you worry about my job,” I replied. “Perhaps I will make more money if I get a new job. I can find a new job, but signing that document goes against my conscience. You know very well that I recovered from my illness by practicing Falun Dafa.”

I then addressed everyone in the room, “I have not taken a pill for 20 years during my cultivation. Chinese people believe that one should double the return when one receives a favor. It is my fault that I did not clarify the facts to you about Falun Dafa well enough, such that you are pressuring me to sign a document. I would not deserve to be a person if I signed a document smearing Master Li Hongzhi (Dafa’s founder) at a time when he is being slandered.”

Afterward, I explained more facts about Dafa and gave examples of one’s getting rewarded for what one sows. I followed Master’s Fa to guide me throughout the whole process. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil factors controlling these people and prevent them from committing crimes against Dafa. They all left at 11 p.m. after seeing that there was no hope for me to sign.

I rested at home for a couple of weeks, then felt it was time for me to find a job. This way my father would stop nagging me. So I added a thought to my sending forth righteous thoughts: “To dissolve all rotten demons and lowly spirits of different levels and stop their interference to my source of income.”

The phone rang as soon as I finished sending righteous thoughts. It was a relative who asked, “Are you looking for a job? I know a place that is looking for people. I think it would be a good fit for you.” I told her that I happened to be thinking about getting a job. She then exclaimed, “Good. I will tell them that you are coming. They pay very well!”

My first month’s salary on the new job was 500 yuan more than my old job. After seeing how I worked diligently, the boss moved me to another position that required a bit more skills. The salary was increased even more. He told me, “Next month the salary will increase by another few hundred yuan.” In the new year, my salary was raised yet again. 

When I went to visit my father, I showed him how much I was earning. I told him that I have received many benefits since learning Dafa, and this was just more of the same. 

My father now always tells family and friends whenever we get together, “It is interesting that a person in his 60s can still get salary increases!”

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