(Minghui.org) I used to work as a nurse in a hospital. Because I practice Falun Dafa, I was fired from my job after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) initiated the persecution. After I was released from being illegally detained in 2018, I took on contract work to make ends meet. Then I was offered a full-time job at a nursing home in my area in September 2019.

Meeting Predestined People

After I accepted the job, I thought, “Whoever I’m responsible for taking care of has a predestined relationship with me. To save people is my responsibility, and the evil shouldn’t interfere with me.”

Ms. Li worked beside me on my first day. We talked and I found out that she used to practice Buddhism. However, in recent years, she’d realized that others who followed Buddhism had become corrupt, so she no longer practiced it. She was hoping to learn a true spiritual practice when the opportunity arose.

When I suggested that she listen to Master Li Hongzhi’s lecture recordings and see if this was what she was looking for, she agreed. So every morning, I put wireless earbuds in her ears, and while she did her work, she could listen to the recordings.

She listened to Master’s lecture recordings three times in a row. She learned the truth about Dafa and decided to quit the CCP. She came to understand that Master Li was the master she was looking for. She then learned the five exercises and obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main teaching of Falun Dafa.

Nurse Wang transferred in from another nursing home in his hometown in a remote mountain area. After he arrived, I clarified the facts to him and encouraged him to quit the CCP. After he finished listening to four chapters of Master’s lecture recordings, he also quit. He then brought one of his relatives to our nursing home. He introduced him to me, explaining how capable I was, and asked his relative to learn from me.

When I first talked about Dafa, he was so scared that he covered his ears and left but returned shortly. This time, he listened to me and asked about something he didn’t quite understand. After he quit the CCP, he began to listen to Master’s lecture recordings and learned the exercises. During the Chinese New Year, he went home, and I helped cover his shifts so he could stay there longer. However, once he got there, the CCP virus (Covid19) broke out, and he didn’t return for two months. I gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun.

Wei Obtained the Fa

Wei was assigned to the first floor in the nursing home. One day, after dinner, I was teaching two new practitioners the exercises. She saw this, copied our movements, and closed her eyes. After the music stopped, she opened her eyes and said, “I felt we weren’t in a room, but rather in a big forest.” I didn’t say anything but thought, “She has good inborn quality. As soon as she started practicing, her celestial eye opened.” The next day after dinner, we began to do the exercises and I heard Wei coming upstairs again. I thought, “She is truly someone with a predestined relationship.”

One time, I went to see Auntie Gao to deliver a memory card loaded with Master’s lecture recordings. Wei happened to see it and asked to listen to it. I gave her an MP4 with Master’s lecture recordings on it but she gave it back to me, saying, “I have trouble playing it.” Another time when Gao asked me for a copy of Zhuan Falun to read, I gave her one. Wei also asked for a copy, but after a few days, she told me that she was put in evening shifts and couldn’t find time to read it.

Right then I realized evil factors were interfering with her obtaining the Fa. Right away, I took off the wireless earbuds, turned to the first lecture and put them in her ears. She listened to two lectures. The next day, I had her listen to Lecture Three and wondered when she could finish all nine lectures.

Then someone told me, “You left your cell phone on the table. Wei looked for you, but since she couldn’t find you, she didn’t touch your phone.” Immediately I began to look inward. I realized my zealotry and attachment to doing things were taken advantage of by the evil factors. I went to find Wei and asked her why she didn’t use my cell phone to play Master’s lecture recordings. No matter how I explained to her, she kept saying that she didn’t want to listen anymore. In the end, she said, “I’ll just go back to my old school of practice.”

After I left, the more I thought about it, the more I felt I didn’t fulfill my responsibility. Master had arranged for a person with a predestined relationship with me to obtain the Fa. How could I get her to listen to all of Master’s lectures? Right then, I began to sense how difficult it is to save people. I could clearly feel it was evil factors interfering with her, so I began to send forth righteous thoughts and cleaned up the evil beings and factors interfering with her obtaining the Fa.

I said to Master, “Master, I’ll let go of my ego so I can see her one more time.” I took my cell phone and went back to the first floor. After I found her, I turned on Master’s lecture video recordings. She didn’t refuse me this time. When she saw Master in the video, she said, “How come this is a Buddha’s image? With curly blue hair?” I didn’t say anything, just focused on sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate meddling gods interfering with her.

The next day, she was transferred to another shift, which was also an interference from the evil factors. When I was on, she was off, and vice versa. At home, I thought about how I could arrange to have her finish listening to the rest of the lectures. I could only see her when I was not at work. It was during the pandemic, so there was no public transportation and traffic was very light. I asked Master for help and took a cab back to the nursing home.

I found Wei, and we watched Master’s two lecture recordings. She mentioned that the Buddha statue in her home had to be cleaned and asked if I knew how to do it. I said, “Why don’t you take it to a temple and give it away.” She then said, “I have to ask my husband to learn Dafa, too. He believes in Buddhism.” Because of the pandemic, all the staff had to stay at the workplace overnight, so I stayed with Wei to watch all of Master’s lecture videos once. She then decided to cultivate Dafa.

The Importance of Obtaining the Fa

I believe that everyone I have close contact with—that is, family, relatives, classmates, colleagues, and friends—has a predestined relationship with me.

My nephew seldom visited me. One year during his summer vacation, he came to see me. He told me that his father would let him stay with me for only nine days. I thought right away, “In nine days, he can listen to all of Master’s nine lectures. Didn’t he come to obtain the Fa?” The first two days, I was a bit relaxed, so that the old forces took advantage of that, and he went to stay with his uncle. After he returned, I asked him if he wanted to study the Fa with me. He said, “Sure!” So I stopped everything I was doing and began to read Zhuan Falun with him.

Because we had to finish all nine lectures in seven days, we had to study more than one chapter a day. It is hard for an eight-year-old boy to sit still, but every time I called him, he came to my room right away. He studied with me and read very attentively. It was due to Master’s empowerment. Master also opened his celestial eye.

Another of my nephews was deeply attached to games. When he was a teenager, he would spend whatever money he had at the game store. When he’d only worked for a month, as soon as he got paid, he went to the game store, shut off his cell phone, and stayed there the whole day. His boss couldn’t find him, neither could his parents.

At that time, he stayed with me for a while. I asked him to study the Fa with me, and he agreed, but when we got to Lecture Six, he didn’t want to continue. I began to look inward and realized it was because I didn’t pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors interfering with him. Now, no matter what, I couldn’t let him stop halfway through. He finally finished the last three lectures. That night, he was very excited. He kept talking to me about his experience non-stop. I knew it was Master cleaning up the layers of bad substance.

Last year, because of the pandemic, he came back from another city to work in my city. He also stayed with me. I asked him to study the Fa, so he read Zhuan Falun for the third time.

When his former employer asked him to come back, I didn’t want him to. I was afraid he would meet up with his old friends and turn bad again. He said, “I am a Dafa practitioner, I have Master watching over me. What am I afraid of?” He also said, “I don’t want to smoke anymore. I want to quit.” A few practitioners and I were very moved by Master’s compassion and the power of Dafa to transform him into a good person.

Another 12th grade student, who only started to cultivate a year ago, is staying with us. This year, he scored 60-70 points higher than expected on his college entrance exam, and his family was very impressed by the power of Dafa.

Eliminating Jealousy at Work

Master said,

“A wicked person is born of jealousy.Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself....” (“Realms,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Master also said,

“A few years ago, absolute egalitarianism was practiced, and it has disordered people’s thinking and values. Let me give you a specific example. In the workplace, a person may feel that others are not as capable as he. Whatever he does, he does it well. He finds himself indeed remarkable. He thinks to himself: "I’m qualified to be a factory director or manager, or even a higher position. I think that I could even be Prime Minister." The boss may also say that this person is really capable and can accomplish anything. Coworkers may also express that he is really capable and talented. Nevertheless, there may be another person in the same working group or sharing the same office with him who is quite incapable of doing anything or is good for nothing. Yet one day this incompetent person gets a promotion instead of him and even becomes his supervisor. He will feel in his heart that it is unfair and complain to his boss and coworkers, feeling very upset and quite jealous. ” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

For a long time, I have lived surrounded by CCP indoctrination, so I have developed feelings of superiority, looked down on others, and had other attachments that had to do with my ego.

What I did before was clinical care, providing special care to the elderly, such as putting on ventilators, aspirating fluids, inserting catheters, and so on. I was able to do all these tasks on my own. Others had to learn from me how to use and maintain the machines and how to follow the procedures. I wrote down directions for them to follow. That made my feelings of superiority even more inflated.

One morning, I went out to deal with something after work. When I came back to the nursing home, my boss stopped me and said, “Two people on the shift after yours told me that, after you left in the morning, you forgot to turn off an aspirator, so it ran all morning and was very hot by the time they noticed it.”

I replied, “That’s nearly impossible, because when we changed shifts, I took the aspirator from the shelf and put it on the floor to show them what to do with the liquid in the aspirator bucket. If I hadn’t turned it off, we would all have heard the sound of the machine!”

News of what I had supposedly done got around to the family members of the residents. Then, both the residents and their family members reminded me repeatedly not to forget to turn the aspirator off after I finished using it. They also said it would easily burn out if it were left on. They thought everyone would forget sometimes. What they said embarrassed me, yet I had nothing to say.

It was the people I’d looked down on from time to time that picked on me and complained about me to their supervisors. I felt very unbalanced and jealous. They said what’s right was wrong. When it wasn’t my fault, they blamed me. If I did something wrong, then I’d have an even harder time. Every day when it came time to change shifts, I had to be very careful and tried not to make any mistakes.

After work, I went to join the Fa-study group and shared what had happened. After they shared with me based on the Fa, I could rectify myself. The next day, I would be calmer. But I still failed the tests at work. This went on for over two months.

Master said, “...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Thus, no matter if they said I was good or bad, I wasn’t moved but kept looking inward. I was able to eliminate my attachments.

I seldom smiled until my supervisor asked me to serve my clients with a smile. After a while, my supervisor said, “You cultivate very well now, as you have learned how to smile, and your smile is very nice.” I knew it was Master encouraging me.

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