(Minghui.org) Twenty-six years have passed and every time I recall my encounters with Master I feel extremely blessed and grateful. It seems like everything only happened yesterday. When I’ve encountered danger on my path of cultivation, Master has always been there to protect and save me by dissolving the tribulations. No words can describe how infinite Buddha’s grace is. I can only repay Master by being more diligent and by cultivating as if I was just starting. I am in tears as I sincerely thank Master! 

I would like to share with fellow practitioners the beautiful memories of when I first met Master. 

Attending Master’s Lectures in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province

I was fortunate to be able to attend lectures in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, and the fourth and fifth lecture series in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in 1993. In May that year, the lecture sessions in Chenzhou were held at the training base of the Chinese women’s national volleyball team 

I was the last one to enter the conference hall to attend Master’s lecture on the first day. After passing through the door, I saw the back of someone looking at a flyer. I thought to myself, “This might be Master!” I felt very close to Master, like a relative, and I felt very blessed. I briskly walked to the back row and quietly sat down, thinking that I should leave a good impression for Master. 

While Master was lecturing, many people were fanning themselves with fans. When Master told the practitioners to put their fans down, a cool breeze drifted across the room. It was truly miraculous. 

Many people gathered up the front by Master on the second day, and I followed them. When Master began to lecture, everyone returned to their seats.

The weather was very hot in Chenzhou city. During the lecture Master commented that the weather was quite hot so wouldn’t be nice if it rained a little bit? It then started to rain and the weather became cooler. The weather forecast had not predicted rain that day.

Master gave lectures with gong [or strong energy], which purified everyone’s bodies. A female practitioner walked past me and fainted while everyone was listening to Master’s lectures. She woke up a short time later and slowly got up. It seemed like she had become a whole new person and was very happy.

When the last session of the lectures ended, Master asked everyone to stand and followed Master’s instructions. We stomped our left leg, and then our right leg on the floor. At the same time, Master also moved and waved his hands to purify practitioners’ bodies. 

After that, Master did some large hand signs, or mudras, for us and spun the Falun. I felt something being taken out of my body and I also felt that many things were being given to me. My body felt very light and I was covered in sweat. It felt very wonderful.

The weather was very hot when the lectures ended. I am an introverted person who gets upset very easily, and on this day, I started to become passive again. Just then, Master passed by, and I greeted Master by saying, “Greetings Master Li! My mother asked me to send you greetings on her behalf before I left home!”

Master said: “Good! Good!” Master looked in the direction of my house and purified my mother’s body, even though they were 1000 li (about 500 km) apart. When I got home, my mother told me that she felt changes in her body at that time. 

I shook hands with Master. Master did not put on airs at all. I felt endlessly blessed and that it was an incomparably wonderful honor to meet Master. 

On the last day, practitioners from different regions took pictures with Master. Master always had a smile on his face while with practitioners. 

I heard that Master did not eat a lot and truly worked very hard while enduring a lot for practitioners.

By nightfall, practitioners from other regions returned home. 

Attending Guangzhou’s Fourth Lecture Series

Guangzhou’s fourth lecture series started two days after the Chenzhou city lectures. Those who signed up were able to get a half-price ticket. I signed up for the fourth lecture series in Guangzhou and was getting ready to head to the train station when the local coordinator for Chenzhou said, “Let’s see Master off!” I was very happy and followed her to the train station. 

Master was in a small waiting room. I stood for a while until the assistant coordinator of Guangzhou came out of the waiting room with half a watermelon and said, “Master is offering this watermelon for you.”

Master came out with a group of people at about 7 p.m. Those who followed Master were local coordinators from Beijing and other regions. While crossing the bridge, I said, “Master Li, I hurt the left part of my head while practicing exercises from Taoism.” Master told me not to pay any attention to it. I thought I did not express myself clearly, so I repeated what I said. Master told me the same thing: do not pay any attention to it. 

I had hurt my head while practicing exercises from Taoism and it was quite painful. I used my mind-intent and forced the qi out of the left side of my head and it affected the whole left side of my body. Master gave me a Falun on the left side of my head. While I was sleeping on one occasion, I saw many golden beams rotating on the left side of my head. Even till now, the golden beams still exist.

The train was delayed that night. Before the train arrived in the station, Master looked in the direction of the train and said there were no seats left. Miraculously, when the train arrived at the station, the train conductor came out and said, “No more seats left!”

There were only standing tickets left, so Master got on the train and stood for more than 10 hours. The fourth lecture series in Guangzhou was about to start the next day and Master had really been working hard. 

The lectures started the following day at the Guangzhou City Government Hall and were later moved to the Guangzhou Military Auditorium. When the first session ended, Master started to purify practitioners' bodies. Everyone gathered together and listened for Master’s directions. Some people were impatient and began stamping their feet in advance. Master patiently waited for everyone to get ready and then gave the directions to stamp their feet. Everyone was very happy after the session. I felt a very strong energy field around my body and two Falun rotating on one of the palms of my hand.

Many Falun Dafa practitioners from other countries also came to the fourth lecture series. There was a coordinator from Hong Kong who wanted Master to purify her niece’s body. Her niece was 13 years old and had been in a wheelchair for eight years. Master purified her niece’s body, but the coordinator still did not believe in Master. It was not until the coordinator went home did she see that her niece had completely recovered. The coordinator was extremely grateful to Master. 

Before the session ended and while everyone was leaving, Master reminded everyone to have compassion in our hearts and maintain a serene expression on our faces.

During the last section of the classes, Master patiently answered practitioners’ questions. Master cares for every practitioner. 

When the fourth session of lectures ended, I saw Master on the steps of the auditorium. I hurried over and said, “Master Li, Falun Dafa practitioners from Macheng city wish for Master to head over to there. Master said, “Okay, okay.” I shook hands with Master once again. 

Master’s eyes beamed a strong energy to my heart. My heart was shaken, and I was frozen, but this state soon disappeared. My heart no longer ached. After I returned to where I was staying, I started to cry uncontrollably. 

Attending Guangzhou’s Fifth Lecture Series

Many practitioners from my hometown attended Master’s fifth lecture series. I went as well. I was very happy to see Master again. The weather was nice and bright and emitted an air of festivity. A practitioner with his third eye open saw a big Falun embossing the whole sky. Ordinary people saw a silver plate above the skies of Guangzhou, and the Yangcheng Evening News published a report about it. 

Even with the tickets all sold out, many people from other regions still came to listen to Master’s lectures. Since many people were unable to enter the auditorium, Master arranged for a secondary auditorium to play Master’s lectures on a television screen. Master said the effects of the secondary auditorium were the same as the main auditorium. Master also headed to the secondary auditorium to meet with practitioners. 

Master was very punctual in giving lectures each day. On the third day, Master suddenly appeared next to us. Many practitioners began to surround Master and followed Master around. I shook hands with Master once again. 

I feel very fortunate when I recall my experiences with Master and it makes me more diligent. Let us hold Master’s hand, strive forward diligently, and follow Master home. 

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