(Minghui.org) I bought two books, Zhuan Falun and Zhuan Falun Volume II at a bookstall in Beijing in June 1996. At that time nearly every book store and bookstall/stand in Beijing sold Falun Dafa books. After I started to practice Falun Dafa I understood the meaning of life.

During the past 25 years, I’ve met many kind people who’ve quietly helped practitioners after the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) launched the persecution. Their kind deeds brought them blessings. I’d like to share a few stories with you.

Flower Shop Business Improves

I was arrested five times and detained in forced labor camps twice because I refused to renounce Falun Dafa. My company fired me. I got 255 yuan for my unemployment benefit each month and my wife got 146 yuan for sick allowance each month. How could we make ends meet?

I asked my company to restore my job and at the same time, I looked for work. A practitioner helped me find a job in a flower shop. I clarified the truth to the owner and the clients. Two weeks later the boss dismissed me without giving any reason. I guess he was afraid that his business would be affected because I clarified the truth to the clients.

The practitioner told me that she found a job in another flower shop for me. This shop was next to the other flower shop. The boss Ben (alias) was 46 years old and looked very kind.

When I clarified the truth to Ben he listened quietly. I said, “I practice Falun Dafa to be a good person. I comply with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is not a crime to have a belief.” Ben knew the CCP was evil. He gave me a higher wage and later paid for my monthly bus fare.

I clarified the truth to the clients every day. The more I clarified the truth, the more clients we had. Among our clients were policemen, judges, prosecutors, government officials, military officers, security officers, teachers and students. They came from all walks of life. Many of them learned the facts about Falun Dafa and treated practitioners kindly.

One day I clarified the truth to two elderly ladies. One of them asked, “If Falun Dafa is good, then why did the man set himself on fire on Tiananmen Square?” The other lady said, “There are many Falun Dafa practitioners in our area. They are all good people. They would not do such things.” The first lady changed her attitude and said, “Yes, they are all good people. They don’t do silly things.”

I told them, “The CCP staged the Tiananmen Self-Immolation incident to frame Falun Dafa, to deceive people and incite hatred against practitioners. Practitioners cultivate themselves and comply with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The CCP does just the opposite: It cheats people and incites fighting. The CCP staged it to frame Falun Dafa.” After they learned the truth, they bought the flowers and left.

One day, a policeman wearing a judicial police logo came to buy flowers. After we chatted I said, “You are a policeman. Please don’t participate in any activities to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Our ancestors believed that good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished.” He listened while selecting flowers. He spent 100 yuan.

“I thought you would definitely clarify the truth to him,” Ben said. He was a bit nervous. But the policeman bought four pots of flowers and spent 100 yuan and left happily. Ben felt happy as well.

One middle-aged man came to buy flower pots. When I clarified the truth to him he asked if I knew what his job was. I said, “You are a policeman.” “Yes, I am,” he said, “Many of my classmates practice Falun Dafa. They are all good people. Please be careful because the 16th National Congress is about to open.” I thanked him.

When I delivered flowers Ben said, “This man is rich. Please clarify the truth to him.”

I clarified the truth to Ben’s friends—many were government officials or owned businesses. They asked Ben if he worried about his business because I clarified the truth to people. Ben said, “Falun Dafa practitioners have to make a living. What he said is the truth.”

Ben told me, “Let this shop be your truth-clarification place.” I felt so happy for him. Actually, his business was not affected. Rather it grew bigger. He was blessed by Dafa. Ben, his wife, and the other two employees were very busy every day. They earned hundreds and even thousands of yuan a day.

I treated every client with sincerity hoping all of them would know the truth. Many of them repeatedly came back. Some called out, “Falun Dafa is good,” when they saw me.

Ben realized that Falun Dafa practitioners are trustworthy, and when I left my job one year later, he asked me to find a Falun Dafa practitioner to replace me.

Kind Female Police Officer

One day I came across a female police officer Wen in my residential area. She said, “Did you know that Master’s new article is published?” I said I didn’t know. She reminded me to be careful. I got Master’s new article that day.

We lived in the same residential area. My neighbor was her relative. I didn’t know she was a police officer because she never wore her uniform at home. I met her in the city drug rehabilitation center.

I was arrested on October 2, 2000. The police were afraid that I would go to the petition office in Beijing to seek justice for Falun Dafa and that they would be dismissed from their positions. They arrested me so they could relax. The local Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the Police Department set up the “City Forced Transformation Center” within the drug rehabilitation center. Hundreds of practitioners who went to Beijing to petition for Falun Dafa were detained in the building. The police used soft and hard means and tried to forcibly transform them and tried to force them to give up their belief.

I was detained on the third floor. Wen and another team leader managed this floor. As punishment, we had to sit on small stools for over ten hours every day. They brainwashed us by making us watch videos that slandered Falun Dafa. Wen and the other police officer looked serious every day but they were not malicious. My mother-in-law and wife came to see me and brought a bag of food. I gave the food to the other practitioners and two bunches of grapes to the two female police officers.

When Wen and the other police officer were on duty, she told practitioners to relax. When the bell rang and the other police officers came she shouted: “Sit up straight!” The police officers who knew the truth tried their best to help practitioners.

Wen told me that she lived in my residential area and one of her relatives lived in my building. I said, “Please make sure that you treat practitioners kindly. They are good people. It is a crime to persecute good people.”

One day Wen asked several practitioners to the kitchen to prepare preserved vegetables. She said, “I asked you to come out to relax. ‘Transformation’ for what? Right?” I laughed and clarified the truth to her. She said, “My parents taught me to be a good person when I was a child. Though I don’t practice Falun Dafa, I try to be a good person according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. When the CCP started to persecute Falun Dafa, we thought it was right. After we met you, we realized practitioners are all good people and that the CCP was wrong.”

The senior team leader talked to practitioners every day to persuade them to give up their belief. When she talked to me I said, “The videos slander Falun Dafa and distort Master’s teachings. You bring all our Master’s books, audio lectures and other audio materials here. We practitioners will check every video, every audio recording and every word with you to see if our Master said that. Our Master didn’t say those things. The CCP deceives people with lies. This is the method the CCP uses to persecute people and launch political campaigns.” The leader didn’t say anything and just quietly listened to me.

The next day she told me that I would be in detention for 15 days. Practitioners who were not "transformed" were illegally detained, sent to forced labor camps, or sentenced to prison. They were not able to "transform" me. I was taken to the detention center after I was held in the drug rehabilitation center for 16 days.

I clarified the truth to the inmates during my detention. My father-in-law came to pick me up on the fourth day. He came to the detention center in the car of the deputy head of the supervision detachment of the city police department. I was working on the farm at that time. The senior team leader asked me to come to the office. The deputy head said, “I cannot persuade you to give up Falun Dafa. Collect your things.” He drove me home. I told him to treat practitioners kindly because they are good people.

Soon after I came home, I saw Wen in my residential area. She asked, “Did I look serious? I have to in that environment. When practitioners are sent in, they are miserable. Some aren’t even wearing shoes. They don’t have towels, toilet tissues, toothpaste, or toothbrushes. I bought them shoes, shirts, towels, and toilet tissues and I help them.”

“Our director went to Hong Kong,” she continued. “He said that Falun Dafa is legal in Hong Kong and no one bothers practitioners. They stand in public places, openly hand out materials and tell people about Dafa. Jiang Zemin [the former CCP leader] is really bad and ordered the Chinese police to persecute Falun Dafa and commit crimes.” I felt so happy for her awakening.

When a local practitioner was arrested, practitioners asked her to help rescue him. She went to see the director of the police station and the practitioner was released that day. On one occasion she lent 2000 yuan to a practitioner couple who were forced to leave home to avoid persecution. With her help, the couple avoided being arrested.

Local practitioners trusted her. They left their Falun Dafa books and IDs with her before they were sent to forced labor camps. After they were released, she gave them back their items.

During that brutal time, over 800 practitioners in our city were sent to forced labor camps and nearly 400 practitioners were sentenced to prison. Over 100 practitioners died of persecution. Thousands of practitioners were detained in the drug rehabilitation center, the detention center, and the brainwashing center.

Udumbara Flowers Bloom in a Research Institute

Udumbara flowers have recently begun blossoming in many places all over the world. Buddha Shakyamuni once said that when the Udumbara flower blooms, it means that the holy king of Falun is spreading the Fa and saving sentient beings in the world.

A practitioner asked me to come and see the Udumbara flowers blooming in the research institute he worked at. I heard the solemn Dafa music Pu Du playing inside the building when I arrived. I saw a row of ten white Udumbara flowers blossoming on the iron gate. The practitioner put the picture of the Udumbara flowers blossoming on the face of a Buddha statue on the door of the reception room with an explanation underneath.

On the wall of the reception room was a row of Falun Dafa materials and pamphlets. It seemed like the persecution didn’t happen in the institute. Actually, the practitioner was arrested a year ago. He was set free without charge due to his righteous thoughts and firm belief in Dafa.

He was a senior engineer. His boss put him in the reception room and reduced his salary due to pressure. He did this job well without any complaint or resentment and continued clarifying the truth to his colleagues.

The Udumbara flowers awakened people’s divinity. His colleagues are very intelligent and can see through the CCP’s lies.

This practitioner tells the management teams about how wonderful Falun Dafa is and how the CCP deceives people with lies. The wife of the institute director is the police officer of the city detention center. They all learned the facts about Falun Dafa. All his colleagues knew the truth and no longer listened to the CCP’s lies. They stopped carrying out the CCP’s orders to persecute practitioners. Many of them quit the CCP.

Many People Helped Falun Dafa Practitioner

I was released in July 2005 after two years of forced labor camp detention. One day I received a phone call. That person claimed that he was the director of the military transfer office and asked me if I wanted to work. He said that I could talk to him if I needed help. He asked me to go to the hall of the district administration building with my household registration book and ID card.

When I arrived there, I was told to get my salary for the period of my illegal detention. I told the cashier and the people around her about the persecution I went through. They asked me to sit down and tell them in detail. They were sympathetic and listened quietly. The cashier gave me a bank card and I got my salary—over 10,000 yuan back. The cashier learned the truth and agreed to withdraw her membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Then I went to the military transfer office and asked the director to arrange a job for me. I clarified the truth to him. He closed his office door and started to tell me about the job. I said to him openly and honestly: “The Chinese Constitution gives citizens freedom of belief. I believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Falun Dafa is legal and should be protected. The CCP regime manipulated the police to ransack my home, arrest me, put me into a forced labor camp, fired me from my position and stopped my salary. I just want my job back. It is my right to defend my right to live.” He was very kind and listened attentively.

I said, “Two books are popular among the army officers and soldiers. One is the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the other is The Real Jiang Zemin. More and more of them, the generals and the soldiers learned the truth and quit their membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Please read the book The Real Jiang Zemin and you will know how he caused chaos in the military. The book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party talks about how the CCP persecutes Falun Dafa and non-practitioners.”

I told him the principle of “good will be rewarded and bad will be punished” and asked him not to become the CCP’s accomplice to persecute practitioners. I also told him that he would be blessed if he protected practitioners and he would accumulate great virtue. After he learned the truth, he told me to see the street organization section chief.

I clarified the truth to the employees of the street organization section. The section chief asked me to talk to the Party secretary of the local residence committee. I clarified the truth to him and the other two officers in charge of persecuting practitioners. The Party secretary said, “You can go home and wait for the news.”

The director of the military transfer office, the street organization section chief, community director, and five over officers came to see me at the end of July 2005. They conveyed their greetings and gave me 500 yuan. The director said, “On behalf of the Party and the government, I come to convey our greetings.”

I smiled and said, “Director, I will not thank the Party or the government. The evil CCP tramples on freedom of belief, and deprived me of my right to live. I will not thank them. But I thank all of you who helped me kindly.” They were a bit shocked.

The community center contacted me to attend the free computer training classes in the spring of 2006. I participated in the training and was measured for a uniform. I began working on June 6th. I got back pay of over 4000 yuan on my first pay in July. I bought a computer and a printer. Thus my home materials production site was set up.

While I was persecuted for practicing Falun Dafa, I did various jobs such as housekeeping, delivering newspapers, selling flowers, managing a street stall, and doing hard labor. I clarified the truth wherever I was. I treasure what I have gone through and every moment that other people helped me.

I would like to thank those good people who help Falun Dafa practitioners with kindness. Your kind deeds today will become your great virtue and blessings in the future.

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