(Minghui.org) I am a relatively new Falun Dafa practitioner, who started to practice Falun Dafa over a year ago. Before cultivating, I was a selfish person. I cared only about making money, and having a comfortable life. I thought my business was successful. I was arrogant, and didn't believe in anything. I was a true atheist and had a bad temper. 

However, I experienced something extraordinary in the past one-plus year. It changed me, and I have changed into a different person.

I am a small business owner. My wife has been practicing Falun Dafa for many years. We’ve had a good life. But I frequently felt uncomfortable since the end of 2018. It only got worse. Sometimes my stomach was full of gas, bloated like a ball full of gas, and I couldn’t eat anything. The bloating was extremely painful.

My condition worsened at the beginning of 2019. My belly was bloated. I didn’t dare to eat rice, and could only drink a little porridge to survive. I went to the hospital. According to the diagnosis, my entire digestive system was in bad shape and inflamed. Since then, I looked everywhere for treatment and cures.

I tried Western medicines and Chinese medicines. I went to the best hospital in the capital city of the province. I tried all kinds of drugs and injections. Yet nothing could cure my disease. My body dropped from 90 kilograms to 75 kilograms. A Chinese-medicine doctor who took my pulse told me that my strength was less than a woman’s. I felt that there was no meaning in living anymore.

My wife often suggested that it would be better if I would practice Falun Dafa. However, I didn’t believe her, and often argued with her. Each day was like a year. I was depressed, yet I was still busy with my business.

By the end of 2019, my condition worsened. My appendix hurt so badly that I couldn’t take care of my business. My wife told me again that I should practice Falun Dafa. I joked, “I would practice if you show me in a dream. Then, I will believe.” She didn’t say anything, and I wasn’t serious about it.

I did have a dream three days later. In that dream, I had breakfast at a restaurant. It was still dark with only a little light in the eastern sky. Just as I sat down, the guest at the next table to my east shouted, “Look, what is that?” Everyone stood up and went outside to take a look. I was also curious and went out.

There was a small pinkish bright spot in the eastern sky. It was getting bigger and bigger. Finally it spread, transforming into four big Chinese characters “Falun Dafa.” The characters were so bright. Then, I heard a man saying, “As of now, human society has come to an end.”

At this point, I remembered that my wife had been telling me, “If the great disaster truly happens one day, don’t forget to recite ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ These words can save your life. It’s true, no matter if you believe in Falun Dafa or not.” I joined my hand together, recited those words repeatedly, and woke up from the dream.

I couldn’t fall asleep again. It is said that at night people dream about what they think about during the day. But I didn’t think about it, how could I have such a dream? The dream was so vivid and real.

I told my wife about the dream the next day. She said, “Master is so compassionate. He gave you a sign that you need to start cultivation.” I denied, “In dreams, you can dream anything. This dream could mean nothing. Show me another dream and I will believe.” As I am writing right now, I feel so ashamed of my past. I was not worthy of Master’s hint.

The fourth quarter was the busiest time of the year for my business. I had to take medicine and injections every day so that I could keep up. One day, my appendix was extremely painful. It felt worse than death. The doctor at the clinic next door said, “You should have surgery. Your life could be in danger if you continue to suffer like this.”

After I got home, I laid in bed. It was too painful to move. My wife said, “It’s 11:30 p.m. How can you find a good doctor to operate on you?” I said, “You’re right. What should I do?” I started to panic. She paused for a few seconds and said, “Let me play a recording of Master’s lectures for you, all right?” I couldn’t think much about it because of the pain, so I agreed, “Please do.”

I put on earphones and listened to Master’s lectures. About 10 minutes later, I fell asleep. I slept for about half an hour. When I woke up, I was stunned. I thought, “I am sick. I was in extreme pain just now. But how did I fall asleep?”

I touched my belly. The bloating in my stomach was gone. My belly had shrunk, and my appendix didn’t hurt at all. I had never felt so comfortable, and it was as if I had a new set of organs.

I was wondering how that was possible. I had been sick for a year. I went to so many places yet no one could cure my disease. And it just instantly disappeared? Could everything I was told about Falun Dafa be true? There were all kinds of speculations in my head. I was energized and didn’t feel sleepy at all. It took me a long time to fall asleep again.

The next morning, I felt hungry and ate a bowl of rice, which I hadn’t eaten for a year. I thought, “Is what my wife said true? Is it the time that I should get well?” I was not enlightened. I still had doubts. I didn’t tell my wife about it. I thought that if my disease was indeed cured, I will truly believe it. I wanted to wait a few more days and see. 

A week later, the bloating didn’t return, and all the other symptoms didn’t recur either. I even gained some weight. I was recovering more and more strength. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me.

I felt suddenly awakened from a dream. I came to understand lots of things. I realized how compassionate Master has been to me. Master saved me. I made big mistakes one after another before. I felt ashamed. I would be hopeless if I had continued to be ignorant. This time, I made up my mind that I would firmly believe in Falun Dafa and Master.

I told my wife, “I believe you. I truly do. Master has been giving me so many signs and opportunities. Yet, I had been so stubborn. That was shameful. From now on, I will believe in Master and Falun Dafa. My faith will be as firm as iron.” She was very happy for me. 

I understood that Master gave me a healthy body to help me cultivate. I sincerely began to cultivate on January 1, 2020. Now I have been cultivating for over a year. I have understood so much, and my entire life has changed. I understand the true meaning of life. My body is now as healthy as it was when I was in my 20s.

Thank you, Master!

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