Lord of Buddha’s compassion rectifies the cosmos,      creating new heaven and earth from the Fa;Sacred melody and divine music come like manna,      guiding people to kindness as the world is renewed.Compassion from Master      is boundless and unprecedented;Dafa reaches everywhere,      solemn and glorious.

Cultivating in this earthly world,      we practitioners are always looked after by Master;Lost in maze with temptations,      we look to the Fa for guidance.Leaving behind comfort in the harsh suppression,      practitioners telling facts awakening people from lies;Tempered like diamond in countless tests,      with a pure heart we thank Master for the salvation.Compassion from Master      is boundless with profound wisdom;From heaven to earth in ten directions,      sentient beings praise Dafa with happiness.

With great mighty virtue      Master cleanses the cosmos,Assisting Master and remaining diligent,      we practitioners save people and return to the origin.Compassion from Master      makes the new cosmos prosperous forever;Salvation of sentient beings at large,      is an everlasting song from now on.

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Category: Dafa Day Art Designs