(Minghui.org) The following are cultivation stories of three Falun Dafa practitioners.

Thank You, Master! I Am So Grateful!

I am an elderly Falun Dafa practitioner and live in a rural area. In my cultivation practice, I have encountered many things that seemed coincidental, but I knew they happened for a reason. Today, I will share a few of them.

I went to our village market to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. There was a man there selling oil paintings. He had his paintings on the ground, and most of them were portraits of Mao. I thought, “How many people would be poisoned by this? A good wind should blow away these Mao portraits!”

Soon, a strong whirlwind came and blew the paintings all over the place. Some flew so far away they could not be retrieved.

One rainy afternoon, I was distributing booklets about Falun Dafa door-to-door when I noticed a young man had been following me. I sent forth a thought, “Freeze him so he can’t stop me!” I continued to distribute the booklets. When I returned, the young man was still standing in the same spot. I said to him, “It’s raining. Why don’t you go home?” He became alert and walked off.

I went to a neighboring village to collect some informational materials about Dafa. As I was walking home with my bag of materials, I noticed three people following me on motorcycles. One of them yelled, “That's her!”

I was the only person on the road, so I knew they were chasing me. The informational materials are for saving people, I thought. What should I do? I asked Master for help.

As the three motorcyclists were catching up to me, a vehicle pulling chicken feed pulled up next to me, and the driver said, “Quick, get in.”

The driver was from my village. When we arrived in our village, the three motorcycles were waiting at the entrance for me. However, the driver of our vehicle made a quick turn and headed toward the chicken farm outside the village. I was out of danger.

Thank you, Master, for your protection!

Help Was There When I Asked

I was driving my three-wheeler to the countryside to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa when I accidentally locked the key inside. I began to panic and blamed myself for rushing and not paying attention to what I was doing. I was full of regret and did not know what to do.

Then it occurred to me to ask Master for help. I immediately asked in my heart, “Master, please help me open the car door so I can go home.”

As soon as I finished the sentence, a car pulled up next to me and a middle-aged man got out. I told the man what had happened. He had a flat steel bar and used it to open my door.

Before I could thank the man, he had driven off too far to hear me.

I am sure he was sent by Master. Thank you, Master, for saving me so quickly!

Family Harmonizes After I Looked Within

I used to work in a bathhouse my son owned. For some reason, no matter what I did, my son and his wife were never satisfied. I always felt aggrieved. “They cannot put up with it if I arrive early, and even more so if I arrive late. Nothing I did was good enough. They often say mean things to me,” I thought. Sometimes I cried over their treatment of me.

As I continued studying the Dafa teachings, I gradually realized that perhaps they were doing this to help me remove my attachment to grievance and the feeling I was treated unfairly.

Upon this thought, Master enlightened me that in a past life, my son was kind to me. I understood and gradually let go of my attachments. I then sincerely told my son and his wife, “It’s my fault. I am a practitioner and should not have created any conflicts with you.”

My son and his wife’s attitude changed completely. They treated me much better, alarmingly so.

I came to understand that, when a problem arises, it is indeed time for us to look within, and the environment will then improve.

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