(Minghui.org) Six police officers from another province illegally arrested two Falun Dafa practitioners in our region and searched their homes in March 2021. The police said that they had received Dafa informational materials from our post office and were able to recognize the two practitioners from surveillance cameras on the mailbox.

The two practitioners had strong righteous thoughts and were not afraid. After they were taken to the police station, they clarified the truth about Dafa to the local police, as well as the police from outside the province. Some of our local police officers had already quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

After being interrogated for several hours by the police from outside the province, one practitioner said to them, “I’m going home now. Please give my Dafa books, video players, and other personal belongings back to me. You can have the booklets about Falun Dafa and the amulets with words about Dafa. You should read them, as they will be good for you. From now on, please don’t interfere with my life.”

One of the officers replied, “Okay, we promise that we won’t come to you again.”

After a while, an officer packed all the belongings of that practitioner into a big bag and sent the practitioner home. The practitioner thanked him and told him that he would be blessed.

The police officer responded, “I will protect you as much as I can. I have protected many Dafa practitioners and I have been blessed. Both of my children are very good-looking. I have a good job and a lovely family.”

He continued, “Many of us [police officers] have read the book Zhuan Falun.”

After a while, the other practitioner was released from the police station, and the police returned his Dafa books and video players.

Those police officers chose the right path after understanding the facts about Dafa, and naturally they and their families will be blessed.

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