(Minghui.org) When some people went to my school principal to see what his attitude about me as a Falun Dafa practitioner was, he said, “She [referring to me] is intelligent. Please do not talk to her about Falun Dafa. You cannot change her.”

One school official said, “[Practicing Falun Dafa] is her freedom of belief and it is beyond us. If [Falun Dafa is] not good, who would practice it?”

Another official joked with me, “You will be okay when it comes time for you to apply for academic titles. Even if you lose all the points in the first section regarding supporting the Chinese Communist Party, you would still earn enough points in other areas.”

The attitude of the leaders at my school influenced other employees, who have also become more supportive of my practicing Falun Dafa.

Below is my story of validating Falun Dafa at my school during the past 21 years.


I started to teach in July 1999. Half a month later, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a nationwide persecution of Falun Dafa. At the time, I was a novice Dafa practitioner and didn't know any other practitioners in this new city.

Somehow I went to Tiananmen Square by myself. Looking up the gray sky, I called out in my mind, “Master! Please help me.” My tears ran down my cheeks.

The Beginning of the Persecution

As soon as officials at my school heard that I practiced Falun Dafa, they were very concerned. Misled by CCP propaganda, one official blamed practitioners for the peaceful appeal on April 25, 1999, and said, “You people can't go to Tiananmen Square to appeal! You can’t just stage an appeal wherever you feel like it.”

“We just wanted to tell the government what’s happening,” I explained.

But she continued attacking me, her high-pitched voice parroting CCP propaganda.

I reminded myself to remain calm by following Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. While I didn't fight back, other teachers heard the commotion and asked the principal to intervene.

“All right. Let’s just stop here,” the principal came in and said to us.

After that, a local police officer often showed up on campus. “I am here for so-and-so,” he said. Some teachers were worried about my safety. I always remembered Falun Dafa teachings, so I was kind to everyone, including the police officer. Our conversation was simple.

“Falun Dafa is good and it is being unjustly targeted,” I said.

The officer knew I would not change my mind. “You know, without an official transfer of hukou (household registration usually handled by police) from your hometown to this new city, you are still a temporary employee here,” he said. “You could lose your job at any time.”

“I understand the pressure you and the school are facing from higher-ups,” I replied. “And I really appreciate your support.”

Later on, I went to Tiananmen Square, unfurled a banner, and was detained for a week. Not long after that, I was arrested again for distributing materials in a military residential area. People from my school picked me up from the detention center and put me under house arrest. They took away my Falun Dafa books and assigned someone to visit me every day in my small apartment.

Master said:

“When others say something bad about us, we can let them know how good we are, and we can reason with them entirely using the good side.”

“We practice kindheartedness—treating others kindheartedly. I often say this: When a person talks to someone else, if he points out that person’s shortcomings or tells him something without attaching any of his own notions, the other person will be moved to tears.” (Teachings at the Conference in Singapore)

I kept these words in mind. No matter who came, I talked to them instead of avoiding them. I told them how good Falun Dafa is and shared my joy of cultivation practice and the principles I had enlightened to from it. No school officials gave me a hard time anymore, and they often helped me. When they saw I’d been living on a napa cabbage for an entire week and not buying food from the school cafeteria, they often brought groceries for us to cook and eat together. After having a good understanding of Falun Dafa, they were relieved to know I was not a troublemaker. Some of them asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun to read. And many of them defended me when others had misunderstandings about my belief.

Becoming a Full-Time Employee

After a while, I was allowed to go back to teaching as usual. I cared about my students and worked hard. Compared to other recent college graduates the school had hired, my performance—as measured by my students' grades, gym, classroom cleanness, and feedback from other teachers—was outstanding.

At that time, I was assigned to handle the worst class in a certain grade. The former homeroom teacher, who was more experienced, was moved elsewhere and I, a recent college graduate, replaced her. I put all my heart into my class. The students could feel it and they respected me. I was a high-achiever as a student, so I knew how to study and help my students become more efficient. They loved me for that.

But there was a troublemaker. He often missed homework and had trouble sitting through his classes. Other teachers reported his problems to me. I tried all kinds of things, such as encouraging him to do better and offering extra help, but nothing worked. Instead, he slapped me in the face in front of the class. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I simply ignored the insult.

Master said,

“We have said, however, that as a practitioner one should not fight back when being punched or insulted, but should conduct oneself with a high standard.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I read teachings like this every day, so I could take it. I knew if I could not stop there, it would not be good for that student or the school.

“Let’s talk after class,” I said to him.

I then turned to face the rest of the class, who were all stunned, and told them everything was fine. I finished the lesson I’d planned.

Later on, school officials heard about this incident from other students.

“Is it because you practice Falun Dafa that you handled it like that?” one of them asked.

I nodded. I explained that Master Li had said, “When an average person is humiliated, he’ll draw his sword to fight.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun) Master also gave the example of Han Xin, who was able to tolerate insults. If I had fought with the student, other students would learn to fight as well. But when I returned the insult with kindness and forgiveness, the students would learn something better.

Because I did well as a practitioner, everything went well. Similar to other new teachers, I became a full-time employee, my household registration was transferred to the new city without any trouble, and I got my employee benefits like everyone else.

Inside the Forced Labor Camp

Nonetheless, my cultivation was not good enough. I didn’t study the Fa enough, lacked a clear understanding of the Fa principles, and did a poor job sending forth righteous thoughts. Although I was determined to cultivate, very often I just did things with a human heart. Then, my child had a dream in which a boat was leaking and I fell into the water.

Not long after that, I was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp. Because of my faith in Falun Dafa, I was put in solitary confinement and several inmates were assigned to watch me. Still, I reported how they mistreated me by depositing complaint letters in the whistleblower box. Higher officials investigated my complaints and later reprimanded and demoted the team lead of the division I was in.

I was then transferred to the Intensive Training Division, but I still tried to report the abuse of practitioners through the whistleblower box. The inmates assigned to watch me often stopped me by pushing me down on the floor and covering my mouth with a towel (they carried towels all the time to silence practitioners).

“The letters you write actually work,” a guard once told me secretly.

For a while, a deputy manager of the Intensive Training Division repeatedly suggested that I write to my school. At that time, the head of the school had been replaced with someone new, and I had no interest in keeping my job while I was incarcerated in the labor camp. I just focused on maintaining my righteous thoughts and getting through each day. Plus, what could I write to my school about? If I wrote about Falun Dafa, the persecution and the forced labor, the letter would never make it out of the labor camp. And even if it did, would school officials dare to read and discuss my letter openly to show their support for me? I could write a greeting letter, but that would not help with anything. Nonetheless, since the deputy manager had kindly reminded me, I thought I should not turn him down. As a Dafa disciple, I needed to validate the Fa with righteousness, rationality, and wisdom. I should not complain or seek sympathy in my letter.

Master said,

“In our school of practice, those who practice cultivation among everyday people are required to practice cultivation precisely in ordinary human society, and to fit in among everyday people as much as possible.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

With that in mind, I wrote a sincere letter:

“After being separated from my students for a long time, I miss them very much. I love my work and I am very grateful for the support of school officials. I feel bad because we are like a family in the school, but I have not been able to get together with you lately even for tea. I really hope that people who know me well in the school could say a few words for me—without them, who else can I count on?

“Please also know that, regardless of where I am or what happens to me, as a teacher, I will live by the ethics of honesty, fairness, and perseverance. I will not bend my principles to please others at the expense of my conscience, nor will I betray the trust that school officials and other teachers have put in me. I will live honestly, even if it means I have to suffer a bit for now. It is worth it, because after this chapter of history comes to a close, the school officials and teachers will see it was the right thing to do to help me.”

A few days later, I was told the letter had been sent out. I was relieved because I knew the righteous thoughts of a Dafa disciple are solid like diamond and they can dissolve vicious elements and rectify people’s hearts. Then my sister called me and told me that the school principal had offered to give me part of my salary every month. I stopped her and said we could discuss it after I was released.

“What happened? You employer is now paying you?” asked an officer who had been listening in on our conversation as she removed her headphones.

“I don’t want to think about it now,” I replied. “I have to get out of here first. Who knows what happened.” I said that because I did not want to get my school or its officials in trouble.

The officer nodded. She had seen too many cases of practitioners’ employers coming to the labor camp to fire them.

I learned later that, after receiving my letter, the officials at my school showed it to others in the CCP committee meeting, something they would not have done had the letter mentioned Falun Dafa directly. The team’s decision was that, since they could not help much, they would at least give me part of my salary. From this I learned that when a practitioner walks the cultivation path well, the surrounding environment will also change.

When I was released, an officer who walked me out of the labor camp said, “Maybe you could work as a tutor. At least you could make some money.” She did not think I would keep my job. I thanked her for her kindness. In my mind, I was reciting one of Master’s poems, “Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions:”

“A Great Enlightened One fears no hardshipHaving forged an adamantine willFree of attachment to living or dyingHe walks the path of Fa-rectificationconfident and poised”(Hong Yin II)

At that moment, I didn't care too much about having the job or not.

That same day, I called my school to say I was back. The person who answered replied with one sentence, “Okay, come back to work then.”

Being Considerate of Others and Settling Down at Work

I was back in my office two days after I was released. With new leaders and new teachers, I knew hardly anyone. There seemed to be a barrier between them and me. Everyone kept a distance from me. In the past, people had been curious about Falun Dafa, but now they were like: “No matter who you are, you cannot go against the Party.” Any mention of Dafa or anything related would be seen as a “sensitive” topic.

Other than work and daily life, everyone seemed to avoid this topic. Officials said it was to protect me. I did not dare to cross the line, thinking someone could report me.

On the other hand, I also knew that this was not right. Master said in his poem, “Hurry Up And Tell Them,”

“As Dafa disciples clarify the truthSharp swords shoot forth from their mouthsTearing open the rotten demons’ liesLose no time and save them,hurry up and tell them”(Hong Yin II)

It is true that the officials had helped me with my salary and work. But in this environment of hate propaganda and the general public’s misunderstanding of Dafa, plus all sorts of persecution policies from above, their support of Dafa practitioners might dwindle unless I started doing something to change the environment.

I knew that, as a practitioner, I should overcome barriers and clarify the truth. But where should I start? I thought about it and decided to start with my school officials. They needed to understand that the issue of Falun Dafa was not political, that it was about the basic right to practice one's faith. Once they knew that what we practitioners did, such as going to Tiananmen Square to appeal, were peaceful efforts to seek justice when all legal channels of appeal were closed to us, they would know how to place themselves.

But even lawyers who defended practitioners were being arrested at the time, so who dared to accept Falun Dafa materials in public?

Master said,

“Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

With this in mind, I decided to be more considerate of school officials. I wanted to clarify the truth to them, but I'd also need to protect them from being retaliated against by the CCP for protecting practitioners like me.

So I would wrap a DVD with information about Falun Dafa inside a newspaper and walk into an official’s office. After gently placing the newspaper on the table, I would say, “Director xx, I have brought you the newspaper.”

Then I would point at the newspaper and continue, “Please look into it. Because you are a member of the management team, I feel obliged to let you know this. Plus, I trust you. This way, you will know what’s going on.” I also gave a hint that no one else would know I had placed a DVD inside the newspaper.

One official told me, “Please do not promote Falun Dafa.” I explained that I was doing it just to survive. “In an environment where many people misunderstand me and Falun Dafa, it is hard for me to work normally with my colleagues,” I said.

The official agreed. Thus, one by one, I reached all core officials by giving them DVDs, USB drives, or personal letters with information about Falun Dafa. My position was that I gave them the informational materials, hoping to hear their feedback or advice. No one got back to me, though. It was like a mutual understanding and mutual trust. They felt safe accepting the materials since they knew I would not tell anyone else about it.

I remained low-key at work while always being respectful and willing to help. On the surface, everyone continued to do their work as if nothing had happened. But things gradually began to change. Officials could use legitimate means to help me. This included acknowledging my achievements at work and avoiding mentioning issues of Falun Dafa in meetings. Many coworkers also noticed this.

From time to time, police officers and 610 Office agents would come to the school to check on me. My school officials initially did not know how to handle this, because they were not sure if I had “made trouble” or if the persecution had been escalated. As a result, I often shared my thoughts in a casual way with school officials, “In fact, these [police and 610 Office] officers do not know what’s going on, either.” Or I would encourage the officials, “Please be well informed about this [Falun Dafa], then it will be easy to handle the police visit.” Sometimes, I told them with determination, “I did not do anything bad, not even anything close to bad. Trust me.” That way, they gained confidence and were no longer fearful.

Some people went to the principal to see what he thought about me. He said, “She [meaning me] is intelligent. Please do not talk to her about Falun Dafa. You cannot change her,” he replied.

Some of the officials also talked about this among themselves. “That is freedom of belief and it is beyond us,” one of them remarked. “If [Falun Dafa is] not good, who would practice it?”

Some middle-level officials also joked with me, “You will be okay when it comes time for you to apply for academic titles. Even if you lose all the points in the section regarding the CCP, you would still earn enough points in other areas.”

Their attitude often influenced regular staff members. Some coworkers also dared to make “inappropriate” remarks: “If someone gives her [me] a hard time, we will all quit the CCP!” one of them said. “The CCP is like a mafia,” commented another one.

These conversations took place in the office. Public opinion had changed.

With this progress, I also gave USB drives with Dafa information to my regular coworkers. They appreciated my trust and put them away safely. When the police or special agents came to school asking about me, some of my coworkers gave them tea and school officials offered them a meal. The police heard things like: “She is a good teacher. She gets along well with others and her own child does very well. We are not clear about Falun Dafa, but she works well and we are happy with her.” The local police were also happy to see me and said they had heard good things about me.

Master said,

“I'm also telling you that all beings in today's world came for the sake of the Fa. If you want a being to clearly understand this point, you should go and clarify the truth to him. It is a master key, the key that can unlock that thing all beings have had sealed off for a long time and been awaiting for ages.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

I now have a better understanding of this teaching.

Rescuing Fellow Practitioners

After some time, there was a reorganization and the leadership team changed. During the new leaders' first school-wide meeting with about 1,000 teachers, the school’s Party secretary gave a speech and then called my name. I was a little nervous. The Party secretary and human resources director said they did not know me, but the police had been in the school five times since they had assumed their new positions.

“This has gone on for many years,” I said. “We are exercising our lawful rights and we are being unjustly targeted.”

As I was about to continue, she stopped me and said, “I don’t know about that. But please be careful.”

Facing these new officials, I felt intense pressure.

Because of my efforts to rescue detained practitioners, I became a target and the police often came to my school to threaten me. Certain school officials had learned the facts about Dafa from me and they were not concerned. But some of the teachers were worried about the frequent police visits.

“She [meaning me] must have done something illegal. Why else would the police come?” one of them said. “She is very capable and even some officials were fooled,” another one added. They also told officials in private not to believe me so as to avoid being implicated.

I was very busy those days and did not have time for this. One practitioner in prison was in a life-threatening condition due to torture. I risked my own safety contacting her family to arrange for a medical parole, but her family was not supportive. Also, a few other young practitioners had been arrested. I went to the local police station many times requesting their release. I also contacted the county domestic security division [one unit of the police department] using my real identity. Despite the risk to my own safety, I felt obliged to help rescue the detained practitioners.

Gradually, I openly talked with the police, wrote them letters, made phone calls, and sent materials to them, demanding the practitioners’ release. They changed and became willing to accept materials. But some young practitioners did not learn the lesson. Right after their release, some ran into problems again due to lack of security measures using their cell phones or WeChat. Talking to these practitioners was a difficult process and gave me many opportunities to improve my xinxing.

Then, right as things began to improve, something happened that put me in the center of a storm. Had it not been for Master’s help and compassion, I would not have made it through.


There was a lot of gossip going around about me at the time: “She’s always late for work,” “She left early,” “She skipped out of class in the middle,” “She’s not focusing on her responsibilities,” and so on. My supervisor heard these things and said to me one day, “I think it’s better if you work in another department.” That department was very demanding time-wise and hardly a job anyone would want. Plus, it would be a demotion for me. As a practitioner, I nonetheless decided to follow the arrangement.

There was a teacher (whom I will refer to as “Amy”) in the school who was kind of a loner. She often heard other teachers say I was a good person. Because of conflicts, other teachers who shared a dorm with her all moved out. She cried and asked me to come live with her for a while. I agreed.

After some time, one day she asked why I’d skipped a class.

“Don’t you know I practice Falun Dafa?” I said. “It is related to that.”

To my surprise, she really did not know that. Due to seriously misunderstanding Falun Dafa, she became very frightened. She went to some of the officials and complained. Many people heard about it and she never returned to the dorm again. Although I offered to help her initially, I ended up with nothing.

When I ran into Amy two months later, I greeted her as usual. She said she had suffered a lot due to a herniated disc and even had to crawl to the bathroom. She couldn’t do all that her job required and got paid very little as a result. I was very sympathetic.

“You know, I asked several other teachers and one of them said Falun Dafa is all right,” she said. “Can you come live with me again?”

I was hesitant, but she was persistent, so I moved in. She was still against Dafa. When I talked about understandings I’d enlightened to from Dafa, she did not seem to understand. As we were discussing the CCP, she was frightened and moved out again. Later on, she moved back. This happened a few times. As time went on, she told me she felt more comfortable staying with me.

When my supervisor asked me to work in the new department, however, two teachers stood in the way. One of them was Amy, who was already working there.

On the first day when I reported to the new department, Amy said, “You are one minute late. That is absolutely unacceptable!” The other teacher agreed. Before I could say anything, Amy pointed her finger in my face and pushed me out of the office. After days of intense pressure and little Fa study, I had become very fragile, and tears ran down my face. I went to the supervisor of the new department. She had a mean look. She did not look at me or solve the problem. Unable to enter the office, I walked around the school track in a panic, crying helplessly. “It’s too difficult,” I thought.

Master said,

“Once a person steps onto the path of cultivation, there will be nothing coincidental in his life from then on. Since your cultivation has been arranged systematically and time isn’t that plentiful, there can’t possibly be anything that’s coincidental. Everything has been tightly arranged.” (“Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting,” Lectures in the United States)

Thinking of these words, I calmed down a little.

Just then, county domestic security division officers called to say they were on their way. They arrived and went to the security office. I hesitated but went there as well, thinking I’d walk the officers out of the campus. At the office door, I could clearly hear a female voice crying, “She ruined my family, told us to quit the CCP, and stole my stuff. Plus, many Falun Dafa practitioners came to school looking for her...” It was Amy.

Somehow, I calmed down and stopped crying. After all, I had practiced Dafa for so many years. I knew who I was and why I was there. I opened the door and saw Amy sitting in the middle, crying, surrounded by several police officers, the school’s top security officer Ben, and others. The older police officer looked okay, but the younger officer seemed bored and kept checking his cell phone.

“What are you doing here? Out!” yelled Ben. Although we were colleagues, he treated me like a criminal. Everyone could sense the humiliation.

Thinking of Master’s words of forbearance, I knew this pressure had no effect on me and only served to forge my compassion, forgiveness, and diamond-like determination.

I smiled and said, “Oh, I just wanted to see if the police officers were still here. I wanted to walk them out of the campus. No problem, sorry to bother you.” I turned and walked out.

The young police officer followed me out and said, “Don’t worry about it. We don’t believe her. Why don’t you come back and say something?”

Looking at his young face, I said kindly, “That’s okay, but thank you.”

“We have known each other for a long time. I am clear on what kind of person you are. Maybe you can go back in and say a few words,” he added.

Noticing his kindness, I did not want to turn him down and returned with him to the office.

“Do you have something to say?” the officer asked.

“Not really,” I replied, “If you need something from me, please let me know. Things are okay and I am also all right.” Then I left.

It felt like I was at the center of a thunderstorm. Everything in my life had been shattered, not to mention this stab in the back from Amy. But I did not bother to defend myself. “How could I hurt Amy?” I thought. If she said bad things about me and I said bad things about her, I would not be a practitioner anymore.

After a while, Amy returned to the office we shared. She looked at me cautiously. Because she’d made false accusations against me, she was in a panic and even accidentally dropped her lunch box on the floor, leaving a mess with food all over.

In the many days that followed, I did not look for the school officials. The police officers did not return either. No one did anything about Amy's complaint. In the center of the storm, the only path for me was righteous thoughts and righteous actions. As a Dafa disciple, I knew I should be strict with myself and follow a higher standard. So I did not talk with anyone about it. I just sat at my desk, looking within. Whenever I identified an attachment, I would write it down, work on it, and eliminate it. I also reminded myself about forbearance. We practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and I cannot fall short on any one. On the surface I was calm, but in my mind it was as if I’d stabbed by a knife. I knew I had done well in cultivation and that this was an opportunity for me to improve, little by little. I was thankful to Master.

Looking Inward for Loopholes

As a practitioner, I knew these things happened for a reason and that I should look inward for loopholes in my cultivation. There were two main ones: sentimentality and cultivation of speech.

Amy had many conflicts in her family. Although she had three apartments in her name, she did not let her daughter and son-in-law live in any of them, forcing them to rent an apartment. As a result of family conflicts, her daughter had depression after her baby was born. She was hospitalized, her job was affected, and she fought with her husband all the time. The fighting was intense and frequent, and the young couple called the police to settle their domestic disputes many times. Many coworkers gloated over Amy's family issues, and some even encouraged her to fight with her daughter.

I was sympathetic to her daughter and had pity for the young couple. Again and again, I urged Amy to let her daughter stay in one of her apartments and support the couple financially. I was also worried about the couple getting divorced. When I said this very often and blamed Amy for being selfish, she would argue with me and resent me for interfering in her family affairs. So her recent behavior could be venting her accumulated anger over time.

Master said,

“I am telling everyone that when an interpersonal conflict occurs or when one kicks or hits someone else, it is likely that these people owed each other in the past, and they are clearing the debt. If you step in to stop it, they will not be able to clear the debt and must wait to do it again the next time. This means that if you cannot see the karmic relationship, you can easily do bad deeds and lose de as a consequence.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

I wrote down this paragraph and worked to improve myself. I also apologized to Amy and said that I had done wrong and I would do better. So she was also relieved.

About a month later, Amy changed. She told me she had complained to the police about me because one school official wanted to push me out. “I had been worrying that you would fight back and say bad things about me in front of other officials or take some other type of revenge. But that did not happen. You just sat at your desk writing,” she explained. “I also saw what you wrote was about improving your character and forbearance, so I know you are a good person.”

Then I showed her Master’s words,

“For instance, you arrive at your workplace and find the atmosphere there not right. Later, a person tells you that so-and-so has publicized you badly and reported on you to the boss, putting you in an awful situation. Others all stare at you with an unusual look. How can an ordinary person tolerate that? How can one put up with that? "If someone makes trouble for me, I’ll return the same. If he has supporters, I do, too. Let’s fight." If you do this among everyday people, they will say that you are a strong person. As a practitioner, however, that is completely awful.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

Amy smiled in relief. “I really like that,” she said.

She said that when police came that day, she thought they would arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. But the older police officer told her, “They [practitioners] are good people. They won’t hurt you. She did tell you to quit the CCP. But if you do not want to, she won’t do anything to you.”

After Amy changed, she retrieved my copy of Zhuan Falun from Ben and kept it for me. She was worried about my safety as well.

I was grateful for this opportunity that allowed me to recognize my attachments. In the past, it was the school officials who always helped me. This time, it was the police officers who helped me. And this happened because I had clarified the truth to them when rescuing other practitioners. Also, I had thought that new department was more demanding time-wise when it actually had a more flexible work schedule.

Two Letters

Later on, Amy wrote a letter to the school officials. It said, in part: “When I first knew her [meaning me], I was scared and checked with officials several times. Later I felt fortunate for the opportunity to meet her. She does not fight for anything, really. She just wants to be a good person. I now understand why so many intellectuals, including college professors, would not give up practicing Falun Dafa even when they’re jailed. It is because the teachings in Zhuan Falun are part of their character. That is why she is excellent. She treats students and others so well, and her child is so outstanding. I used to think she was a spy. But a spy puts material interest above all else, while she is always considerate of others. When buying tofu, she bought the one that was almost sour, thinking otherwise it could not be sold; when harmed, she stayed calm and was able to look within. She’s helped everyone except herself—I think only saints can do things like this. That is why I am always moved by her.”

She also followed my example to educate her daughter. “Look at her [meaning me]: Her former-father-in-law is a high-ranking official, but he insisted she get custody of his grandchild [because he knew how good she was]. The child became number one in her class. Look at you guys [referring to Amy's daughter and son-in-law], you fought for custody of your child during your divorce,” she said. “She has suffered so much because of her faith. From one group of officials to another, without connections or bribery, she never changed her belief in Falun Dafa. No officials followed the CCP policy to fire her. Why? It is because of her virtue.”

By then, Amy had an excellent understanding of Falun Dafa. She often helped practitioners, and her herniated disc also healed. She contributed more to her family, and her family became harmonious. She also became an honest person who supports the innocent.

Thinking back, I realized Ben was angry because I did not take the initiative to clarify the truth to him. So I wrote down the entire incident, along with facts about Dafa, in a nine-page letter. I printed many copies of it to give to Ben and other school officials. I thanked them for their support and explained why I couldn't make a decision when I was asked repeatedly to choose between Falun Dafa and my job—because I needed Dafa for my conscience and I needed a job to support myself and my child. I also explained why I practiced Falun Dafa and why it was persecuted. And I said their support of the innocent would bring them blessings.

After I finished the letter, I wondered what kind of impact it would have if my school officials showed the letter to the police. Would the police be able to withstand the pressure to arrest me? In the end, I knew I had to share the letter with my school officials. I felt that the letter was light like a feather. But as it flew away, it had the power of Dafa.

Once the letter was sent, all suspicions and gossip about Amy also disappeared. Her positive changes impressed the officials and her coworkers. For me, I have settled down well in this department to continue doing what I am supposed to do.

Concluding Remarks

I knew all too well that it is Master that has been saving people all these years. Master wanted to save people who had predestined relationships with me and noted my hesitation along the way. Master then arranged opportunities for me to relinquish my attachments and push me forward. There was no way to retreat. Master has been pushing me forward on my cultivation path. It is Master's boundless wisdom and mighty virtue that has forged Dafa disciples and blessed sentient beings.

During the past 21 years, I've been validating Dafa and cultivating myself where I work. My experiences bear witness to the greatness of Falun Dafa and the longings that people have for Falun Dafa. Despite changes in the school leadership, I've never lost my job. My interactions with the police have also enabled them to see how Dafa practitioners behave. No wonder they often say, “Falun Dafa practitioners have really character!”

My job has also enabled me to better talk to lawyers, police officers, and family members of detained practitioners, who are more receptive to what I have to say when they know I am a teacher with a decent income and a child at a well-known college.

I will be worthy of Master's compassionate salvation. I will do better and save more sentient beings.

Above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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Category: Journeys of Cultivation