(Minghui.org) I felt that time has accelerated recently, and it feels as if the day is over before we are able to do anything. I also feel as if there is not enough time, and we need to be more diligent in saving sentient beings, and do the three things well. There have been countless cases of extraordinary and amazing things that have happened to myself and other practitioners.

Master has taken me to other dimensions, and revealed a magnificent and grand sight. At this moment, no words can describe what I saw.

An enormous and golden lotus flower appeared before my eyes. It was holding up a huge Fa boat beaming with thousands of golden rays, displaying the magnificent holiness of the Fa. Many practitioners, some of whom I recognized, some of whom I don’t recognize, were aboard the boat. They were waving for me to hurry and board the boat, which was about to embark. I hurried, but was unable to get on the boat, no matter how hard I tried. I was on the verge of tears when compassionate Master picked me up in his hands and placed me on the boat. No words can describe the gratitude I felt towards Master.

While standing on the boat, I saw Falun of all sizes rotating while emitting golden rays. Practitioners and I were shouting loudly to those who had yet board the Fa boat. Some were running, but had no energy left to board the boat. Master was very compassionate by picking them up and placing them on the Fa boat. Those practitioners thanked and expressed their gratitude to Master. There were also some running at a slower pace, and they too, were picked up and reunited with other practitioners.

The Fa boat set off, making a clear and crisp flute sound. Master’s voice resounded from the skies. After hearing what Master said, everyone expressed their gratitude to Master. Some practitioners and I were moved to tears.

At that moment, I came back to reality. I enlightened to the fact that Master was encouraging me to continue to do well in cultivation, and not have me see too much since my cultivation level is limited. In addition, since we are still cultivating amidst delusion, there were many things that I needed to enlighten to by myself by abiding to the principles of Dafa.

I was able to walk smoothly and steadily on the path of cultivation with Master's protection and guidance, and with help from many selfless practitioners. Master has bestowed all the wonders to me through Dafa. I will be more diligent in doing the three things, save more sentient beings, and have strong righteous thoughts. I will also look inward, and look at the positive side of each practitioner in order to compensate for my shortcomings, only then will I be worthy of the great and holy title of “Dafa disciple”.

Due to the limitations of my level, if anything is not in line with the Fa, please kindly point it out and correct me.

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