(Minghui.org) It has been more than half a year since the Tianti bookstore opened in Hong Kong. Despite having to face the pandemic and Hong Kong’s version of the National Security Law, Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong have persisted in clarifying the truth and promoting the Fa.

Hong Kong citizens are increasingly seeking the Fa and a way to cultivate themselves. Over the past six months, the Hong Kong Tianti bookstore has organized several rounds of “Nine Day Video Classes.” Some new practitioners who attended these workshops said that they have finally fulfilled their wish to wait for Falun Gong to come, and some said they have found hope.

Hong Kong Tianti bookstore

Finally Fulfilled the Wait for Falun Gong

One nine-day lecture participant, Ms. Tan, said that she had seen videos about a sage from the east on Youtube, and many people have spoken about prophecies of a sage from the east. “Ancient China’s Tui Bei Tu mentioned the appearance of a person by the surname Li. Society is now such a mess and I hoped that a sage could come out and bring society back onto the right track. I wished so much that I could meet this sage for myself. However, I did not manage to find him. In the feedback section of a program, I saw a netizen say that this sage is Li Hongzhi,” Ms. Tan said.

“Initially, I was in doubt as I went online to search for Zhuan Falun to read. I also watched the videos online that taught the exercises. After practicing the exercises for the first time, when I went to sleep that night, I could already feel a Falun (that was spinning) in my lower abdomen.”

Ms. Tan said that for more than ten years she had tried many methods of cultivation. She had originally wanted to go to Zhu Hai to find a master to learn about Buddhahood, but due to the pandemic, she could only stay in Hong Kong and wait. “I then finally fulfilled my wait for Master Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong,” she said.

Ms. Tan is now determined to put her heart into cultivating in Falun Dafa. “I know that I most probably am here because I needed to wait to meet Master Li Hongzhi and to wait for this Fa,” she said.

After completing the nine-day classes, Ms. Tan sighed deeply and said that some people do not understand Falun Gong, and harbor prejudice. Many of these people have only heard things from other people or the media and have never experienced the practice for themselves. “My personal experience has removed my prejudice,” she said. “I am thus able to have the luck to know about this practice.”

Ms. Tan also said, “Without Falun Gong, it would be really difficult for people today to cultivate. This set of exercises really can elevate many people to a higher realm and save them from this sentient world.”

She said that after attending these classes she will definitely follow what Master has taught. She plans to go to the practice site to do the exercises and participate in group Fa study.

Finding Hope in My Life

Mr. Zhang is a retired civil servant who had already set his mind on emigrating from Hong Kong before he joined the nine-day classes. The current situation in Hong Kong made him feel that life was really depressing. The U.S. presidential election made him also lose confidence in the U.S., which is supposed to be a beacon of democracy and freedom. He felt that there was nowhere in this world that is free and safe for him to reside, so he felt his life lost direction.

A Falun Gong practitioner had suggested that Mr. Zhang attend the nine-day classes, and after he did his body and mindset changed greatly. Mr. Zhang had always required an afternoon nap because he always felt tired. He wanted to join the nine-day classes so he could become like the Falun Gong practitioners who are always full of energy and spirit.

Since attending the nine-day classes, Mr. Zhang started waking up at 5:00 a.m. to do the exercises, and realized that he does not feel sleepy anymore, despite not taking afternoon naps. He is full of energy and in high spirits. His interactions with Falun Gong practitioners have made him feel that he has found a group of like-minded people. He said he has found motivation and hope in life.

I Definitely Must Be a Good Person

Mr. Jiang said that he learned more about Falun Gong through watching New Tang Dynasty Television programs on YouTube. He had gone to a practice site to learn the exercises before registering for the nine-day classes.

After completing the nine-day classes, Mr. Jiang said he knew that he definitely should not do any more bad deeds, and that he should be a good person, and this includes when he is running his business. He said he will not be calculating with others, or vie with others, and even if he loses a little money, he will accept it and not fight with others.

Mr. Jiang currently holds three jobs to support his family. He said that it is very tiring and hard, but no matter how busy and tired he is he wanted to persist in attending the nine-day classes. Not only did he not want to be late, he also did not want to miss any classes. Although Mr. Jiang felt dazed for short periods during the lectures, he felt that he did not miss any of Master’s lectures, and that he heard them completely.

Mr. Jiang hopes that he can return home to China and bring the goodness of Falun Dafa to the folks in his hometown.

Participating in the Nine Day Classes and Entering Dafa Cultivation

Ms. Tan, a volunteer for the nine-day classes, shared that the new practitioners this time were all very punctual, and very serious about listening to Master’s lectures too. Their sincerity and serious attitudes touched her heart and encouraged her to do well too. This was the first time that she had listened to Master’s lectures in their entirety, and she felt that every day when Master’s Fa entered her mind it penetrated through it.

“When the practitioners were teaching the new practitioners the exercise movements, they themselves were also correcting their own movements,” Ms. Tan said. “In the past I did not like to do the first four sets of moving exercises. After I corrected my movements, my body felt very comfortable when practicing the first four sets. So I feel like practicing the first four sets of moving exercises every day now.”

The Hong Kong Falun Buddha Society chair and Hong Kong Tianti bookstore coordinator Ms. Liang Zhen said that in the early years, Mr. Li Hongzhi spread the Fa through holding nine day lecture classes. From May 13, 1992, to December 21, 1994, Mr. Li Hongzhi accepted invitations from the official Qigong Science Research Societies in different regions of China and held 56 rounds of classes, to give lectures and teach the exercises. Every round of classes spanned nine or ten days.

Ms. Liang also said that through attending the nine-day classes, citizens could learn to practice Falun Gong in a systematic way. If people want to understand Falun Gong and cultivate themselves, attending the nine-day classes is a very good way to achieve that.

Hong Kong people are increasingly seeking out the Fa and expressing a wish to cultivate themselves, and Ms. Liang believes that the more than 20 years of truth-clarification by the Falun Gong practitioners has helped people understand the truth. The 2019 Anti-Extradition Movement especially helped more citizens’ attitudes towards Falun Gong change from misunderstanding due to the lies of the CCP to feeling admiration toward Falun Gong practitioners from the bottom of their hearts. Falun Gong’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance have made more people see hope in the darkness.

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