(Minghui.org) I got a call from the local police station on the morning of October 30, 2020. The caller identified himself as a police officer and said he wanted to understand my situation.

I said, “We are practitioners, so you don't need to worry about us. You have been a police officer for many years, so you should know who we are. If you want to understand my personal situation, I will describe what kind of a person I am, so you can put your mind at ease.”

I told him about my cultivation journey and the resulting changes.

Respecting My In-Laws

My younger daughter was barely two years old when my husband passed away. My in-laws raised my husband and gave me a family, so we owed them. Even though my husband was gone, I never forgot to show them how grateful I was and hopefully helped ease the pain of losing their son. I told my two daughters they had to respect their grandparents.

When my husband was alive, we didn’t earn very much, but we still gave his parents 50 yuan every month. Later I tried to give them 100 yuan every month. One day, when her grandmother visited us, my younger daughter told me to give her 100 yuan. At first her grandmother and I didn’t understand what she meant, but then we realized that I gave her grandmother money every time she stopped by, so my daughter thought I should give it to her again.

Her grandmother would not take the money, but I said, “You have to take it, no matter what, because I promised the kids I would help you.”

Teaching one by example is better than by words: We always shopped for my in-laws first before buying things for ourselves.

My father-in-law later passed away.

One day, the police arrested me at my job for my practicing Falun Dafa. My older daughter quit her job to take care of her grandmother. After I was released, my mother-in-law told my daughter, “Your mother is home now—I will only live with your mother from now on.”

I once had medical insurance through my employer, but after I lost my job due to the persecution, I had to pay for the insurance out of my own pocket. Thus, I now have several jobs. I leave for my first job at the internet cafe around 4 a.m. but return before my mother-in-law wakes up. Then I go to my second job, so I can earn enough for my youngest daughter’s college tuition. After finding out I needed to leave around noon to take care of my mother-in-law, one of my superiors lets me leave around 10 a.m., instead of noon.

Not Fighting Over Inheritance

When I remarried, I became a stepmother to my current husband’s son, who is a little older than my youngest daughter, both of them of marriageable age. In today’s world, parents have a hard time parenting their own children, not to mention stepchildren. Because I am a practitioner, I live by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. My house belonged to my deceased husband and me.

In order to solve my stepson’s housing problem, I discussed it with my older daughter, since I couldn’t give him my house because it was being relocated.

I said to her, “You are married, and you have a place to live. I don’t have the means to buy a house for your stepbrother right now. Are you willing to let him stay in our other house?” She agreed without any complaint.

My younger daughter said, “I have to hand it to you Falun Dafa practitioners. You are willing to give up your own house without notice. If it was up to me, I would not be able to give the house up that easily. I am surprised.”

When my deceased husband’s sisters heard about this, they did not agree with my decision. I thought, “Even though the house is mine and I can do what I want with it, I did not consider their feelings. I should have consulted them out of respect.”

The decision in the end was that the house belonged to my daughter, and only my stepson has the right to live there.

One day, my deceased husband’s oldest sister wanted to trade houses with me. Her house is 100 square meters, and mine is 120 square meters. She also offered to pay for the extra 20 square meters. I did not want to, but since I am a cultivator, I agreed to it. I told my daughters that their aunt had helped us a lot after their father died so we should repay the favor.

My younger brother knows that I had a tough childhood. He said, “After we inherited our father’s house, my brother and I decided to each give you 50,000 yuan. I wanted to give you more, but your nephew stopped me, reminding me that our brother didn’t have the means to give more. So that’s why we didn’t give you more.”

I was glad to hear this, as my nephew was able to think of his uncle’s financial situation and prevent any unpleasantness between his father and his uncle.

My Daughter’s Pregnancy

My older daughter became pregnant when she was relatively old to be having another child. In her third trimester, the umbilical became disconnected and the baby’s heart stopped beating. The doctors said they couldn’t save the baby, and my daughter and son-in-law had to sign papers agreeing to give up on the child.

My daughter and I recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” repeatedly and asked Master to save the child. After a while, my daughter sensed a heartbeat and even a kick from the baby.

She was tested, and the results all came back normal. The doctor said hypoxia could lead to irregular growth of the baby in the womb, a premature delivery, and more time in an incubator after birth.

Because the umbilical cord was disconnected and could be infected by bacteria easily, a C-Section was risky. We are practitioners and cannot kill, so we decided to keep the child. Six months later, when she took the baby to the hospital for a six-month vaccination, it had severe anemia and insufficient blood supply to the heart.

She said, “Mother, I want to stay at your place for a month and nurture the child with food supplements.” Her husband did not agree and threatened to harm her and her family.

Her husband called all her aunts, and my husband and I also went to their house. After learning about the situation, I said to her, “When a conflict arises between a practitioner and a non-practitioner, it is 100% the practitioner’s fault. Look within to see where you have done wrong. Don’t worry too much about your child because everyone has their own fate.”

On my way home, I thought, “My son-in-law said those things because he couldn’t accept the fact that they weren’t going to the hospital. He also doesn’t know that everyone has their own fate, and he is afraid of losing the child, which is why he said those things.” The next morning, I took some money and went with her to the hospital.

My younger daughter picked up her sister and brought her to my house. She said, “Don’t say anything. I support my sister’s decision to divorce her husband.”

At the end of 2019, her husband had quit his job and stayed at home, while my older daughter had to pay for his insurance, their mortgage, and their teenage son’s education fees and other fees.

One day, when she was sick, she asked her husband to help take care of their daughter. He got angry, yelled at her, and blamed her for not being able to take care of the child. My daughter decided to divorce him. The next day, my son-in-law brought over some clothes and toys to my home.

I held my granddaughter’s hand, “Your father is here. Let’s welcome him.” My older daughter said, “Do you know what he says behind your back?”

“It’s because you didn’t do well,” I said, “so he talks behind my back. If you did well, your husband would thank me and not even think about disrespecting me. We need to hold ourselves to strict standards, because predestined relationships bring people together in a family. He had been taken in by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda, so only when we act like real cultivators can we awaken his conscience.”

I hold myself to the standards of a practitioner and look within every time there is a conflict. Be a true Dafa practitioner and a better person.

Clarifying the Truth to the Police

The police officer interrupted now and then to make comments as I told him about my life.

When I talked about my relationship with my in-laws, the officer seemed amazed: “You are taking care of your in-laws even though your husband is gone.” When he learned I didn’t want the house my parents left me, he said, “Many married daughters go home and fight for their right to inherit the house.”

From our conversation, I could tell that he knew that Dafa practitioners are of good character and have high standards.

I told him, “We were not going to give up on an unborn child when our own lives and our personal interests are threatened. Why would anyone commit suicide or kill others? Wouldn’t this world be a better place if people respected their parents, had a good work ethic, and tried to be good people? I want the village chief to require everyone to practice Falun Dafa.

“No one would disrespect the elderly, fight for their inheritance, or get divorced. You should not participate in the persecution of Falun Dafa, because we are all good people.”

The officer replied, “You don’t have to worry. I won’t come to your place. You pick the place and time. I want to meet you.”

“After being persecuted twice,” I said, “I don’t like the idea of the police coming here.”

He responded, “If there are still shadows within you, it means you haven’t cultivated well. You have nothing to fear if you have done well.”

It was almost noon, so I said, “You should go to lunch. I took up a lot of your time already.”

“And you need to cook lunch,” he said, “I think we have a mutual understanding.”

“I think so,” I said. “Thank you and goodbye.”

My first thought when he called was to clarify the truth because these officers seldom get the chance to hear the truth. Sometimes they have to call or visit specific individuals because they are ordered to.

I guess that is what he meant when he said that we had a “mutual understanding.”
We should let go of our human emotions and think of those officers. We should tell them the truth about the persecution, the consequences of persecuting practitioners, and the truth of Dafa. When they know the truth, they will no longer participate in the persecution.

I also realized the recent “Zero-out” campaign to capture practitioners is also a test of our character. When we look within during conflicts, let go of our attachments, and meet the requirements of the Fa at our level, Master will help us, and there will be no obstacles in our cultivation, and the persecution will not occur.