(Minghui.org) In April 1999, I started practicing Falun Dafa with my mother. In December 2000, we went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for justice for Dafa and bravely spoke out in defense of this great spiritual practice. After my mother was detained, persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and displaced from our home, I gradually put aside my practice and got lost in the mundane world. I was lost for more than ten years. 

My Return to Dafa

In 2016, in order to marry my boyfriend at the time, I gave up my well-paying job in southern China and returned to northern China to look for work. But I repeatedly hit a wall in job hunting and failed to pass the exam for multiple job positions. Even those educational institutions that were not desirable at all did not want me. 

While bearing the pressure of unemployment, I was also facing an emotional crisis. My boyfriend was extremely indifferent. He was not very understanding of my situation and even rejected me, thinking that I would become an embarrassment if I could not even find a decent job. He disregarded how much I had given up to be with him. 

During that time, I had “mishap after mishap.” I was frustrated and gradually became depressed. Finally, I gathered myself together and broke up with my boyfriend. I stayed by myself at home and my depression got worse. I either slept all day without eating or drinking or overindulged myself with food. I was resentful and cursed all day long. My mind was full of evil thoughts. From time to time, I broke down and cried my heart out, I beat and pinched myself frantically. Later, I didn’t communicate with my parents at all. I didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t go out. I completely closed myself up. What I thought about almost every day was how I could die most easily. Had it not been for studying Dafa at a young age and knowing that suicide is sinful, I would have jumped off my building a long time ago. 

At that time, when I was only 26 years old, I started to have a lot of white hair. My face was sallow and my eyes were dull. I was weak. My mother felt my pain and tried to communicate with me many times. She tried to remind me to search within to find what I may have done wrong in the past. I realized that, when I was about to graduate, I wanted to work in a university. So, at the instigation of my former boyfriend, I submitted an application to join the CCP against my will. In the end, I didn’t get the job and mishaps followed me ever since. Recognizing this serious mistake, I submitted my declaration to quit the CCP to the Epoch Times website. 

Soon after, I was successfully admitted to the local teachers' committee and started my career as a teacher. In the meantime, I thought about resuming my practice of Falun Dafa. When I held the Dafa book again, I had tears in my eyes. I read it aloud, with unspeakable joy and happiness in my heart. I felt the haze shrouded in my heart quickly lift. 

Before long I recovered and became energized. I smiled again. When my friends saw me, they were surprised at the changes they saw. I knew deeply that this was the power of Dafa.

Protected by Master, I Survived a Near-Fatal Accident

One night, after having resumed cultivation for less than half a month, I rode my electric bike home. The street was very spacious, and I drove quickly on the right side. Suddenly, a car sprang out from behind me. It sprinted off the motorway and squeezed towards the bicycle lane on the right. The car hit my left handlebar and pedal. I could hear the harsh sound of the handlebar and pedal rubbing against the metal of the car. The brake on my left handlebar was also squeezed and pinched my finger. 

The woman in the car screamed. The father and son on the side of the road backed away in shock. At that moment, I was still able to hold the handlebar steadily as I was pulled a long distance by the car until the driver slowed down. As soon as I stopped by the roadside and touched the ground with both feet, the car immediately accelerated and left the scene. 

Obviously, he was a drunk driver, otherwise, how could he drive the car like that. His car was scratched with a long mark and he fled regardless. I stopped in place and rubbed my left hand that had been badly pinched by the handbrake on my bike. I started to feel fear. If it were not for Master Li’s (Dafa's founder) protection, how dangerous this accident could have been! At the speed this car was moving, I was very likely to be pushed off the side of the road. It was compassionate Master who protected me! Thank you, Master! 

Eliminating Jealousy and Improving Character

My colleague Jing and I were both young teachers starting our jobs at the same school. In addition, we taught the same subject in the same grade. So we had a lot in common and got along very well. 

However, after a while, because of my higher academic qualifications and outstanding ability, my teaching results were always among the best and I won many honors. My colleague became jealous and vented her dissatisfaction with me in underhanded ways. There was a school event that required two moderators. Under normal circumstances, the school would let the young Chinese teachers serve as moderators. At that time, there were only two of us. Jing served as one of them but found an English teacher behind my back to serve with her for fear that I would steal the limelight again. I understood in my heart, so I let it go. 

Soon, a teacher in the office was reported on for giving tutoring classes, and all kinds of criticisms were directed at her. Several teachers told me in confidence that Jing was the informant and told me to be careful. Reporting others brought no benefit to her. Why did she do that? I hoped from the bottom of my heart that Jing was not that kind of person. So, during that time, I treated her as kindly as before. 

Later, she was transferred to another grade. She got management’s attention and was promoted to an important position. Someone told me that Jing had used improper methods toward gaining this promotion and her abilities were incomparable to mine. If I had not resumed my practice of Falun Dafa cultivation, I might have become very angry and jealous. Maybe I would have even used my family influence to suppress Jing. But now, I am very happy for her. I understood that this was a test for me and an opportunity to get rid of jealousy and shape my character. 

As I continued to cultivate, I found that I still had many attachments, such as laziness, vanity, criticizing others, and saving face. These are what I need to cultivate in the future. Only by continuously studying the Fa, comprehending Master’s Fa principles and constantly enhancing myself can I improve and become a qualified practitioner. 

Because I am just back in cultivation for a short time, I have a limited understanding of the principles of the Fa, if there is anything improper, please compassionately correct me. 

Thanks to Master again for his mercy and salvation!

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