(Minghui.org) I’ve heard that this article caused some discussion among fellow practitioners. What attracted my attention were three issues raised by the author: (1) Master wants to save half of the people in China, and we are far from reaching his requirements; (2) More than half of the Falun Dafa practitioners in China have not stepped forward to save people; (3) Practitioners’ overall cultivation has not yet reached Master’s requirements and the standards of the new universe.

I personally think that these three issues may truly reflect our overall situation and are major issues worthy of serious consideration by all of us.

The cultivation of Falun Dafa practitioners who undertake the immense mission of saving sentient beings has a bearing on the lives of millions of people. Master taught us the Fa of the universe to have us assimilate to it and meet the requirements of the new universe. We must learn the Fa well, get rid of our attachments, and improve as quickly as possible so we can save more people. This issue is urgent.

Since many practitioners mention that they have difficulty focusing during Fa-study, I feel this is a key problem that prevents us from improving our xinxing and breaking through the old forces’ control. I looked within for problems in my Fa-study. I found the following:

(1) I’ve had difficulty calming down when I read the Fa since the Hong Kong protests against the CCP’s Extradition Law Amendment Bill began.

Information about the U.S. election has moved my heart. I spent a lot of time paying attention to these issues. This worldly information fills in my entire field and interferes with me. How can I focus and see the deeper meanings of the Fa?

(2) Attachments caused me to develop a powerful ego. Since I only read the Fa superficially, I am satisfied with just reading the words. Because I often think that I am right, I don’t notice the degenerate things in my own dimensional field and eliminate them. As a result, my xinxing has stagnated for a long time.

(3) Laziness. I don’t work hard to experience and enlighten to the deep meanings behind the Fa.

(4) I examine others for their attachments and think I cultivate well. This is deceiving others and myself.

(5) I stay at the level of knowing that I need to improve, but I don’t take any action to correct my mistakes. This is not true cultivation.

After I identified these issues, I decided to correct them. I stopped paying attention to world events and instead spend time reading and reflecting on the Fa. I’ve started to compare my thoughts with the Fa. I felt that only when I change myself and elevate in my cultivation would my family members change and can I save more people.

As for the prophecies mentioned in the article, they are the practitioner’s view at his level of cultivation. We should remain unmoved by them.

Master said, “Only the future of this undertaking of mine can’t be seen. There was simply no future before I set out to do it.” (Teachings at the First Conference in North America)

Master makes arrangements based on the needs of Fa-rectification. I enlightened that one of the important factors is the overall improvement of Dafa disciples. As long as we look within, anything can become an opportunity for us to improve.

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