(Minghui.org) When I met another practitioner yesterday we talked about clarifying the truth to save people. I shared my bewilderment: I did not do well myself, instead I affected other practitioners when they went out to clarify the truth. Thus they saved fewer people. 

The other practitioner pointed out, “Only by studying the Fa well and sending righteous thoughts can we save people.” 

What the practitioner said was reasonable but did not resolve my bewilderment. I felt I was stuck and could not move forward. He said with a sigh, “It is time to improve!” 

After I returned home I thought over what he said: “Time to improve.” I asked myself, “Why do I cultivate? For better health? No. For an easy life because everyday people suffer?” 

Master taught us, “Successful adherents of the Mystical Ways, by contrast, have no set domain in the universe and will be boundless immortals with no specific post in heaven.” (“The Fifth Talk,” Zhuan Falun)

When I read the Fa, I admired the immortals and imagined I was such a cultivator. I suddenly enlightened that my fundamental attachment was my wish to become an immortal instead of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. 

My goal was in sharp contrast to a fellow practitioner’s sharing on Minghui.org about the need to cultivate well in order to save sentient beings. No wonder my efforts to clarify the truth were not effective. My focus was on being comfortable and becoming an immortal, not on saving people. 

The starting point of my cultivation was selfish. I felt cooperation with others was too hard, and this notion obstructed me. As a result, I did not like to participate in group activities or projects. I always used the excuse of, “not cooperating well.”

I will eliminate this attachment and cultivate better! 

Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation! Thank you fellow practitioner for giving that stick warning! 

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