(Minghui.org) I’m from Japan and I recently began practicing Falun Dafa. When I recall those few days from when I first heard about Dafa to when I started to practice, I felt as if I was being guided. I thank compassionate Master Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa's founder) for giving me this precious opportunity.

Falun Dafa Is Extraordinary

I found Falun Dafa by chance while I was searching the Internet one day last spring in 2020. I looked into it but wasn’t sure I wanted to practice. The next day while I watched a live broadcast of my favorite musician, I noticed he was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Falun Dafa” printed on it. I was surprised and very happy. When I searched online I learned that the musician was also a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Soon afterward I called the volunteer assistant for the local practice site. I wondered what the practitioner was like, but as soon as I heard the practitioner’s voice, my anxiety disappeared. I felt a very harmonious atmosphere. I thought this is it, maybe this is what I had been looking for! When I later recalled our conversation it was the first time I felt Dafa’s uplifting and righteous energy.

A few days later I joined practitioners in a local park and learned the exercises. When I did the second exercise Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes, I felt something was turning in my lower abdomen. The extent of the rotation was great. I was surprised. After I completed all the movements my body felt very light. At that moment I knew Falun Dafa was extraordinary. I decided to read Zhuan Falun

I watched the movie “Letter From Masanjia” the next day. At that time I only knew that it was a film related to Falun Dafa and would be shown in Shinjuku. I studied films while I attended the university so I very much enjoyed watching movies. I also studied Chinese politics and I was always very interested in human rights issues.

What moved me most about Sun Yi’s story in the movie was how he followed Dafa’s guiding principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance no matter how difficult his situation became. If an average person experienced what Yi experienced, it would be impossible for him to open his heart and meet the guard who abused him so badly. However, Yi clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to the guard with a strong sense of kindness. The guard, who violently tortured Yi in the detention center wept and regretted what he did to Yi.

When I watched the guard shedding tears, I thought: “This man tortured Sun Yi so badly, but now he weeps. He’s really shameless!” But when I saw Sun Yi on the screen, I felt embarrassed by my thoughts.

Yi clearly knew how evil and wicked the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is. He also knew that people who are controlled by the CCP are not evil. Many people who follow the CCP are inherently good and have Buddha nature. Sun Yi knew this so he was able to treat the guard with great compassion. When I thought of how much practitioners endure I felt the power of Dafa guiding Yi.

I understood this movie was made for non-practitioners and exposed the CCP’s evil nature using human rights issues. It doesn’t directly introduce the profound meaning of Dafa. However, while clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, Sun Yi displayed the mighty virtue of Dafa, and I deeply felt it. I feel that through Sun Yi, I also received an extremely precious letter.

Before, I just thought Falun Dafa is good. But after watching the film, “Letter From Masanjia”, I deeply felt what it meant to be a cultivator.

The Importance of Doing the Three Things

Right after I started to practice, the CCP virus (also known as the coronavirus) began to spread and we could not meet. I had just learned the exercises but I wasn’t able to practice with other practitioners for a while. When we were able to meet again in June I heard about the importance of clarifying the truth and sending righteous thoughts for the first time.

I felt a little confused. I understood that whatever tribulation we encountered, we should look within rather than outward. We should cultivate our character. Why would we use supernatural abilities to eradicate demons? I know that the practitioners in China are experiencing terrible things. Doing nothing when fellow practitioners are being tortured and killed is not what a cultivator would do. But by sending righteous thoughts weren’t we looking outward? Because these thoughts lingered in my mind, I had difficulty understanding what Master said about sending righteous thoughts.

I recalled the righteous thoughts I felt the first time I spoke to the volunteer assistant on the phone, the amazing energy I felt when I did the exercises, the beauty I felt when I read the Fa well, and Sun Yi’s righteous thoughts. If I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, I should have righteous thoughts. When I thought about it this way, I understood and I was able to send forth righteous thoughts.

When I later read Master’s other lectures I understood the Fa’s principles about sending righteous thoughts. Now when I send forth righteous thoughts, no matter how busy I am, as long as I send them with a concentrated effort, I feel comfortable and my fatigue disappears. Moved by the power of Dafa I often have tears in my eyes.

When I thought about the reason I felt confused about why we send forth righteous thoughts I realized it was because I was thinking like an ordinary person.

When I was younger I wondered: “Why was I born? Why do wars always happen? Why is society like this,” etc. I was troubled by these questions. I wanted to solve problems by studying various ideas. In college I studied politics, philosophy, religion, and various ideologies—but I was still confused.

I also studied Chinese politics, so naturally I read articles published by The Epoch Times. When I read the Epoch Times editorial: “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”, my thoughts were completely rectified. This is not an exaggeration. It was like a domino effect—my understanding of ordinary human society was totally rectified. The puzzle in my heart has been replaced by righteous thoughts. I enlightened that even when we think about something, raising our xinxing comes first, then enlightenment follows.

My initial understanding of cultivation was limited to personal cultivation: “My only responsibility is to discipline myself and act in accordance with Dafa’s principles.” As I continued to read Zhuan Falun and Master’s other articles, I realized the importance of clarifying the truth. I understood I was a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period and that I had a mission. I still have trouble passing xinxing tests. But even when I fail, I immediately remember that I am a cultivator and I try to do better next time.

In August 2020, I began participating in a media project which helps clarify the truth. This has become part of my cultivation. Having righteous thoughts while helping with this project is most important. I know that my recordings will not carry the power to awaken people if my thoughts aren’t righteous. If I become anxious my righteous thoughts are weak. Cultivating myself and keeping my heart unmoved is the most important thing no matter what difficulties I encounter—I feel that’s the way a practitioner should be. 

I realized that when the informational materials about Dafa are produced with ample righteous thoughts they are protected by Law-guardian gods. As long as we place assimilating to Dafa first, our efforts can save people.

The above is only my superficial understanding since I started to practice a year ago. Please compassionately correct me if I’ve said anything inappropriate.

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